the legend of frenchie king

“For me, it’s nearly the same, because I am always myself, really myself; even when I am playing, I don’t play, I’m myself; in my private life I’m myself too and in my public life I’m myself too. So, for me It’s nearly the same.”

- Brigitte Bardot, when asked about her behaviour on professional, public and private life on the set of Les Pétroleuses in 1971 (x)

“She was doing this scene, where she looked fantastic, but I noticed during the rehearsals that if the wind blew once, I thought ‘Christ, if I could capture that wind, when it’s really blowing, it’s going to be a great picture’”.

“I had one frame left and I thought 'God, you know, I got one shot at this’. They start the scene and suddenly the wind blew and I just hit it and with that last frame on the film it was a knockout”. 

- Photographer Terry O'Neill recalls one of his most iconic images, a tousled portrait of Brigitte Bardot smoking on set [x]