the legend of god's gun

How to Write

Step 1: Be an enthused kid in love with a fandom. Create terrible cliche Mary Sue fanfiction.

Step 2: Grow older and realize how terrible you were. Recoil in horror and shame.

Step 3: Create only gritty and ironic deconstructions because real life is pain and you have been wisened to its ways. 

Step 4: Slowly realize you still actually kind of like some of those ridiculous fantasies and old cliches. Remember how fun it was to boldly mess around.

Step 5: Cautiously approach older ideas. Realize that with some major adjustment, a couple of them are actually pretty decent. And even if they’re terrible, what’s so bad about being occasionally terrible?

Step 6: Be an enthused adult creating adventures.

Step 7: Win forever. 


Queen- Slash-Joe Elliott   Tie Your Mother Down (The Freddie Mercury Tribute Concert)


“The very next fight, he got me. Left me dyin and outdone. But it wasn’t him that beat me; it was you, yes you. The gun. 

So go on, fire away. See if I care. I think I’ll take a walk in the desert, catch me a breath of fresh air. And when some stranger comes a callin, tell em the story that I shun. For I know you’ll seek the victor: was it me or was it you, the gun? The gun.”



“The Legend of God’s Gun” - Spindrift [Live]