the legend of zelda skyword sword

  • Random person: So SS Link, who do you love?
  • SS Link: Zelda, she's a wonderful person.
  • Random person: OoT Link, which is the one lady you love?
  • OoT Link: Theirs to many but if I have to pick one, it's Malon!
  • Random person: Toon Link, is there a girl you like?
  • Toon Link: Um Tetra. She's cute and sassy.
  • Random person: TP Link, who are you in love with?
  • TP Link: (flips the table) Midna! I miss you! PLEASE COME BACK!
  • Random person: HW Link Any...
  • HW Link: Help me.
  • Cia: He's mine bitch!
  • Lana: No, he's mine you witch!
  • Random person: Linkle is there a special man you love?
  • Linkle: Nope just Zelda. Cause I love her so much I will do anything for Zelda. Even when I get the direction wrong.
  • Impa: You had one job!
  • Linkle: Don't judge me.

I am just… Okay, let’s just say I really want to do a picture each day, which includes colouring rather than just sketching. This was originally meant to be a sketch but I need to try out different styles and yeah….

ANYWHORE, here we have Ghirahim and Vaati in a Modern AU I guess. I love these two, and I can envision them gossiping over a starbucks, but Ghirahim will ultimately start talking about Ganondorf, thus, leading to Vaati becoming pissed but will stay with Ghirahim regardless, since his jokes and fashion sense is on POINT. 

I love these happy girlfriends <3 I will do them justice soon <3


Amigurumi Fi Cat Toy

Happy September, everyone! I’ve been away from the blog for a lot of this Summer, I’ve just been so busy! I really haven’t been working on commissions as much, as sewing projects are now taking up much of my time. But now I’m back in the swing of things. 

Ben and I also adopted a kitten this Summer! Her name is Fi, after the Legend of Zelda character. (We literally argued about names for weeks, but once we saw her and how her markings reminded us of Fi from Zelda, we instantly agreed it was a perfect fit.) We are absolutely in love and honestly, a lot of my crocheting time has gone to playing with Fi. She kind of takes over any project I’m working on anyway to play with the yarn. She’s such a sweetheart.

So, now that I’ve freed up some time, naturally the first thing I crochet is a toy for her. I had already made a full size amigurumi of Fi for Ben as a gift, and just condensed it into a small toy. Fi loves it, too. I couldn’t even get through taking the photos before she jumped up on the table and stole it to play. 

She’s the best little meow. 


Sailor Diamond (Ghirahim) XDDDD OMG too PERFECT! can’t. breathe. it hurts. to laugh xD

☆.。.:*Chasing clouds☆.。.:* 

 just a lil video game mix to listen to when ya feel like flying~

Listen here: (x)

  1.  Aboard the Bostonius - Professor Layton and the Azran Legacy
  2. Shaymin Village - Pokemon Mystery Dungeon
  3. A Flying Whatchamacallit- Mother 3
  4. Sky Road Bonus Stage - Sonic Lost World 
  5. Flying Mario - Mario Galaxy
  6. Above the Clouds- Kirby crystal shards 64
  7. Skyloft -  Legend of Zelda Skyword Sword
  8. Glider- Super Mario Galaxy 2
  9. Sky Peak Forest - Pokemon Mystery Dungeon
  10. Love Is In The Air - Yoshi’s story
  11. Bubbly Cloud- Kirby’s Epic Yarn
  12. Skydiving - Legend of Zelda Skyword Sword
  13. Future British gentleman- Professor layton(and the eternal diva)
  14. Sky Presents- Mario Party 5
  15. Sky Peak Snowfield- pokemon mystery Dungeon
  16. Light Plane (vocal mix) -super smash brothers wiiu/3ds