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BTS | The s/o Mumbles Another Member’s Name In Their Sleep But Not In A Sexual Way

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How would bts react to s/o who mumbles another members name in her sleep but not in a sexy way. More like “ Goddammit gime me my candy back Tae!” “I think the golden cape and slippers are bit too much Jin.” Basically her dream life is weird and active. Sillier the better. Thanks and have fun! :D

“Nicki Minaj called, she wants her ass back,” you mumbled causing Jin to look over at your sleeping form, “Of course those pants make your ass look big Tae, what did you think I meant?”

“That’s the last time she goes shopping with Taehyung…”

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“Jimin, I can’t tell you how much wood, woodchucks chuck, if woodchucks don’t actually chuck wood…”

Yoongi turned in his desk chair and look at you, you still off in dream land. “I’m not even going to question this one….”

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“Namjoon…just duct tape it, no one will notice,” you said, before letting out a small snore.

Upon hearing this information Hoseok got up and began to search the dorm to see what you or Namjoon could’ve possibly broken (this time).

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Rap Monster/Namjoon:
“Don’t tell me you can’t talk right now when you just called me, Hoseok…” you stated before rolling over with an aggrivated sigh.

Leaning over Namjoon looked at you to see you were still asleep, but had an irritated look on your face. “I don’t know if I want to know what happened.”

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“No Jin…it wasn’t inappropriate for me to point a hairdryer at the other members and ask if they wanted a blow job, it was a legitimate question….”

“Excuse me?” Jimin questioned, seeing you still sound asleep. He would be more concerned if you weren’t a hairdresser, but he would have to talk to you about your word choices.

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“No you can’t call Dominos and ask for the number for Pizza Hut, that’s rude Jungkook….”

Tae turned and looked at you, still sleeping away. “Actually that’s quite genius.”

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“Yes Yoongi…I think people would be concerned if I called in ‘dead’ for you instead of ‘sick’…”

Jungkook stopped and looked at you sleeping away on the couch. “I’m gonna go check on hyung…”

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One of the hardest things about being in Fandom Mourning: Inventing excuses to people in RL as to why you’re so upset.

You can’t just tell your boss that the reason you’ve been on the verge of tears all week is because your favourite show is ending.

You can’t just tell your coworker “I’m sorry I snapped at you. I’m stressed because I’m waiting to hear if this show is getting renewed. I’m sure you understand.”

No. You can’t even talk about your real feelings. You have to dig down deep, find some other issue in your life that’s causing you minute distress, and use that as an excuse for your behaviour.

Stereotypical (6) second date

Bucky Barnes x reader AU (short series)

Notes: angst, mentions of abuse, swearing, flirting, fluff, Bucky is a hopeless romantic.

A/N: Second date with heartfelt conversations.

“So, you didn’t tell her where you’re taking her? Or should I say, how?” Steve snickers and rolls his eyes when he sees Bucky’s mischievous grin.

How I’m taking her? Really, the mouth on you, Rogers..” Bucky grins triumphantly when Steve’s cheeks turn pink and he rolls his eyes again.

“You know what I mean, jerk”

“Yeah, yeah, punk” Bucky snickers. “No, I haven’t told her that I’m picking her up on my motorcycle. But I told her to not bother with her hair and I texted her earlier to wear pants, just in case she was planning to wear a skirt or somethin’”

Steve snorts when Bucky makes a disappointed sigh.

“What?” he chuckles and takes a sip of his own drink, “I like her in skirts”

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Sorry I’m Late, I Was Saving Paris

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Miraculous Ladybug



Caline Bustier has heard many ridiculous excuses from Marinette when she is late. But this one took the cake.
What she had not expected, was for it to be true.

Author’s Note:
So, this is just a little one-shot reveal, inspired by a line in another one-shot I am working on. (The never-ending spiral of inspiration doom!)
Clearly, this one spoke to me most, because I got it done in just a couple of days.
Just one of my usual humour one-shots, so I hope you like it!!!

If there was one thing Caline Bustier could count on in her class, it was Marinette. Oh, sure, she was a brilliant, reliable class president, and always turned her homework in on time (sometimes just in the nick of time, but still on time). But no, what she could count on, was that Marinette would be late (not all the time, just… way too often at this point) and that when she arrived, she would make the most ridiculous excuses that she had ever heard.

They were the excuses of someone panicking and struggling for an excuse. And as creative as Marinette was… she was atrocious at coming up with believable lies. Oh, they were still brilliantly creative, just not one bit believable. In fact, some of them were so brilliantly insane that she had started making a list of them in a notebook that sat on her desk. So far she had filled up an entire two pages, and there were some utter gems.

She had even talked with some of the other teachers and they had come across the same thing. Though she wasn’t as lenient with Marinette’s tardiness, Ms Mendeleiev still shared some of her favourite excuses with her.

Still, nothing  would ever beat:

“I’m sorry I’m late!” Marinette called as she dashed in. “I - I was…” She panted slightly as she rushes up to her desk and began unpacking her things. You could practically see her floundering for an excuse. “ I was saving Paris!”

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Another fma headcanon

Ok, so everyone has headcanons about ed having to write all his reports and how much that would suck for him because he used to be right handed, but my question is, why would the military still use hand written reports when typewriters were clearly a thing at the time. It makes no sense because hand written reports can be extremely sloppy and you can both write faster and make multiple copies of typed reports using copy paper. It’s probably even mandated, tbh.

So instead think of this: Ed having to learn use a type writer.

