the legend of zelda caps


a collection of alllllll the links i could find in reason. each link has a different name and a different personality. Hopefully this will help everyone

The ones in green are official Links. the ones in blue are still links, but for one reason or another, they aren’t considered “official”

 shout out to the “hero of Men” link mentioned in the Minish, the “ancient hero” in breath of the wild, and the “King shadow” mentioned in the comics. they were almost included but don’t have enough behind them for mention. if more links pop up or people want me to include those links, I will do so. 

Love me some ZELDA 

I’ve updated my Link tag urself to reflect changes to the timeline.

Tag urself I’m cutie.

Bet most of ya’ll weren’t aware I do sprites too! Probably cuz I haven’t really done any in years now…

So during my breaks at work I threw together these 4, roughly based on Minish Cap’s style. Hope ya like ‘em! And I hope my work monitor isn’t so off that the colors suck~

(20 colors total btw, including the chair which has one or two of its own)

(Side note: I’m not currently taking sprite commissions, mostly ‘cuz I do them so rarely now I don’t know how much time they’ll take, so no idea what to charge~)


BoTW vs OOT – same place, different times……

is great plateau home to the old castle town? there appears to be some architectural design changes at the altar where Link meets Zelda, but the overall concept of the courtyard is there. the pine tree species which decorated around the moat in OOT is also used in BoTW surrounding the castle walls, still existing. and finally the square ruins where you had to evade the guards exists, on a scale larger than I imagined it to look. 


 The Chaos continues.

Welcome to the Links and the Link’s au, where everything’s still made up and the canon still doesn’t matter.

More Loz from me~!

Pt. 1

(please do not edit/repost my work to othersites without permission! Seriously just ask it takes like 2 seconds;;))