the legion of super heroes


My top ten Saturday Morning Cartoons because I’m bored

10. Jackie Chan Adventures
9. Freakazoid
8. Secret Saturdays
7. Static Shock
6. W.I.T.C.H
5. Storm Hawks
4. Shinzo
3. Super Robot Monkey Team Hyper Force Go
2. Legion of Superheroes
1. Code Lyoko

-siiiiigh- Right in the obsessive nostalgia

heyyy if anyone wants to watch any good cartoons heres a few recs-

  • harvey beaks- extremely cute style and actually good humor, lots of contemplative life type themes and good kids having fun, i dunno if its still going or if it got axed but its a good watch nonetheless
  • wander over yonder- this show DID get cancelled but it has beautiful colors, fun character designs, and a really interesting way of storytelling- everything is revisited at least once. i had trouble getting through the first few episodes but after that its great 
  • amazing world of gumball- this show is pretty popular but DRASTICALLY underrated. the character designs are really great, the slice of life stories are interesting, and the humor is arguably the best i’ve seen in any cartoon. no linear plotline but there are a few reoccuring plot points, you could probably start wherever
  • legion of super-heroes- this one is pretty old, and got cancelled after 2 seasons, but its a neat action cartoon for those who like super heroes, time travel, superman, cool aliens, and enjoyed ben 10. also there are like 20 comics about this that are really good, too