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7′scarlet [ Story ]

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Summer holiday–.

Surrounded by a cage of nature, Okune Village.

1 year ago, in this Village, her brother suddenly disappeared.

This Village that has the shape of a chipped moon, drifting nostalgic atmosphere from somewhere, was also known for it’s various folklore and legends.

Although the population continues to decline, in recent years, on the main street modern buildings have increased, in one part of the underground youths it’s called as a mystery spot and has started to get attention.

On a day before summer holidays, the Heroine <Hanamaki Ichiko> a University Student, has been invited by <Kagutsuchi Hino> to go to Okune Village where her brother had disappeared.

Hino who had discovered [ Okune Village Taboo Club* ], a site to talk about the mystery and the folklore of Okune Village, he states let’s search for the brother by taking advantage of the site’s off meetings that is held in the Village on summer holidays.

As if having her back pushed by Hino, Ichiko makes up her mind to go to Okune Village.

*奥音里禁忌倶楽部 / Okune sato Kinki Kurabu

The youths of [ Okune Village Taboo Club ], gathered at the Hotel [ Fu Rin Kan ].

Live in Chef <Amari Isora>, Cat loving Otaku <Kushinada Toa>
Med School Student <Tatehira Sosuke>, and the Owner of Fu Rin Kan <Murakumo Yuzuki>.

And the Genius Jr High Student who manages the Hotel <Hirasaka Yuki>, Landscape Photographer <Tsukiyomi Kagura>, the Unfriendly Novelist <Karasuma Chikage>, and the Game loving female worker <Susano Yua> gets involved in the mysterious case.

The other face of the Village that is gradually becoming clear, and the persuadable [ Corpse Legend ].

Every time she follows the footsteps of her lost brother, the occurrences of strange incidents, the existence of the confined land, and the Legendary Flower that only blooms in this town…

The truth of the incident, she approaches an unexpected conclusion that no one had thought of.


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