We all forget, but ed is a country kid. As smart as he is, there were just things he didn’t have or didn’t need to have. Nobody in risembool probably had a vehicle aside from tractors and farm equipment, the closest thing anyone had to airconditioning was an electric fan, and Winry was probably the only one with a private teliphone for a few miles and that was mostly because her grandma had clients that weren’t from risembool.
In short, ed probably never had the oportunity to use a typewriter. And when he comes to central and is now expected to do all his writing with it, imagine how hilariously frustrating that would be for him:

–he probably doesn’t let Mustang know he’s never used one as to not give him a reason to look down on him (because apparently everyone in the big city knows how to use one except him and al) and tries to figure it out on his own.
–struggling to insert the paper because he doesn’t realise you’re supposed to roll it in.

—Doesn’t figure that out for ten minutes and ends up ripping up so much paper in the process

–types each key one finger at a time because he doesn’t know how to type

–getting hand cramps as a result

–thirty minutes goes by and he on has five lines

–a lot of cursing at Mustang, questioning how he can type so fast

–has to watch his hands and as a result makes a ton of mistakes

–having to start over every time he makes an error because there’s no back space or eraser for ink

–takes him ten minutes to figure out how to go to the next line

–takes him even longer to figure out how to use capital letters

–never figures out how to indent

–gets the caps lock stuck with out realising and goes three paragraphs before realizing it’s in all caps

–not realizing he can use copy paper to make a second copy of his report and having to write an entire second version line for line

–or, him accidentally pressing his hand on a piece of copy paper with his report underneath and ending up with a big black hand print covering his report

–paper jam

–spending literally all night on a report that ends up worse than when he started because he just gave up

–when he begrudgingly explains to roy that he kept having to redo his report due to errors, the man just stares at him in confusion and says, “why didn’t you just white out the word you messed up on, set the type writer back to that point, and rewrite it?”

–Ed stares at him dumbly before flying into a rage about not figuring out how to do that sooner

–Roy having havoc to redraft his report with out the errors because there is no way he’s going to embarrass both himself and Ed by turning in that mess. (Ed both marveling at and being extremely jealous of havoc for being able to get it all done in less than an hour)

–eventually having to begrudgingly accept typing lessons from roy(and all the shinanigans that would ensue from this) because roy was not about to let this happen again, plus training an employee was a perfectly legitimate excuse not to do paper work

–trying to figure out how to lug around the big heavy office one he’d been loaned before figuring out there are smaller, lighter portible ones.

See what I mean? This could be a lot more interesting and funny than the handwriting thing.


Would I know her, even if I met her? Have I missed her… did I let her go?
A Susan, sort-a Sarah, a Jennyish Joanne; Wait for me! I’m ready now! 

I’ll find you if I can…

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msr headcanon: Scully takes Mulder to her high school reunion pretending he's her husband bc she's embarrassed that she's one of the only people of her class that isn't already married

by mldrgrl
Rated PG
Summary: This isn’t totally what you wanted, Anon, I’m sorry, but it’s the only way I can see it.

From time to time, mail still arrived at the house for Scully.  Technically, it arrived at the PO Box Mulder maintained where they used to collect their mail, but it had been his alone for two years.  At first, he used the trickle of mail that came through to call her, knowing full well it was mostly junk she’d never want, but it was the only legitimate excuse he had for awhile.  It had been quite awhile since her name showed up in his PO Box, but he didn’t need excuses anymore since he saw her nearly every day at work.

He brought her the Alumni Newsletter she received with a cup of coffee.  She thanked him for both, took a sip of the coffee, and then through the newsletter in the trash after a mere glance.

“You’re not going to read it?” Mulder asked, retrieving the sealed booklet from the trash can.

“A high school newsletter?  I don’t think I’ve ever read one.”

“Hm.”  Mulder ripped the circle of tape holding the pages together and opened it up.  “Rosalee O’Brien hyphen Bingham, senior class president, announces the 35th reunion for the graduates of the class-”

“I know what year I graduated,” she said, reaching across his desk to take the newsletter back.  “No need to remind me.”

“You don’t want to go?  It’s in…” Mulder paused and held the newsletter up and away from Scully’s searching fingers.  “June.”

“We don’t know where we’ll be in June.  A case could come up.”

“Never heard of personal time?”

Unable to grab the newsletter, Scully crossed her arms.  “Mulder, you wouldn’t know personal time if it walked through the door and bit you on the ass.”

“Well, things change.”  He gave her the newsletter which she folded and put in her briefcase.

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Daily Horoscopes - July 1st, 2017

Hello July! What do you have for us eh? Seems like a romantic start to me my witchbabies! Blessed be! :)

ARIES: Better fasten that seat belt, because you’re due for quite the ride. The stars are bringing along someone powerful, exciting and oh so romantic. Ready or not, here comes infatuation.

TAURUS: If you’re seeing someone, expect the relationship to deepen considerably. If you’re not, keep your eyes open. Whether you’re at a club with friends or perusing the avocados at the grocery, the right person could be just a smile away.

GEMINI: A family member creates quite a hubbub now. They might disrupt your plans but you won’t mind. After all, when was the last time you had an indisputably legitimate excuse for ducking out the last time?

CANCER: Someone new and extremely intelligent will be along shortly – but don’t let that last bit of information scare you. Even geniuses need to laugh and love, and you’re just the person to teach this one how.

LEO: A mysterious stranger with an even more mysterious briefcase is coming your way, and your curiosity will quite naturally be piqued. Investigate that briefcase before you get too involved. Make sure it isn’t just baggage in disguise.

VIRGO: There’s a wonderful collection of energies hovering in the stars above, ready to provide you with the opportunity for a wonderful long-term relationship. Don’t bother to pinch yourself. It only sounds too good to be true.

