the legend of zelda skyward sword theme

Ghirahim: *faces Link for the first time* Do you hear my theme? It’s so fabulous that you’ll want to die by my hands!

Ghirahim: *loses* I’ll be back more fabulously!

Ghirhaim: *faces like a second time* Hear those castanets, Sky Child?! There’s no way you can stand against me!

Ghirahim: *fucking loses again* Next time…will be your last!

Ghirahim: *faces Link a third time* IhAvEaFuCkInGcHiOrDiEsKyBrAt!

i wanted to try making a calming/relaxing mix of video game tracks, so ♥ listen!

title theme / legend of zelda: ocarina of time ・ snowpoint city (night) / pokémon diamond, pearl ・ the world sinking into darkness / tales of xillia ・ tifa’s theme / final fantasy vii: advent children ・ fi’s gratitude / legend of zelda: skyward sword ・ unfamiliar paths / far cry 4 ・ thank you / fragile dreams ・ sunset path / lightning returns: final fantasy xiii ・ peaceful evidence / tales of xillia 2 ・ lake hylia / legend of zelda: twilight princess ・ route 216 (night) / pokémon diamond, pearl ・ alone / persona 4 ・ new age seasons / the sims ・ 5 pm / animal crossing new leaf ・ great fairy’s fountain theme / legend of zelda 25th anniversary ・ id (serenity) / fire emblem: awakening ・ a dedication to… everyone / fragile dreams ・ unwavering emotions (2012 remaster) / pokémon black, white

Height Differences

A/N: And the opinion therefore.  This may actually be first real slash I’ve ever written…huh.  Also apparently in my head Ghirahim is like a snooty-perverted cat. 

Words: 238

Link hates how short he is. How he barely reaches Ghirahim’s shoulder. How when Ghirahim calls him “Skychild” he actually feels like one. Link hates that the demon lord must bend low for their cheeks to touch when he taunts. Or when Ghirahim leans over him, smirking as he takes the space around Link. He can’t help but shudder as that cloying presence envelopes him from all sides. Especially when Ghirahim is feeling playful, flashing all over the room like a vicious magical whack-a-mole.

Ghirahim’s sword form is worse.

Link glares at the white diamond almost pressed to his face. A face that twists into a scowl when an amused chuckle comes from above. He hates being short he keeps telling himself. He hates it. And Ghirahim wraps his hand in Link’s hair and lightly pulls back, back until he can see his blue eyes.

Oh, Ghirahim loves his skychild’s height.

Relishes it. Has entertained many…thoughts of what could be done to this petite form. For now he settles for dragging the hero in and up, up without a single foothold. Unbalanced the boy is forced to wrap legs around Ghirahim’s waist. His smirk turns into a grin as Link flails about for a place to put his hands. Or perhaps that was an attempt to stab him in the eye.

No matter he thinks, and proceeds to devour the boy from the mouth down.

video game music to listen to when you’re sad and cant sleep at night| listen here

…-fire emblem awakening| 2am- animal crossing: wild world| message from the goddess- skyward sword| town of water: misthallery day- professor layton and the last spectre| because i love you- earthbound| born a stranger- to the moon| queen rutela- twilight princess| ninian’s theme- fire emblem rekka no ken | for river (johnny’s version)- to the moon| sad story- super mario galaxy| phantom and a rose- secret of mana| clark (calm 2)- minecraft|

Creepy occurrence.

Okay so an incredibly strange thing just happened and I am freaking out.


okay so,
I was sitting here, you know, just listening to music. I was listening to Ghirahim’s theme from the game, and I starting singing along, right? So I’m singing along, and I start feeling something on my hip, right? So I check to see, but I remember that I’m sitting on the couch, and the couch is against the wall. It felt like someone had their hand on my hip… Then the creepy part happened…
I rub my hip, and I fuckin swear I felt a hand on mine.

As Arin Hanson says, “ I, AM, NOT OKAY. ”

relaxing and calm video game music for those bad days when you just need to take a nap and sleep- listen here

stale cupcakes- animal crossing new leaf | sazanami town- pokemon black and white | cool cave- kirby’s epic yarn | aryll’s theme- legend of zelda: wind waker | forest life- animal crossing new leaf | deepest woods- tales of symphonia | gates of time- legend of zelda: skyward sword | turnabout sister’s theme ( music box ver.)- professor layton vs phoenix wright | night falls- professor layton and the curious village | a wish- secret of mana | zelda’s lullaby- legend of zelda: a link between worlds | eterna forest- pokemon diamond and pearl | sweden- mincraft | 1pm (snow)- animal crossing new leaf | secunda- skyrim