the legend of justice

Me: “ Ugh I used to read so much back when I was a teen, what happened to that”

Also me: *reads a twenty-three chapters long fanfic in an afternoon, and another couple ones til 3 am*

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Famous Superhero Teams + Year of their 1st appearance

Honorable Mentions: Justice Society of America 1940, Legions of Superheroes 1958, Teen Titans 1964, X Force 1991, Birds of Prey 1995, The Authority 1999, The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen 1999, Justice League Dark 2011, Legends of Tomorrow 2016.

When you expect a little but you receive a LOT 

I did this a week ago but then forgot about it and i know its crappy but its already done so here just take it


Happy Birthday Malcolm X! 

May 19, 1925 – February 21, 1965

“They called me ‘the angriest Negro in America.’ I wouldn’t deny that charge. I spoke exactly as I felt. ‘I believe in anger. The Bible says there is a time for anger.’ They called me ‘a teacher, a fomentor of violence.’ I would say point blank, That is a lie. I’m not for wanton violence, I’m for justice. I feel that if white people were attacked by Negroes – if the forces of law prove unable, or inadequate, or reluctant to protect those whites from those Negroes – then those white people should protect and defend themselves from those Negroes, using arms if necessary. And I feel that when the law fails to protect Negroes from whites’ attack, then those Negroes should use arms, if necessary, to defend themselves.“

(Photos by John Launois, 1964) 

Types of people: Nintendo Edition

This is my first tag yourself/ types of people meme :> Hope you like it!

Animal Crossing: Cute, soft smiles, afraid of the dark, wakes up early, botany, responsible, cries at sad movies, takes small naps, loves snacks, Bandaid hands

Kirby: Pastel colors, soft, loves space, fairy lights, feels the need to protect everyone, crushing on someone, falls asleep to soothing music, quiet giggles, fluffy blankets, good food

Mario: Easy going, fun to be around, nostalgic, bold colors, wants to change the world, eager to make friends, extroverted, admires people’s passions, encouraging, a shoulder to cry on

Mario Kart: Playfully competitive, likes to tease others (in good fun), doesn’t mind losing, loud laughter, large smiles, memes, wild emotions, skilled but doesn’t brag, “Want another shot at it?”, beanies and converse

The Legend of Zelda: Adventurous at heart, strong sense of justice, introverted, quiet, does no harm but takes no shit, likes to cook, aesthetics, loves to daydream and fantasize, lives in their own world, wants to return to nature

Metroid: Loves space, believes in aliens, stoic, strategic, logical, badass, willing to throw down for their friends, offers solid advice, strong, glowing highlight

Nintendogs: Wants all of the pets, huggable, messy hair, large sweaters, cries easily, keeps a diary, goes for long walks, full of love, stops to pet every dog, hand holding

Pikmin: Introverted, good at sticking to plans, strategic, endearing, photography, loves nature, wishes to get lost in the forest, wants to find themself, wants the world to heal, wears comfy clothes

Pokemon: Lover of animals, social anxiety, quiet days, glasses, longing for adventure, silly puns, good at math and science, artistic, generous, kind

Super Smash Bros: Competitive as hell, ‘seize the day’, a bit of a temper, refuses to settle for second, “let’s rematch!”, perfectionist, hungry for victory, ripped jeans, great focus, ready to kick ass and take names

Tomodachi Life: Quirky, loud, fun to be around, energetic, days spent at the fair, excitable, miis of all of their OCs and favorite characters, wants to dye their hair, traveling, comfortable in their own skin

“I take it you got my message. I realise leaving parting words with a man who rarely speaks was perhaps ill-advised, but he seems to be doing better. You both are. I am so proud of you.”

Finally got to the Urbosa stained glass window design, which is the companion art for the chapter [here

Imagine being thrown into your favorite cartoon.

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“No way.”


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