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Kageyama had not been exaggerating in the slightest when he said the new room waiting for Shouyou was nice. It was nice; but so had the first one been. This new one, Shouyou would have said, was more accurately magnificent.

Now he could see why Kageyama had called it the summer room, as its true worth would be most apparent during those warmer months—for the room had a roof resting on the ornate marble columns lining its borders, but no walls. Like the pavilion, it was open on all sides, and looked out over the city and the surrounding hills of the countryside.

Shouyou did rest after his filling lunch, falling asleep easily in the enormous bed. He woke with the sun still high in the sky, about to begin its downward descent, and sat up, stretching and yawning.

Somewhat unsurprisingly, at this point, a servant seemed to materialize right as he thought of a question, and as they bowed to Shouyou, he rubbed his eyes and asked, “Where’s Ka—where is the villa’s master?”

“He is out taking his exercise,” the man replied. “Shall I bring you to him?”

“No, no…” Shouyou waved his hands. “I don’t want to disturb him!" 

"It would not be unwelcome,” the servant told him. “He instructed me to deliver you into his care, as soon as you wanted to go.”

“Ah…” Shouyou said, rubbing the back of his neck. He wondered what else being in Kageyama’s care entailed. “Then, I’m ready. I’ll follow you.”

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❝ I know, but I am your idiot ❞

Plot: Jungkook jokingly makes fun of you and hurts your feels but makes it up to you 

Pairing: Jungkook xReader

Words Count: 2,1k+

Genre: Slightly angst/ Fluff

For Anon, I hope you like it cutie!

 - kyu.

Gif isn’t mine, credits to the owner!

Originally posted by jengkook

‘Jagiya!!!’ A voice called through your apartment.

‘In here!’ You called from the lounge.

Your handsome boyfriend came walking in with a smile on his face, ‘And just where I left you.’

‘Ha-ha-ha, very funny.’ You mock, jumping up from the couch and into his arms.

He happily received you into his warm embrace as he wrapped his strong arms around your built and lifted you into the air. With one fluid movement, he spun the both of you as your legs wrapped around his waist. Coming to a stand still, you both looked into each others eyes before he closed the gap between the both of you. You accepted his soft touch, as your lips moulded together and he inserted his tongue when your lips parted for him. He tasted every inch as if it was his first time.

Air being needed, you pulled away and pecked his nose, ‘How was America?’

‘Oh sweetheart,’ He carried the both of you to the couch and sat down, ‘It was amazing. Like the language was slightly hard but Joon hyung helped us every step of the way. I wish you were with me!’

‘You know I would have come if I could.’ You stroked his face, ‘I missed you a lot.’

‘I miss you too.’ He replied, brushing your short hair out of your eyes before a teasing smile spread on his face, ‘Yah! Why can’t you have long hair like normal girls?!’

‘You know that I don’t like long hair.’ You rolled you eyes.

This hadn’t been the first time Jungkook teased you about your choice in having short hair. You liked the way it looked on you and to be honest, it was less admin compared to long hair. It wasn’t as if your hair was cut in a boy hairstyle, but being Jungkook, he didn’t ever take that into consideration. You loved him very much, but his childish qualities made you want to run into the wall sometimes.

‘And why can’t you wear skirts and dresses like other girls?’ He joked around once again.

‘Because shorts and jeans are more comfortable.’ You rolled your eyes.

He placed a hand on your leg and tugged at the material slightly, ‘More like sweatpants and pyjamas.’

‘Only when I am home!’ You retaliated, anger running high and feeling hurt, ‘Did you comeback from America just to point out what it wrong with me?’

’Well n-no Y/N -’

‘If you hate the idea of how I dress and look, then why are you with me?’ You pushed him away, tears brimming your eyes, ‘I am sorry that my comfort and choice of clothing does not suit your ideal type, Jungkook.’

‘Jagiya, I-’

‘I’m sorry that I am not like those female idols and models. I AM SORRY THAT I AM NOT GOOD ENOUGH FOR YOU!’

With that, you ran towards your bedroom and slammed the door with a swift lock, ‘I was just joking….’

Throwing yourself on the bed, you sobbed into the pillow that still lingered with his scent. Angry and pissed, you threw it towards the chest of drawer located close to the door. The object hit a picture frame that came crashing to the ground, shards of glass decorating around the wooden frame. Clutching your legs to your chest, you cradled yourself as the tears flowed from your eyes. Crying, a knock came from the other side of the door.

‘Go away!’ You shouted, ‘Get out of my apartment right now!’

‘Jagiya, I am sorry.’ He apologised, resting his forehead on the door while his fist still stayed attached to the wood ‘I didn’t mean to upset you. I was just joking.’

