the legendary ducks

My Cartoon Agenda for the Summer

Star vs the Forces of Evil - Battle For Mewni (July 15th)

Rick and Morty - Season 3 (July 30th)

Milo Murphy’s Law - Missing Milo [special ] (July 22)

Voltron:Legendary Defenders - Season 3 (August 4th)

DuckTales - Season 1 premier (August 12)

Still waiting to hear good news on Miraculous Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir  and Steven Universe. But besides them it looks like a good summer.

Almost forgot Voltron

uuuumkay, no offense - but this is By Far the Best & Beefiest my sweet bara prince has ever looked -and I just want to know why the folks at voltron headquarters continue to taunt me with pics of him at this level of beef??? like what, exactly, the Fuck voltron team

Science side of VLD

So I’m watching the last ep and I noticed something that’s been bugging me for a while. Let’s get started:

So Voltron just got spanked by the dark magic and Allura and Coran (as well as Slav, Antok, and Kolivan who did not agree her going full Rambo) decide to shove their nose in and try to take out Zarkon with their ultra-powerful-power-ray-thing. Cool.

But then it’s reflected back to the ship and this madness happens:

SO before their Voltron’s very eyes the castle kinda (but not really) explodes. And everyone’s reasonably upset:

I mean she sounded like she was just murdered in a SAW movie.



He’s right next to Shiro, who’s got front-row tickets

And last I checked there’s no rear-window in the lions.

In the words of the great profit Lance McClain: “What the cheese?”

I should have put Garrison University behind them… . but I put Voltron University behind them.
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TAEWIN- and then there’s Mark