LIBRA: You’ve never been stingy, but for the next two days you’ll be even more willing to do whatever you can to give ‘til it hurts to whoever needs it. Stop short of selling the television.

SCORPIO: Everyone has a gift. Yours is romance. With a single candle, a plain white tablecloth and a decent bottle of wine, you can create an evening more unforgettable than dinner at the top of the Eiffel Tower. Do that tonight.

SAGITTARIUS: They’re appealing to both your brain and your heart. If you’re available, don’t wait too long before mentioning lunch. If you’re attached – just think of them as a fabulous could-have-been.

CAPRICORN: You’re due for a major change with regard to a current relationship. You’re ready, willing, able and oh so game to give it a big assist, no matter what it takes. Luckily, they are too. Well, that’s that. Get busy.

AQUARIUS: If you’re seeing someone, a much deeper commitment could be on the agenda for the two of you soon. If you’re single, someone will be along shortly who’ll let you know immediately that they play for keeps.

PISCES: You’re hopelessly intrigued by powerful people, and when they come along you’re the first one to notice – well before they’ve said a single word. Well, get ready, because someone quite self-confident is about to tweak your antennae.

Hey exclusionists.

When we’re telling you that something you said resembles TERF rhetoric, we aren’t calling you TERFs. We’re telling you that what you’re saying seems to have a foundation on similar things, and that spreading the same type of posts/sayings/whatever as TERFs use is dangerous because it normalizes the rhetoric and allows TERF ideals to slip passed people’s radars.

My reaction if someone were to tell me that something I said resembled TERF rhetoric?

“Oh crap! Sorry! I’ll delete/edit the post. Please let me know how I can do better in the future to keep from endangering trans people.”

Because my number one priority is to make sure I’m not helping to perpetuate or normalize TERF rhetoric. Screaming about how I’m not a TERF would do absolutely no good, and would just further push that using the same language as this horrible group of people is completely fine - which of course it’s not.

Do better.

BTS Reaction - you suffering from claustrophobia


You’ve been looking forward to this concert for months, eager as ever to receive Jin’s full attention for a whole night, which is part of the reason you feel so frustrated when your tell-tale signs of anxiety start to emerge, taking their hold.  You’ve never been good in crowds - they’ve always made you feel panicky, claustrophobic - so when more and more people start to pour into the venue, their hot, sticky bodies surrounding you, your heart rate starts to steadily creep up, a cold sweat running down your back as your hands turn clammy too.  

“Jin… can we go to the bar?”  You shout over the chattering around you, trying not to let the panic in your voice show as you look up at him.  He looks around you, noting how tightly packed it is - it’ll be a nightmare to try and push through everyone.

“Can you wait, Jagi?  We’ve got such a good spot!” he calls back, but then he sees the way your expression crumples, your eyes squeezing closed as you bite your lip, and slips his hand into yours.  “Doesn’t matter, c’mon.”  He cuts through the crowd in front of you, parting bodies so you can follow easily behind, keeping your eyes to the ground and trying not to cry.  

When you get to the bar Jin quickly orders you a glass of water and tells you softly to drink, taking your hand again and softly rubbing his thumb across your knuckles, back and forth, back and forth, until your breathing has evened out again.  You glance up at him, embarrassed, only to see him smiling kindly down at you.  

“We can stay here, if you want.  If you sit on my shoulders you’ll still have a perfect view.”  

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Movie nights with Yoongi are a pretty regular thing, these days.  Although he might not like to admit it you know he likes cuddling up in bed to watch them just as much as you do, and watching them together late at night gives him the perfect excuse to fall asleep as the little spoon without ever having confess that that’s exactly what he wants after a long day of practice.  Horror movies are your favourite, but you never would have picked tonight’s feature.  It all takes place underground - a group of teens stalked by a monster lurking in the dark - and as you watch them squeeze through tight spaces and wade through waist deep water, you can feel yourself start to panic almost as much the actors you’re on the screen.  

You thought you’d be ok, told yourself you’d be an idiot for letting your claustrophobia get to you from just a movie, but clearly you were wrong.  Only half an hour in Yoongi notices the way you’re gripping onto the front of his shirt, knuckles going white, your pretty lips parted as you take short, panicky breaths, eyes wide and fixed on the TV.  

“Babe, I’m getting kind of tired,” he murmurs in those growling, dulcet tones of his, and the sound of his voice has the effect he was hoping for; you look away from the screen, blinking rapidly, your grip relaxing slightly.  He doesn’t want to call you out for being afraid - though he figures it’s the movie itself that’s the problem, you never having told him about your phobia before - and he knows you’d just deny there was an issue and torture yourself through it all if he brought it up, proud as you are.  “Let’s just put on some music - it’s shit anyway.”  

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Today’s been a blast.  From the moment you woke up Hobi was full of energy, dragging you out of bed early to surprise you with an impromptu date at your local theme park.  You’ve been on so many rides that you’ve lost count; passing time together in the queues with jokes and laughter, screaming your heads off on the roller coasters and log flumes, kissing sweetly to celebrate that you made it out alive after each one is over.  You save the biggest and best ride for last and it doesn’t disappoint - it’s the scariest, most thrilling of them all.  There corkscrew turns, death defying drops, and you’re both laughing, joyful, adrenaline fuelled tears streaming from the corner of your eyes as the carriage pulls into the dark underground station, almost back to the start but just not quite.  