‘Well you have a pretty cynical way of joking.’ You sniffed.

‘You are just so cute when you get all upset.’ He tried to lighten the mood.

‘Then I must be fucking adorable right now!’ You seethed, ‘Just get out!’

‘But you tease the ones you love!’ He tried to reason.


Sighing, he walked away from the door. Message after message, he flooded your phone.

I am sorry baby!

Please let me in? I never meant to hurt you, I would never do that on purpose!

BABY PLWEAAASSEEE! You know I will beg until you let me. You are my one and only, I tease you because I love you. Baby please….

Eventually the messages stopped going through and he figured that you switched your phone off. Every now and then, he would knock on your door and you would scream and shout at him all over again. Jungkook teased you a lot, and you were okay with it. This time just made you feel lower of the low. He had just visited a different country with thousands of beautiful woman and was surrounded by dozens on a daily basis. It felt as if he was comparing you to something you knew you could never become. You were a simple girl studying animation, nothing more and nothing less. Just mundane.

‘Baby?’ He knocked for the fiftieth time as two hours passed before an idea kicked in, ‘The spare key!’ Running to the counter, he opened it up and found the treasure, ‘Bingo!’ Back before your door, he unlocked it with a victory ‘Jagiy….’ He faded out at the sight of you passed out on the bed, ‘Aish, why did you cry yourself to sleep?’

Stroking the side of your face with his index finger, he pulled the sheets back and tucked you in. You snuggled into the sheets and all but smiled when you felt a pillow in your arms. It was the one you threw away. Jungkook pecked your forehead and walked to the shattered frame on the floor. Clicking his fingers, he ran a few errands before coming back to your place an hour later. Slowly you shifted and sat up, rubbing your eyes. Blinking, you noticed a bunch of roses on your chest of draws alongside the picture. But it was in a different frame. Slowly the door opened and Jungkook peeked in.

‘You awake.’ He beamed, pushing the door more and entering with a tray,

‘Did I not ask you to leave?’ You crossed your arms, glaring at him.

‘You did,’ He agreed, placing the tray down, ‘But you know I don’t listen, I am the maknae at the of day.’

‘I don’t want to repeat myself, Jungkook.’ Your voice cold.

‘And neither do I. I made your favourite by the way, but it’s hot so be carful.’ He motioned to the cup of steaming hot chocolate on the bedside table.

‘Jungkook…’ You were about to complain before he placed a finger on your lips and silence you.

‘Enough with the threats, okay?’ He stated, ‘Listen I am sorry for what I said. Sometimes I speak and think you will understand what I mean, but this time I was wrong. So wrong that it caused you pain, and to be honest baby, I hate myself more then anything. The fact that I made you cry made me want to run into moving traffic.’ He held your cheek, brushing your hands over the tear stains, ‘Those tears should never be anything but good happy ones.’


‘Let me finish. Yes you aren’t an idol or model, but I do not care! If I wanted those types, I would be dating them. Y/N, we have known each other since junior high and I have never been the happiest when you agreed to be mine.’

‘I’m so plain and boring.’ You sighed, pulling away from his touch.

‘You say that, but I see a girl who is interesting and different.’ He encouraged, ‘A girl that doesn’t care what anything thinks,’ He leaned in and brushed his lips against your, ‘A girl who makes me proud and happy that she is mine…and only mine.’

You leaned in thinking he was going to kiss you but he quickly scooped you in his arms, flinging you over his shoulder ‘Yah!! Kookie, put me down!’

‘No,’ He looked behind him with a warm smile, ‘I am still apologising.’

‘Still?’ You asked him with a raised brow.

‘So first, we are adorned with a bouquet of beautiful roses,’ He walked by the drawers, ‘The scent that lingers on you everyday and makes me feel like I am floating. Second we are confronted with a picture of you and I. The picture taken on your senior dance and one of my favourite moments I have shared with you so far, and with many more to come. The frame is a sleek black one because of the dress you wore.’

‘You are so cheesy.’ You huffed.

‘Oh baby, you don’t even know the half it.’ He walked out the door.

Your nostrils were ambushed by the scent of sweet smelling fumes and was lightly light with fairy lights. The furniture was rearranged and pillows scattered on the ground. In the middle lay a tray of all your favourite foods and drinks. The TV was on and before it laid a bunch of DVD’s which were all animation. Walking in, you still hung on his shoulder before he got into the centre of the room. Placing you down, he circled his arms around your waist and kissed your neck as he stood behind your body.

‘Before us we see the setting of our first day,’ He reminded, ‘The night we made a blanket fort and watched movies all night with laughs and amazing food.’

