the legend of korrlok

Amorralok week day7 Darkness

Twenty years later one night,Old Noatak can’t sleep 

and then he watching his beloved brother and their wife secretly in the darkness.

He feel warm and sweet.

Legend of Korra: "Strings," Part 19

Summary: AU as of Episode 9. Amon never shows up, and Tarrlok succeeds in his plan to escape Republic City and take Korra with him as a hostage.

Rating: M

Pairing: Korra x Tarrlok

Last time, on Part 18 of Strings: It was forever ago. Click here for a refresher! 


It takes Korra the better part of half an hour to explain everything to them, everything she had seen when, against all odds, she had found her way back to the Spirit World, and back to Aang.

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