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As promised I will be releasing these 3 new conversions in honor of the thanksgiving holiday. All 3 hairs were converted from imvu , so 100% credit goes to the original creator. ENJOY LOVES❤❤

Gina Hair

1 Swatch

Link -

Yasmine Hair

1 Swatch


Luna Hair

1 Swatch


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[One Week Later…]


Levi: *yawn* Good morning.. How did you sleep?

Bently: Mmm, pretty well, it’s raining out. Reminds me of home..

Levi: W-what really?? It was dry yesterday!

Bently: C’mon, we could use a day inside, couldn’t we? I’m pooped. We’ve been non-stop sight sight seeing since we arrived. We’ve only got a week left before we head back. We can take one day off, right?

Levi: Heh… yeah I guess you’re right. One day off doesn’t sound too bad. Maybe we can go out for dinner if the rain dies down.

Bently: Dinner?? Let’s talk breakfast first. I’ll go get something started.


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