the legend of the rent


“satisfied as of august 6th”: Karen Olivo leaves the chicago production of Hamilton tomorrow and that’s honestly so heartbreaking because her performance was so emotional and i was stunned. like, yeah satisfied is sad but she made it S A D and she was actually crying during quiet uptown. anyways, her birthday is also august 7th so let’s celebrate the icon that is Karen Olivo, and her legendary career as a performer.

Dear Evan Handsome

   I, like probably most other Americans, thought that after the wildfire success of Hamilton, that Broadway had peaked, patted itself on its back for a job so well done, and clicked off the lights. Thankfully, that’s totally untrue. Broadway is still churning out works of art and it turns out that at least one of them is bloody brilliant - that one being Dear Evan Hansen.

   Dear Evan Hansen is new Broadway musical that tells the story of a socially awkward misfit, Evan Hansen, who, at the advice of his therapist, writes a letter to himself each morning: “Dear Evan Hansen, today is going to be a good day, here’s why…” Well, one day as Evan writes this letter to himself at his school’s computer lab, another lonely misfit named Connor finds it and berates Evan about the letter. Connor steals the letter and storms off.

  Days later, Evan is called to the principals office. When he arrives, Connor’s parents inform Evan that Connor killed himself and that they found a letter addressed to Evan Hansen in his pocket. Connor’s parents, under the assumption that Connor and Evan must have been friends that wrote letters to each other, ask Evan through tears about their relationship and Evan, riddled with anxiety and unable to tell the grieving parents that their son was actually a bully who had stolen Evan’s self-addressed letter, goes along with it. What starts out as a little lie grows and grows as Evan fabricates a mass exchange of emails to serve as evidence of the nonexistent friendship between Evan and Connor. As the emails go public, other students come together to start a viral online presence they call The Connor Project. Meanwhile, Evan is becoming closer and closer with Connor’s family and distancing himself more and more from his own mother.

   Evan Hansen is played by Ben Platt. Ben Platt is insanely talented. I got to see Book of Mormon in Chicago a couple of years ago where Ben Platt played the role of Elder Cunningham and I thought he was absolutely terrific and his delivery and comedic timing was side-splitting.

   Because so much of what Evan does throughout the show is morally ambiguous, the role demands a certain level of vulnerability from the actor portraying him in order for the audience to remain on his side. Platt plays the role flawlessly. He will give you all the feels you could ever ask for plus half a dozen extra free of charge.

   Another aspect that helps with the moral ambiguity of the show is the fact that the music is damn near perfect. The music allows us to glimpse into the soul of the characters in a way not otherwise achievable, which allows the audience to relate and empathize with what the characters are going through and where they’re coming from.

   The music for the show was done by Benj Pasek and Justin Paul, who also wrote the lyrics for the contemporary movie-musical La La Land. Steven Levenson wrote the book, meaning he’s the mastermind behind the brilliant and original story and all the characters involved. Michael Greif, whose name you might recognize because he’s a Broadway legend, directed the show. He also directed Rent and Next to Normal.

   Get this soundtrack. See it on Broadway if you can. Try to find video clips of it online (if you’re into that.) This show is spectacular and, let’s be one-hundred, you can use a break from Hamilton. It’ll still be there when you come back.


Beautiful and extremely talented Latino and Latino-American actors. Because let’s be real here, Latino men don’t get nearly as much love, representation, nor opportunities in films and TV as they deserve. Give Latino men more leading roles, dammit. Consider this a long overdo appreciation post. Happy Hispanic Heritage Month 2017!

• Pedro Pascal (Kingsman: The Golden Circle, Game of Thrones, Narcos)
• Tony Revolori (Spider-Man: Homecoming, The Grand Budapest Hotel, The 5th Wave)
• Carlos Valdes (The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow, Arrow)
• Wilson Cruz (Star Trek: Discovery, 13 Reasons Why, Rent)
• Nestor Carbonell (Bates Motel, Lost)
• Christian Navarro (13 Reasons Why, Bushwick)
• David Castro (Shadowhunters)
• Jaime Camil (Jane the Virgin, Coco)
• Aarón Díaz (Quantico)
• Adan Canto (Designated Survivor, X-Men: Days of Future Past)

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+The 100

+Big Brother (especially gifsets, but liveblogs are good too)



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+Rent (Broadway OR movie)


Idina Menzel is a Broadway legend known for her roles in Rent, Wicked, and Frozen. She visited Google’s office in Los Angeles to talk about her career, her personal life, and her new album “idina.”

