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Some more of my favorite costumes from Katsucon! I apologize for being in so many of these photos, myself haha. Oops. But all of their costumes were amazing!

Winter Belle: disneyprincessnia
Art Nouveau Zelda group (part of our friend Shauna’s group ahh): lettelle, mangosirene, and melvinopolis
Sailor Neptune: aureliancosplay
Darling Charming: phantasmalfawn
Snow White is me!


Entertainment Weekly has details for several Journey to Star Wars: The Last Jedi books. The new addition: A collection of short stories focusing on inhabitants of Canto Bight, the ritzy casino planet. The authors are Star Wars vet John Jackson Miller and franchise newcomers Saladin Ahmed, Rae Carson, and Mira Grant. It will be on shelves December 5.

We first heard about most of them back at Celebration, but there’s still plenty of mystery. Ken Liu’s The Legends of Luke Skywalker (October 31), which “presents its stories as rumors circulating through the galaxy.” Claudia Gray’s Leia: Princess of Alderaan (September 1) is set when the character is 16, when she “decides to become involved in the fight against the Empire.” We’ll also see plenty of her parents and friends, a boon for fans who want to know more about Alderaan.

Delilah S. Dawson’s Phasma (September 1) will, as we learned in Orlando, give us her origin story, going back to her youth. The book will “show how she got off the planet that she was on initially and came to the First Order and what did she have to do to get there and what will she do to protect her secrets,” Lucasfilm’s Michael Siglain says. “It cuts between the present and the past and shows her as this fearsome warrior on this brutal world that she was on. The First Order comes to that planet, and she sees a great opportunity when they arrive.”

Star Wars - Important dates for the remainder of 2017

There are now less than 3 months until The Last Jedi. Here is what we can look forward to in the lead-up to December:

🎮 Gamescom 2017: EA Live Show (Aug 21 @ 12:30 PM ET)
💰 Force Friday II (Sept 1)
📖 Leia: Princess of Alderaan by Claudia Gray (Sept 1)
📖 Phasma by Delilah S. Dawson (Sept 1)
📖 Captain Phasma - Marvel (Sept 6)
📖 Star Wars Adventures - IDW Publishing (Sept 6)
📺 Star Wars: Forces of Destiny special (Oct 1)
📖 William Shakespeare’s The Force Doth Awaken (Oct 3)
📖 From a Certain Point of View anthology (Oct 3)
🎮 Battlefront II: Open Beta (Oct 6)
🌌 The Last Jedi theatrical poster (Oct 9)
🎟 TLJ tickets go on sale (Oct 9)
▶️ The Last Jedi full trailer (Oct 9)
📺 Star Wars: Rebels S4 (Oct 14)
📺 Star Wars: Forces of Destiny special (Oct 29)
📖 The Legends of Luke Skywalker (Oct 31)
🎮 Battlefront II (Nov 17)
🎤 The Last Jedi press conference (Dec ??)
📖 Canto Bight anthology (Dec 5)
🍿 The Last Jedi world premiere (Dec 8)
📖 The Last Jedi: Incredible Cross-Sections (Dec 15)
📖 The Last Jedi: The Visual Dictionary (Dec 15)
📖 Art of Star Wars: The Last Jedi (Dec 15)

* Dates will be updated as they are confirmed. Always check my OP for the latest version.

star wars of colour: black!mara jade

Mara Jade Skywalker was an Emperor’s Hand, a force-sensitive Imperial operative that served Emperor Palpatine as an assassin. She later became a smuggler, and then a Jedi Master, taking her niece Jaina Solo as an apprentice. Despite being haunted by Palaptine’s death command to hunt and kill Luke Skywalker, they developed a grudging friendship over several missions together and later married.