Suddenly, everything grinds to a complete halt.  The carriage no longer seems to be moving and you’re left hanging there, feet dangling in down into the dark as people start to murmur discontentedly around you, wondering what’s going on.  An announcement comes over the tannoy; the ride has encountered a temporary malfunction, there’s an engineer on the way to rectify the situation as soon as possible - please remain calm and do not attempt to leave the carriage.  Only, you can’t remain calm.  This is your worst nightmare, and you instantly start to panic, pulling at the straps that suddenly feel far too tight.  

“Hobi, Hoseok, I need to get out.  Please, now, I need to get out now,” you cry, verging on hysteria, and though you can’t see it in the dark Hobi’s face is panicked too - he’s never seen you like this before.  

“Baby?  Baby, it’s alright.”  He reaches out and grasps your hands in his own, holding them tight as he calms himself for the sake of keeping you calm too.  “Just focus on me, ok?  I’m gonna buy you the biggest ice cream after this baby, win you the biggest teddy here, just you wait and see.”

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You should’ve never taken the lift.   There’s a reason you always avoid them - there’s a fear that would always overcomes you whenever you enclosed in such small, confined spaces, even for the shortest of times.  But Namjoon hadn’t wanted to walk twelve flights of stairs, and you hadn’t been able to find a legitimate excuse fast enough before the sliding doors to your own private hell had opened up and beckoned you inside.  You should’ve just told him how much they scared you, maybe not been so worried about him thinking you were silly or irrational, because now look what a mess you’ve found yourself in - all because you were too proud.

You’re stuck, caught between two floors in an unmoving metal box suspended high above the ground, and you’re absolutely convinced that this is how you’re going to die.  Before Namjoon can even press the emergency call button you’ve already crumpled to the ground, clutching your chest like there’s a ten tonne weight on top of it, gasping for breath with wide, frightened eyes.  

“Joonie,” you gasp, tears sliding down your cheeks as he instantly kneels in front of you, taking your face in both his hands.  “Joonie, I can’t breathe!”  

“Yes you can,” he tells you calmly, wiping away each drop that falls from your eyes with his gentle touch.  How is he always so calm, so centered, even when it seems like your world is ending?  “Look at me, nothing else.  We’re gonna do this together, ok?  In through your nose, out through your mouth, nice deep breaths.”  You do your best to copy him, staring back into the dark, unblinking eyes that you love so much, trying to absorb that steadfast aura he exudes so naturally.  “That’s my girl.  Again with me, that’s it.”

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Park Jimin is going to be responsible for the death of you, of that you’re fairly certain.  Well, either that or your warrant of arrest for public indecency, either one of the two.  The boy can’t ever seem to keep his hands of you, no matter where you are or what time of days it is, and you’ve lost count of the amount of times he’s dragged you off somewhere for a quick fumble - behind a hedge, in the back of a car, you name it.  He’s insatiable, and honestly?  You’re easily led.  Who wouldn’t be, faced with the angelic eyes and sinful smirk your boyfriend is blessed with?  

Today is no exception to the usual rule.  You’ve been watching him during dance practice, and apparently you’ve been making too much eye contact during his body rolls, or licking your lips too much when he thrusts his hips or something, because by the time it’s all over and done with Jimin’s practically dragging you out into the hall.  Even though his lips are on your neck and his hands are in your hair, you know he’s on the lookout for some dark, secret corner to better have his fill of you, and within minutes he thinks he’s found the ideal place.  

And the janitor’s closet probably would be just that, if it weren’t for your crippling claustrophobia.  You know you’ll start to freak out the second you go in there and that door closes, so when Jimin tries to tug you inside with a devilish grin you resist, pulling back.  

“Are you playing hard to get, kitten?”  he growls, taking hold of your belt loops and once again tugging on you, bringing your hips into sharp contact with his.  Oh, how you wish that closet was just that little bit bigger… that little bit brighter.  You’re going to pay for this act of rebellion, you can tell by the dark look that settles over his features when you coyly bite your lip, stepping back once more.  “Oh, you just wait ‘til I get you home.”  

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You splutter, on the receiving end of a face full of water that Taehyung just splashed your way, your eyes narrowing in a glare as soon as you’ve wiped the chlorine out of them.  Tae thinks it’s hilarious, the way your hair is now plastered to your face, but soon learns his lesson when you launch yourself on him, dragging him down into the water with all your weight and ducking his head under, now shrieking with laughter yourself.  

The water park was a brilliant idea.   You’ve loved swimming since you were a child, and frankly, any opportunity that gives you the chance to see Taehyung in his shorts and nothing else is always a welcome one.   It’s kept the two of your entertained for hours; splashing each, riding the wave machine, tossing a blow up ball back and forth, slipping down water slides on large inflatable rubber rings.  

“Ah, Jagi, I haven’t shown you the best one yet!”  Taehyung tells you enthusiastically, grabbing your hand to hoist you out of the water onto the side, smiling that boxy grin of his.  You follow after him eagerly, climbing a staircase that seems like it never ends and enjoying the view of his wet shorts clinging to pert little bottom as he goes on ahead.  When you reach the top, Taehyung holds out his arms as if to show off the tiny little opening in the wall that you’re met with - a small circular hole that leads down in a dark, fully enclosed water slide.  “Ta-da!”  

You can hear the water rushing on the inside, echoing off the plastic walls, and just the thought of even sitting at the opening has your pulse starting to flutter with anxiety.  On seeing your expression his smile falters, his arms dropping back down to his sides.  

“We don’t have to do this one if you don’t want, Jagi,” he reassures you, taking your hand and pulling you into a loose cuddle, your soggy bodies sticking to one another.  “Really, it kind of scares me too.”  

