the legend has spoken

Legend has it,
when J Dilla was admitted to the hospital,
he brought his production equipment
and made instrumentals out of everything
inside his body that wasn’t ready to die.

The last thing he did on this earth was make music.

How beautiful it is to grind yourself into sand,
offer the grain of you to anyone willing to listen,
and hoping they will carry your debris
into places you will never go.

—  Rudy Francisco, “J Dilla

Community has spoken.

Diana Wins!

anonymous asked:

Could I request a Kiyoshi Teppei x S/O scenario please? A random fluff would be nice. I'll leave the scenario upto you as your amazing!! *thumbs up* ^-^

Aw stop it you! /waves with hand/ I hope you will like it and that it’s fluffy enough!


His dark brown eyes stared down the hallway, observing people passing by and walking in front of him while he sat on the chair in front of doors. He turned his head, to look at nurse that called a woman’s name before the two disappeared into a room. Looking back in front, he took out his phone and smiled when he saw he had a message.

Opening it, his smile only grew wider at the photo that you took. It was a simple photo of a cat sitting—or was it lying?—on top of a dog’s back. It was clearly seen that the two animals didn’t care for the legends that has been spoken of in all the years Kiyoshi knew about it.

“Kiyoshi Teppei?” A female’s voice made the brunet look from his phone.

“Here,” He called, putting phone into pocket and stood up.

The nurse walked to him and gave him a paper before she started explaining still holding the second one. He nodded every now and then to let her know he understood and asked her questions if he didn’t.

Walking out of the hospital, he wanted to check his phone once again, but he found himself being embraced from the side. He smiled, already knowing who the person was hugging him, before he turned their way only to see you smiling at him.

“You ended sooner than you said you would.” You spoke, small pout forming on your lips.

Kiyoshi let out a chuckle. “Sorry,” He spoke. “I thought I will have to go inside to doctor again, but it seems I only got papers.” He said and held papers up.

“I see…” You nodded in understanding before pulling away. “Should we get some ice-cream on the way back?” You asked and looked at him, smiling.

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