the legend of cage

Mick has a pet now \O/

we used to tie a balloon to the kittens when they were tiny to keep an eye on them, why not a rat when Mick’s letting it get some exploring done on board


Legends of Tomorrow | 2.14

Wait, Haircut’s on the moon?

Legends 1x02: Ray and Leonard bond while trapped in a cage.

Legends 1x05: Ray and Mick bond while trapped in the Russian gulag. 

Legends 2x14: Ray and Eobard bond while trapped in a lunar module. 

I ain’t sayin Ray has a habit of getting stuck with criminals and then subsequently striking up a friendship with them…but this shit ain’t a coincidence okay. 



The figures are based on the characters from the Netflix shows, resembling the actors who play them, Krysten Ritter and Jon Bernthal. Earlier in the week a Daredevil figure resembling Charlie Cox was revealed. There is also unconfirmed talk of other Netflix characters such as Luke Cage having figures but photos of them have not yet surfaced.

All the cdramas I am watching

Just so you’d know what I am blabbing about.

Cage of Love

Set in the Republic Era, this one has enemies-turned-lovers, murder mysteries and trade wars. I am in it for pretty colors, Hawick Lau and Zheng Shuang snarling longingly at each other, and costumes to die for.  

Legend of Ancient Sword

Dude possessed by an evil sword (go with it, OK) embarks on a quest with the most star-studded cast in recent wuxia memory. It’s goofy and silly and the CGI is iffy but it has Li Yi Feng, William Chan, Yang Mi, Ma Tianyu, Zheng Shuang etc questing so I am in it. To win it. Or to watch everyone joke and then probably die.

Too Late To Say I Love You

I am here for the intense and dysfunctional Republican-era romance between a sexy sexy warlord played by Wallace Chung and a trader with a spine of steel. Hey, I read too many crazy romance novels when I was young, blame them.

Ice Fantasy

I am going to finish this baby, finally! I love the high fantasy and the quest nature of it. It’s a more serious version of all those fantasy quest cdramas which is totally my thing since the humor is usually the one thing that drives me off the wall in these. Plus, mmmm, Feng Shao Feng.

Destined to Love You

A reverse harem where a young woman ends up the sole female in a military school surrounded by shirt-removing beefcake while possibly fighting the evil Japanese during the Republican era? This is so bonkers, I simply must. Maybe this will be the first drama I will like Joe Chen in.

The Princess Weiyoung

I need to have an ancient historical drama on the list after all. This one has everything - palace intrigues, familial revenge, hot dudes with swords, badass heroine and an amazing OTP. YES PLS.

Warrant’s Rare Pair(squad) List - TV Edition, Part 1

I needed a moment to not think about the world around me and how it is crumbling us all. So I decided to talk about my rare pairs or squads! (Hi, I’m Francie/Warrant, and I think polyamory is beautiful and would solve so many romantic subplots issues that pop up in media!) So, for this fun thing, I’m going to give you some of my rare pair/squads on television list.. 

Portia/Two x Nyx (Dark Matter)

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Kenzi x Dyson (Lost Girl)

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Iris West (The Flash CW) x Sara Lance (Legends of Tomorrow)

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Iris West x Linda Park (The Flash CW)

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Liz Keen x Samar Navabi (The Blacklist)

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Audrey Parker x Jordan McKee (Haven)

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Misty Knight x Claire Temple x Luke Cage (Luke Cage)

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Harvey Spencer x Jessica Pearson (Suits)

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Scott McCall x Kira Yukimura x Malia Tate (Teen Wolf)

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Carlos Fonnegra x Betty Robertson (Continuum)

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Dr. Julia Walker x Dr. Sarah Jordan (Helix)

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What are some of your rarepair/squads?

“I will show no mercy for you„ (a Bigby Wolf x Bloody Mary fanmix) - [listen] 

Disturbed – The Game | The Bravery – Hatefuck | Adelitas Way – Criticize | Lacuna Coil – Fire | Godsmack – I Fucking Hate You | Ozzy Osbourn – I just want you | Seether – Fuck Me Like You Hate Me | Adelitas Way – Cage The Beast | Static Cycle – Pressure | Madina Lake – Legends

SO here’s an update

I am watching the following shows (In progress)

Arrow Season 5, Flash Season 3, Justice League Action

Completed the Following shows (or am not following at this time)

1) Daredevil Season 2, Luke Cage Season 1, Legends of Tommorrow, Supergirl

EDIT: Wishlist items: Jessica Jones, Spider-Man 2017?