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You can’t wait to see him.  It’s only been a month but it feels like so much longer, and you’ve gone to so much effort to get the apartment looking nice for the moment Jungkook arrives.  You’ve made his favourite meal, rented his favourite movie, put on his favourite lingerie under his favourite of your outfits, and you’re just putting the finishing touches to everything when suddenly two hands settle over your eyes, pressing down tightly over them.  

“Guess who?” comes a gentle, teasing voice. You know exactly who it is, and you know that your stomach should be doing rolls of joy now that he’s finally, rather than swerving with rolls of nausea.   It’s stupid, but having your vision restricted has always made you feel claustrophobic, and you can feel that panic coming on now, threatening to ruin the evening you’ve so carefully prepared.  You try to pull Jungkook’s hands away, laughing nervously, but he just holds them on tighter, laughing too, oblivious to your discomfort.  “Nuh-uh, you have to guess!”  

Whimpering, you tug on those usually sweet, gentle hands once more, but Jungkook is far too strong.  It’s only when you start to feel like you can’t breathe that you finally give in and beg him to let you go in a loud, panicky voice, making him drop his hands immediately.  You spin on the spot, the guilt you feel on seeing his crestfallen face making you feel ten times worse.  

“Sorry Kookie, I’m sorry,” you gush, rushing into his arms and letting him hold you tight as you start to cry.  He’s confused by your reaction but strokes your hair anyway, pressing kisses to your temples as he frowns with concern.  

“Did I scare you, Noona?  I didn’t mean to - I just wanted to surprise you, that’s all.”

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Joshua crushing on you !! // scenario

Originally posted by jishooua

A bullet-point scenario starring our LA boy, Joshua Hong!!

Send in reaction and scenario requests on my page if you’d like to :)

- Josh is legit the kind of boy that my parents want me to bring home LMAO

- I don’t even have to list out why bc we all know that he is the epitome of a gentleman

- well, most of the time

- if you didn’t hear

- Josh has this secret “not-so-gentlemanly” side lolol


- but svt keeps bringing up how different Joshua can be off camera and I can’t help but think that they mean he’s 5000x more sassy irl

- and no not the bad kind of sassy, I mean the fun kind

- the type of sassy that keeps the conversation interesting 

- why I’m bring this up is because although Josh would want to show his gentlemanly side to his crush

- he’d also want to show his crush that he’s not always the passive, quiet type

- Josh knows there’s another side of him that could ALSO get him the girl he’s after

- and if she can handle this hidden side of his

- then he’ll know that this girl is definitely meant to be with him


- so as an intern at pledis, you’re given access to all of the company building’s facilites ay it’s lit

- from the water dispensing machines to the high quality speaker systems

- they’re all at your disposal

- as long as no one else is using them at the moment

- so one day you’re finishing up the last of your daily internship tasks when you spot a guitar atop a random table !!

- do yall know where I’m going w this?

- what does this guitar even have to do with you, you ask?

- well you’ve actually been wanting to learn how to play this m a g i c a l instrument for awhile 

- but you could never find a guitar that you could readily use for learning

- and since pledis is aLLOWINg you uSe whAtEver you wAnt in the buiLDINg

- you’re like:


- so you get the guitar in your hands and take it to a vacant office in the building

- at first you think it’ll be a breeze learning the instrument because THE INTERNET is by your side

- and guitar tutorials exist all over youtube soOoOOo


- even with the help of “guitar for dummies” beginner tutorials, you just can’t seem to make the chords sound decent without straining your fingers in the process lol

- and even with all the pain, your playing still doesn’t sound too good


- so you decide to make this “guitar practice” a routine thing after finishing your tasks around the building

- M E A N W H I L E

- Joshua, having arrived to the building on the day you took the guitar for the first time, comes up to the room where he keeps the guitar

- he stops his tracks at the sight of an empty table, the table he usually returns the guitar to

- “it’s not here??” he says internally

- “oh well, I guess it’ll be back by tomorrow,” he shrugs and carries on

- but the next day, the guitar isn’t there agaiN

- and Josh starts to get a little worried about its whereabouts

- he looks around the rest of the room, thinking someone might’ve placed it elsewhere after using it

- buh n0pe

- he kinda gets a little lazy in his search and gives up for the day

- “maybe tomorrow,” he tells himself

- he actually ends up telling himself this for a whole week bc it just never reappears again lol

- and with that week passing, Josh’s worry for the beloved six-stringed instrument only grows

- so he asks people around the building if they’ve seen it anywhere

- almost everyone says they haven’t seen it recently

- until Josh comes across Jihoon

- “hey Ji,” he calls out the producer, who is fetching himself a drink from the water dispenser outside his studio

- Jihoon’s eyes move to Josh, letting him know that he’s got his attention

- “have you seen the Taylor guitar anywhere? You know, the one that I always place on the table upstairs?”

- “no, I haven’t,” he replies plainly

- “Oh, okay. Thanks,” Josh’s eyes dart down at the floor in hopelessness

- but just before Jihoon retreats to his studio again, he takes a step back

- “actually,” he catches Josh’s attention again. “I was upstairs a few minutes ago and I heard someone playing a guitar in one of the vacant offices on the third floor, but I didn’t check who was playing.”

- “I know it wasn’t you because-” Jihoon snickers before he can continue his sentence

- “what? Was it bad?” Josh laughs lightly

- “it wasn’t too bad, but it definitely didn’t sound like a pro either.”

- “I’ll take that as a compliment for myself,” Joshua smiles and shakes his head. “Thanks, Ji.”

- “no problem. Good luck trying to get it back.”

