the legacy of luna

LWA info from the Trigger panel via tweets/4chan

  • Amanda comes from a wealthy family that owns a major chain store (Wal-Mart level according to translator)
  • Her grandmother is a well known fortune teller who made their fortune
  • Her family forced her to take on the legacy of her grandmother
  • She’s trying to get kicked out of Luna Nova to rebel
  • Sucy is adopted; she was thrown away by her bio parents with a bottle of poison
  • She’s secretly trying to trace the poison back to her birth parents while researching at Luna Nova
  • Sucy was originally going to be bullied
  • Constanze got very sick when she was young so her soul was removed, which is why she can’t speak and is so small.
  • Constanze’s soul is in the Stanbot. It cannot be placed back in her body or she gets sick again.
  • Jasminka gives sweets to her friends
  • Jasminka eats a lot to contain the demonic spirit inside her, if she doesn’t feed it it will break free
  • Jasminka’s demonic spirit originated from the Soviet-era Ukrainian famine, if it gets loose it could end the world
  • Lotte was much more fierce in early concept, could absorb spirits to gain their power

fusion witch concept

Second year Mafalda Prewett and fourth year Poonima Shah of Slytherin House c.1994 

“Your last name is Prewett?”

“Yes! Two e’s and two t’s, what is your name?”

“Shah - my name is Poonima Shah-Fenwick.”


“My father was Benjy Fenwick.”

There’s a rebellion brewing down in the dungeons 

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7 Nombres para una niña que significan Luna (que no son Luna)

Siempre me pregunté qué ven los demás en la Luna que les hace sentir tantas cosas. Hay artistas que le regalan canciones y pinturas, personas que se encomiendan a ella, y comunidades que le piden milagros. La Luna se ha convertido en un ícono de naturaleza y buena energía.

No fue hasta hace poco, que empecé a leer acerca del tema, que me di cuenta de la fortaleza y majestuosidad que esconde este maravilloso satélite natural.

En la astrología occidental, la Luna es el símbolo de la naturaleza emocional de las personas y simboliza el proceso de crecimiento personal. Para otros, la luna es un símbolo celestial que representa el equilibrio entre el bien y el mal.

Pero todas las comunidades coinciden en lo mismo, la Luna es un símbolo femenino que representa la naturaleza, la fortaleza y el equilibrio, tres valores elementales para un ser humano y que me gustaría que mi hija llevara consigo. Estas variaciones del Luna podrían ser de inspiración para escoger un nombre:

  1. Thea (Madre de la Luna)
  2. Mahina (Luna en Hawaiano)
  3. Nahiara (Luz de Luna)
  4. Deva (Diosa Hindú de la Luna)
  5. Aisha (Diosa Africana de la Luna)
  6. Purnima (En Hindi significa Luna llena)
  7. Elara (Es el nombre de una de las Lunas de Júpiter)

Cualquiera de estos nombres son poderosos y muy bonitos,  yo me quedaria con Thea, Aisha y Elara si tuviera una pequeña. Y a ti ¿Cuál te gusta?

“True transformation occurs only when we can look at ourselves squarely and face our attachments and inner demons, free from the buzz of commercial distraction and false social realities. We have to retreat into our own cocoons and come face-to-face with who we are. We have to turn toward our own inner darkness. For only by abandoning its attachments and facing the darkness does the caterpillar’s body begin to spread out and its light, beautiful wings begin to form.”

Julia Butterfly Hill, The Legacy of Luna

When your life is threatened, nothing is ever the same. I suddenly saw everything in a new light. All the time and space I had taken for granted became precious. I realized that I had always been looking ahead and planning instead of making sure that every moment counted for something. I also saw that had I not come through the way I did, I would have been very disappointed with my empty life. Perhaps because I had injured the left, analytical side of my brain, the right, a more creative side, began to take over, and my perspective shifted. It became clear to me that our value as people is not our stock portfolios and bank accounts but in the legacies we leave behind.
—  Julia Butterfly Hill, The Legacy of Luna