She discusses the early influences that led her to a life in music and onstage, the ways different life changes have impacted her career, and the experience of being a role model.

Moderated by Julie Ann Crommett.


I was tagged by @clarissasdalloway​ (Thank you! <3) to make a post with characters that I relate to!

I probably had waaay more of a hard time with this than I was meant to, but at least I got it done! A few of these are characters that are my favorites, and always make me feel better, rather than those that I relate to.

Diana Prince - Wonder Woman

Rose Tyler - Doctor Who

Isak Valtersen - SKAM

June Iparis - Legend

Aech - Ready Player One

Shawn Spencer - Psych

Noora Sætre - SKAM

Nine - Doctor Who

Mark Cohen - RENT

Shows to Help You Overcome Internalized Misogyny

(That have large female casts, subvert stereotypes, reclaim stereotypes, have a female perspective, are positive toward femininity, have f/f relationships, develop the female characters as much as or more than the male characters, etc.)

  • Once Upon a Time
  • Steven Universe
  • Revolutionary Girl Utena
  • The Legend of Korra
  • Game of Thrones
  • Buffy the Vampire Slayer
  • Torchwood
  • House of Cards
  • Orange is the New Black
  • Puella Magi Madoka Magica
  • Psycho-Pass
  • Veronica Mars

Bonus stories from other media forms:

  • Operation Liberate Men
  • Habibi
  • Portal/Portal 2
  • Rent
  • Beyond Good and Evil
  • Mad Max: Fury Road
  • Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess
  • Final Fantasy XIII
  • Higurashi*****
  • Bayonetta*****
  • Pacific Rim
  • Frozen
  • WataMote*****
  • FLCL*****

*****Take with a grain of salt; your mileage may vary.

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Legend of Korra
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Dead Space
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Death Note
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Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann
Sword Art Online
Soul Eater
Ouran High School Hosts Club
Fruits Basket
Katawa Shoujo
Achievement Hunter

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mean girl anthem – broadway edition, your daily fix of mean cheerleaders and killer prom queens

candy store - heathers the musical // killer instinct - bring it on the musical // a note from linda - the wedding singer // dead girl walking - heathers the musical // popular - wicked // out tonight - rent // (the legend of) miss baltimore crabs - hairspray // look at me, i’m sandra dee - glee cast version // it won’t be long now - in the heights // the ballad of sara berry - 35mm // dead girl walking (reprise) - heathers the musical // let’s be bad - smash // bend and snap - legally blonde the musical // sparkling diamonds - moulin rouge // i will prevail - wonderland // roxie - chicago // shine a light (reprise) - heathers the musical // there are worse things i could do - glee cast version

Dash is Dead

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Korrasami Crack 8: Take Me or Leave Me

Come on Asami, we all know who’s in your bed every night. *winkwink nudgenudge* (haha end my soul. Anyways, the reason Korra is Maureen is cause Asami is more like a business person like Joanne……so…yeah that’s why the Tango Korra was the way it was before this vid. :P Also Mako is not amused his mother Wu saying he should get back with Korra. XD In two days is the Valentine’s day/9th video so stay tuned. :P)

All parts (Source) Previous, Next, More Korra Videos


The School of Rock


The Legend of the Rent


*It starts off…a dark stage and then a beam of light, and you can see me and my guitar*

In the end of time
There was a man who knew the road
And the writing, was written on the stone

*And then a thin layer of fog comes in around my ankles
Roadies that means dry ice we’re gonna talk about this later*

In the ancient time
An artist led the way
But no one, seemed to understand

*Chimes, Freddy*

In his heart he knew
The artist must be true
But the legend, of the rent was way past due

*And then Katie you come in with the bass*

Well you think you’ll be just fine…without me, but your mine!
You think you can, kick me out of the band

*And then Zach you come in with the face melter*

Well there’s just one problem there
The band is mine
How can you kick me out…of what is mine

*And then…Hawaii 5-0, you ever see that show? O.K. well there’s a drum solo in there…

You’re not hardcore
Unless you live hardcore

*And then… that’s where I want the back-up singers to be like*

Well you’re not hardcore
(No you’re not hardcore)
Unless you live hardcore
(Unless you live hardcore)
But the legend of the rent was way hardcore

*Boom! Big ol’ explosion…some like confetti comes down
Anyway, that’s all I got so far, it’s a work in progress*