- so Josh heads up to the office floor to investigate

- and upon arriving on the designated floor, he hears strumming coming from down the hall

- he creeps quietly through the floor until the strumming is loud enough

- then he crouches down next to the door of the office you’re in

- but before he could peek into the room…


- and Josh, frightened by the sudden yelling, falls out of his position next to the office door, and his knee makes an audible thud

- you look back at the doorway and hEY IT’S THAT JOSHUA DUDE FROM SVT


- you guys know the basic things about each other from when you were formally introduced at the beginning of your internship, but that’s about it

- Josh’s face blushes pink upon being caught and he quickly gets up to brush off his knees

- “ah, uh, I’m- I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to… you know,” he struggles to find words

- you’re speechless for a few moments, but you eventually work up the courage to say something at least

- “how long were you waiting there for?” you laugh nervously

- “uhh… not long I promise,” he smiles and puts hands up in defense

- “regardless, you probably heard how bad I was,” you cover your mouth out of shyness

- “oh nonono, you’re actually not that bad,” he tries to make you feel better

- “did you not just hear me out there?” you laugh at him. “Trust me, I’m pretty bad.”

- “okay okay, so maybe you’re… just okay, but I think you’ve got a lot of potential.”

- and inside you’re kinda like WHERE? WHAT POTENTIAL? LOL

- but what he said gives you a little bit of hope and you can’t help but smile

- “I guess,” you tap the guitar nervously. “I just started learning about a week ago. I found this guitar on to-”

- “on top of a table on the second floor, I know,” Josh smiles

- oh shit, is this guitar his? you think

- “wait, have I been stealing your guitar?”

- “mm well it’s not really mine,” he replies. “But I use it the most out of every one in this building.”

- “well, with the exception of this past week, when it went missing,” he laughs

- “oh my god I’m so sorry for not asking. I just-” you think of a better way to apologize, but Josh, being an unDeRsTaNDiNg gEntLEmAn, is quick to forgive you

- “It’s fine, don’t worry about it. All of the facilities here are meant to be shared with everyone anyways.”

- Inside you’re all sassy n shit like, DAS RIGHT BIH I’M JUST FOLLOWING THE RULES K

- but on the outside you’re just:

- “ah I know but I think out of everyone here, you should have priority over the guitar, you know. Because you actually perform with it.”

- “yeah, but I’d love for you to be able to learn too. I don’t even perform with a guitar that often. It’s honestly just a side-hobby,” he tries to justify

- “hey, if you want, I can give you some lessons or something,” he offers shyly

- “I don’t know,” you contemplate aloud. “I’m pretty hopeless with this guitar thing… I’ve been using the easiest guitar tutorials on youtube and I still can’t get it right.”

- “I know. I went through that too,” Josh shares some sympathy. “But don’t you think learning the guitar in person is better than learning it from some random guy on the internet?”

- “well technically, you are some random guy off of the internet too,” you tease fr tho we wouldn’t know about svt if it woren’t for the internet

- “HEY, at least I don’t look like some old man that lives in an outhouse, like the guy in that tutorial there,” he points to your laptop screen

- he’s super nice for offering but

- jeez this guy’s attitude though, you think to yourself

- is it sass?? or humor??

- and i thought he was supposed to be the gentleman of the group…


- and aw shit he’s kinda cute too… I’d pick him over this old dude on the tutorial vids any day lmao

- so you accept the offer for a lesson or two

- and it’s mostly because you’re curious about Josh

- you know his public reputation as a nice guy/gentleman

- but this encounter with him definitely showcased another side of him

- and you want to know more about it…

- so the first lesson happens the day after you guys meet

- and you don’t know this but Josh is actually pretty stoked to be teaching you the guitar

- he’s been meaning to talk to you for awhile, but he never really had a legitimate excuse to do so

- until now :3

- and although he thinks he’s gonna revert to his “nice guy” self out of nervousness with you

- your easygoing attitude makes it easy for him to loosen up and be his true self

- he cracks funny insults and jokes here and there and it just makes the whole lesson really fun

- after having such a good time, you guys agree to make this a regular thing

- but slowly, as you get better at the guitar, your little lessons become less like lessons and more like regular hangouts

- a lot of times you’ll find yourselves just jamming out to whatever songs you feel like playing

- not only are you learning more about the guitar, but more about each other as well

- these “lessons” are honestly what the both of you look forward to the most everyday :’)

- one day, during one of your hangouts, you show Josh a song on the guitar that you’ve been practicing for awhile

- he recognizes the song and begins singing along with you

- it’s probably one of those throwback love songs you both heard when you guys were kids bc tbh he’d be huge sucker for those lol

- and as he goes through the lyrics

- he realizes something

- what he’s singing… he means it… for you

- it’s cute when this hits him because he kinda loses track of the song and thinks about the lyrics to himself while he stares at you AHH

- and you’ll have to snap him out of his thoughts like, “hey Josh, why’d you suddenly stop singing?”

- you’d also have to wave a hand at his face to get him to stop staring at you

- Josh shakes his head after snapping out of his daze and apologizes

- “oh my bad, I’m sorry, uh… Wanna take it from the top again?” he laughs nervously

- and at night he’ll think about that moment he kinda lost himself in the lyrics with you

- and he’d replay a particular thought in his head:

- Josh, I’m pretty sure you like y/n…

- but does she feel the same?


