the legend of korra


Someone requested a special scene from “parks and recreation” with Kuvira and Baatar jr. The episode is called: “hunting trip”. I still hope this is the right scene, because I never watched “parks and recreation” before. 

Kuvira just shoot in Baatars head… this reminds me of “Kuvira´s gambit”, when Kuvira fired the spirit canon at him…

Thank you for the sreenshots!

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No other show is going to make an impact on TV as much as The Legend of Korra. Like, go on, do your best. But having Korra – the main character, a tomboyish, bisexual, PoC who is mental ill and was physically disabled – end up with Asami – a beautiful, bisexual, saint of an heiress, who can kick ass despite losing both her parents, one of whom was a helping a bunch of terrorists – raised the bar so fucking high for both cartoons, tv shows, and even games when it comes to representation. 

I’m donating this drawing to the Anime Boston charity auction for the National MS Society. The convention is March 31-April 2, and the auction is on April 2. Mike and I also signed some cool stuff you can bid on too: a chibi Aang figure; a Korra poster book; and a plush Appa. I’ll post about it again when it’s closer to the event.



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