the legend of zelda

It took me ages, but I finally realized who the other two Leviathans were

So in Breath of the wild, there are 3 massive skeletons in different locations. There’s a sidequest to take a picture of all 3. One of them is instantly recogniseable as Levias, the giant flying whale in Skyward Sword (Or at least a creature of the same species). You can tell this due to the large plate on the head.

The other two leviathans seem to be just generic whale skeletons (of enormous size). Specifically, Humpback whales (minus the baleen.)

And for a while, I thought nothing of it. I figured they snuck a little easter egg in the game in the form of Levias’ skeletal remains and the other two were just generic whale skeletons.

But then I did the side-quest again in my recent playthrough and I noticed something odd about the gerudo leviathan which, thankfully, can be seen in this image I found online.

Do you see it? Cause I somehow missed it the first 2 times I played through this game. This leviathan has a weird limb on its back. Two, actually. The other broke off, but the base of it remains. And they’re very short limbs, at least in comparison to its massive size.

What whale-like creature have we seen in Zelda games that possess disproportionately small limbs on its back?

The Wind Fish.

And with the 3rd skeleton being a completely unremarkable whale skeleton (aside from its size), we can assume that it may be a reference to the 3rd whale-like entity we’ve seen in Zelda games.

The Ocean King.

While these skeletons are likely not intended to literally be these characters, they are without a doubt directly referencing them. Levias, The Wind Fish, and the Ocean King. The three leviathans of the Zelda universe.

At least I hope its not intended to literally be them, because two of these dudes exist in different timelines, and that would just make BotW’s placement even more difficult to pin down