- I think the one thing that would bother Josh when he’s crushing on you would be the question that’s two bullet-points up ^^^^^

- do you feel the same? HECK YEAH DUDE TAKE ME NOW

- this would be the basis of all the little things he does to you when crushing on you

- well for one, he’d be the type to move closer to you when hanging out with you just to see how you’d react

- prior to his crush on you, he’d just point to the strings you need to press on the guitar when teaching you

- but while he’s crushing, he’s definitely gonna come up behind you and put his arms around you so that you guys can play the on the same guitar at the same time

- and if you ask him why he’s changed his “method of teaching”

- he’s probably gonna use some stupid excuse like,

- “it’s just easier this way, okay?” AIGHT JOSH AIGHT

- and oh boy this guy’s gonna be so damn proud every time his gets you flustered

- he’d do this by shamelessly throwing a few random compliments here and there like:

- “hey Josh, this riff sounds pretty doesn’t it,” you say before pluck away gently at the strings of the guitar

- “I don’t know,” he says as he furrows his eyes at the instrument

- “why? What’s wrong with it?” you ask

- “hmm, I just think there are prettier things out there,” he’d pause as he looks up to your eyes

- “like you.

- “what?” your cheeks tint pink and a tiny laugh escapes your lips

- Josh starts laughing at your face. “It was joke, y/n.” ISTG JOSHUA

- your cheeks heat up until the pink shade turns into a red. “HEY, that’s- that’s…” you struggle to find words

- “a lie, I know,” he smiles. “God, y/n, I get it. You’re pretty. You don’t have rub it in my face.”


- “Stop stop, I don’t wanna hear it,” he hold up a finger to your lips to make you shut up and die internally rip you

- also

- from time to time you’ll feel the need to ask why the hell Josh agreed to help you learn guitar in the first place

- bc he’s honestly such a great teacher and you fEEL SO UNWORTHY OF HIS KINDNESS

- “hey Josh, why me of all people?”

- “pardon?”

- “why did you offer to teach me guitar when we first met? You heard me and I sucked. Like real bad.”

- he laughs

- “doesn’t everything I do for you make it obvious?” Josh says as he cleans out the dust on the guitar

- “huh?”

- “jeez, y/n, anyone can see through all of this. You’re just oblivious,” he laughs before blowing the surface of the newly dusted instrument

- “J-Josh are you trying to say-” you think he’s trying to say he likes you but he cuts you off

- “that you’re dumb? Yes,” he smiles slyly

- you roll your eyes and get up from your seat, annoyed by all the useless things Josh is saying to you

- “wait y/n,” he laughs and grabs your wrist before you could walk out of the room.

- you try to tug your wrist out of his grip, but it’s too strong

- “c’mon y/n, I need you to keep making me smile,” he says, his eyes softening at the sight of your face again

- you redden once again

- “so stay,” he continues as he loosens his grip on your wrist and moves his hand down to yours

- you let go of his hand and he follows. “why are you always trying to use dumb lines on me,” you sigh and struggle to hide a shy smile

- “but they work, don’t they,” he smirks as you sit back down next to him

- Josh would feel comfortable making his crush on you obvious as long as you give off signals that you like him too

- or at least get flustered when he says something nice about you goddamnit

- SO YEAH you’ll be up at night wondering if Josh really means the words he’s always teasing you with

- honestly he’s just trying to get you to confess to him before he can

- Josh just wants to make sure you’ve fallen for him like he did for you :’)

- BUT if you’re a tough person to crack, he’ll eventually reach his own breaking point and will have to tell you how he feels somehow


- on some days when you guys can’t meet up (aka days when Josh’s schedule doesn’t allow him to go to the company building while you’re there), Josh sends you a text with a song or two that he thinks would be nice to try on the guitar

- and one day, instead of a few song titles and their artists, you get a link

- so you tap on the link and it leads you to a private document

- it has chords and lyrics scattered across the page

- but you don’t recognize the song

- and wtf it doesn’t even have an artist name or title on it

- so you search some of the lyrics up

- but nothing matches up to it

- so you text Josh back and you’re like:

- you: “hey man what’s with song you sent me?”

- Josh: “what’s wrong? do you not like it?”

- you: “I don’t know the song and this document doesn’t have a title or the artist’s name???” “so I can’t even search it up and give it a listen first”

- Josh: “well if you’re wondering who the artist is”

- Josh: “it’s me”

- Josh: “:D”

- you: “hAh nice joke Josh” “no really who’s the artist”

- Josh: “I just said it’s me”


- Josh: “y/n I’m not kidding, I wrote the song”

- Josh: “and I put it into a document so you could try it”

- you: “Josh how the fuck am I supposed to play it if I don’t even know whAT IT’S SUPPOSED TO SOUND LIKE???”

- Josh: “Idk make it up? lol”

- you: “I still don’t believe it’s yours” “the lyrics are too nice”

- Josh: “I’m offended”

- Josh: “but thanks I wrote it anyways”

- you both stare at your phones simultaneously before Josh continues

- Josh: “it’s fine if you don’t believe me. I just want you to look through it and tell me what you think”

- you: “well it’s nice, like woozi-quality music…”

- you: “mAYBE HE WROTE IT”

- Josh: “okay but would Jihoon talk about you in his lyrics?”

- you: “wait what?”

- you: “I don’t get it”

- you: “waiT JOSH”

- you: “THIS SONG”

- you: “THE LYRICS”





- Josh: “text me when you get it”

- you stare at your phone once again

- Josh, what are you trying to say?

- you decide to give the lyrics another glance

- and you pick up on something familiar in a few of the verses

“the songs are pretty, but there are prettier things like you”

- “I hold you close because it’s easier this way”

“doesn’t everything I do for you make it obvious? see through?”

“I need you to keep making me smile, so stay”

- did he just use the compliments he used to tease you with…

- to make a song?

- you immediately send a text to Josh

- you: “we need to talk when you get back”

- you wait for a quick response, but there’s none

- in fact, you check your messages, and it says he read it

- but nothing

- no word from Josh

- you’re kinda mad at him for the rest of the day for not replying

- the fact that he might just be confessing to you with these song lyrics keeps you up at night

- and you just wanted to talk it out with him to make sure everything’s crystal clear

- the next day you go to pick up the guitar in it’s usual spot, assuming you and Josh have no plans today since he’s so “busy”

- but the guitar isn’t there

- this can only be the works of a Joshua Hong, you think

- so you text him again:

- you: “Josh where is the guitar?”

- Josh: “I have it”

- you: “where”

- Josh: “find me ;)”

- you: “JOSHUA”

- you really want to talk to him today so you start your desperate search

- and you pretty much look everywhere except…

- wAIT THE VACANT OFFICE FLOOR, you scream internally before scrambling for the stairs

- and as you’re nearing that floor, you can hear the distant strumming of a guitar coming from one of the offices YALL KNOW

- and to no surprise, you find yourself at the doorway of the office you used to practice the guitar in all by yourself

- the office that Joshua found you in

- Joshua stops playing the guitar at the sight of you and smiles

- “why didn’t you reply to my text last night?” you ask in annoyance

- “because I knew you figured it out,” he says softly

- “yeah, I think… I mean, I could be taking it the wrong way but-”

- “go ahead. Tell me what you think I’m trying to say,” he leans back on his chair and waits patiently for your response

- you’re about to tell him you think it’s a confession to you

- but you know damn well that Josh is gonna embarrass you and say it means something else

- so you change up your answer

- “you’re trying to tell me that I’m dumb,” you smile coolly. “Like you always do.”

- “… you’re right,” he perks up a wider smile

- this was not the response you were expecting

- “JOSH,” you yell and pause for a moment to think about it

- “am I really?” you ask in an upset tone

- “yeah, y/n. You’re too dumb to realize that it was a co-”

- “CONFESSION I KNOW,” you say in frustration

- Joshua shies away, shifting his glance from your face to your shoes

- “looks like you’re not that dumb after all…”

- he actually… confessed?

- “well,” you clear your throat quietly. “I was pretty mad at you last night for not clearing this all up with me then, but consider yourself… forgiven.” a smile spreads across your face

- “what’s that supposed to mean?” Josh gets up from his seat and puts the guitar aside. He comes up close to you and looks down at your face, just inches away from his

- “are you sure I’m the dumb one?” you lift a brow. “because if you can’t tell what I mean by that, it’s probably you.”

- “it’s not,” his mouth curves up as he lifts your chin and lets his lips inch closer to yours

- but he stops before they can touch

- “wait, is this okay with you?” he asks hesitantly

- “Josh, as much as I love your gentlemanly side, I think it’s kind of ruining the moment,” you laugh

- “I’ll take that as a yes,” he replies before locking his lips with yours

- who knew someone could understand both sides of me so well? Josh smiles to himself

Latest reminder that Yoongi is not milky white nor the palest person on the planet. He is just, not as pale as some of you might think he is.

Here’s Namjoon, quite recently talking about Yoongi’s skintone:

Here’s a link to the full post

The same person who, formerly wasn’t aware how pale some white people can actually be. Here is namjoon speaking when they performed in Russia. 

So can we please cut it out with the, “Yoongi is just as pale as white people” bullcrap?

Yeah, he is pale (apparently not so much anymore) but stop equating him or the entirety of Korean/East Asian people to a really generalized idea of a different race. 

And stop acting as if it is a legitimate excuse to whitewash him. As if pale people are immune to the effects of photoshop???  ;/


FFXV with Quotes from Terry Pratchett’s Discworld Series

Loqi, Ravus, and Ardyn

Book sources

Quote 1 Men at Arms

Quote 2 Interesting Times

Quote 3 Not from a Discworld book but still Terry Pratchett

Previously: Gladio

FFXV with Discworld Quotes Master Post

27| Pas De Deux

Pairing: Jimin x Reader
Genre: Ballet au, Romance, Angst
Warnings: None
Wordcount: 10,208

Masterlist | Prev | Next 

A/N Because of upcoming exams I’m gonna post the last couple of chapters. (So I have time to focus)

The second floor corridors were dark and ethereal as Jimin and you walked through them. The night had closed in, and though you knew that in the theatre it would be bright and loud, here it was so peacefully hushed.

You leant heavily on Jimin’s strong body, keeping your bad leg from any pressure. “I’m sorry.” You said softly. “You must be sick of having to half carry me everywhere.”

He smiled. “It’s what we ballerino’s are trained to do.”

“Usually the ballerino’s does a little more to help, though.” You pointed out. “I can walk.”

He rolled his eyes. “I think you’ve already done way more than you should on it. Really, I should be handing you off to Doctor Hill, not making you move even more.”

“As soon as Doctor Hill gets at me, I’ll be locked in a dance-proof cell for the rest of my life.”

Jimin grinned, as he helped you down the senior corridor. “You’ll find a way out, just like you did this time.”

“I didn’t want to break the rules.” You said.

He raised an eyebrow. “But you had a decent reason.”

You paused as you reached the door to the Senior Common Room. “What do you mean?”

The two of you went in. None of the lights were on, but the heater in front of the deceased fireplace glowed a warm orange. Jimin helped you over to one of the couches and sat you down, pulling up a coffee table and a cushion to rest your ankle on. You felt so helpless, but warmth spread through your chest. You had always fended for yourself, this was strange, but so nice.

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It’s All Acoustic features a song from Shawn Milke’s old band The Legitimate Excuse. Check it out!

Mystic Messenger : Day 9 ~ V Walkthrough (FULL ANSWERS)

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