‘Kookie…’ You whispered, all anger seeping out.

‘The movies on the floor represent you and I.’ He pointed at them as you removed yourself from his hold and picked up the films, ‘And since you learning to be an animator as well.’

‘Lady and the Tramp?’ You asked with a raised brow.

‘You are my lady, elegant and beautiful while I am the run of the mill tramp.’ He pointed out.

‘You aren’t a tramp.’ You chuckled before picking another, ‘Tangled?’

‘What more then an artistic girl and a goofy man who fall in love through adventure. I want to have many with you Jagiya.’

‘Beauty and the Beast?’

‘A little rough around the edges but I have found my beauty who will turn me into the prince.’

Tears slowly began to well in your eyes as you looked at movie after movie, finally looking at one with a cocked head, ‘Big Hero 6?’

‘You will always be my Baymax, to hold and comfort me through the hard and rough,’ He knelt before you and kissed your forehead, ‘Someone who will never give up on me and always make me feel better.’

‘Jungkook….’ You sniffed.

‘No more tears…please.’ He pressed his forehead against yours, ‘I have caused enough pain for one day.’

‘But this isn’t pain,’ You looked at him, ‘This is tears of happiness, the only tears I am allowed to shed remember?’ He nodded in agreement, ‘But why are you doing this?’


‘Showing me all this love after I wanted you out?’

He chuckled with a hearty laugh, ‘Because you are my Princess and I am nothing but the little frog that will make you happy even if you don’t see it quite yet.’

‘Princess and the Frog reference?’ You asked with a raised brow.

‘I would say its my life motto, but sure, movie reference it is.’ He kissed your nose.

‘Neither,’ You said softly, ‘You aren’t a frog. You are the handsome Jungkook whom is my prince and man I love with every ounce of my heart.’ You admitted, ‘I am sorry for snapping at you…’

‘No I deserved it. I shouldn’t have said what I said, it was wrong of me and I am the one sorry for teasing you.’

‘Well you know what they say, you tease the ones you love.’ You smirked

‘Yah! That isn’t fair, I said that and you wanted to throw me out your house!’

‘That shows how much I love you.’ You smiled, brushing your lips against his and closing the deal with a sweet simple kiss.

It was nothing but a pressing of your lips in his. There was no movement at all, just the two of you frozen and soaking up each others presences and warmth . He had done a lot to make it up to you and proved that he was dearly sorry and loved you will every ounce of his heart. You felt his thumb stroking your cheek as you pulled apart and looked into his eyes deeply.

‘You are such a tease.’ He said softly.

‘Says the pot to the kettle.’ You shrugged your shoulders, standing up with him in tow. He laughed as he shook his head and lifted you in a tight hug, ‘You are such an idiot sometimes.’

‘I know, but I am your idiot Y/N. I love you….’

anonymous asked:

can you do a daddy!dom!phil and dom!pj with bottom!dan? if you could have dan call pj something like sir that would be great too. Feel free to add anything

Yo I went a bit nuts with the “add anything”. Includes daddy!kink, exhibitionism, degradation , toys, fisting, double penetration, Dan being a little cock/cumslut jfc someone stop me.

Phil loves living with Dan, there’s no question about it. When it comes to roommates, Dan’s the full package; he’s Phil’s best friend, so he always has someone to talk to and play video games with, but he’s also his boyfriend, which means blowjobs and cuddles, too. He has all the other attributes of a great roommate as well – he cooks and cleans up after himself and always pays his rent on time. It’s very rare that they squabble and if they do it’s over something silly that’s resolved by the time they head to bed together. They’re perfect for each other, but the only problem with having such an incredible all-in-one human like Dan is that they tend to forget other people exist. It’s never on purpose, they just have a habit of getting caught up in their little life together and end up neglecting their other friends. That’s why, when Phil realises it’s almost been a year since they’ve seen PJ, he picks up the phone and invites their old friend around.

Another thing Dan and Phil don’t do as much as they used to is drink, so when the curly-haired 26-year-old turns up at their door, green eyes twinkling and right hand clutching a bottle of Jack Daniels, Phil knows it’s going to be an interesting night.

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In the Still of the Night

Sam x Female!Reader

Summary: This is a request about a sexual assault survivor who’s struggling to rebuild her intimate relationship. There’s a little smut, a lot of love and a whole bunch of supportive Sam. 

>>Trigger Warning<<: This story deals with the trauma of sexual assault/rape. 

Beta: @just-another-busy-fangirl

Words: 1100

It’s warm summer evening and the bedroom window is open as a breeze dances past the curtains. There’s a symphony of crickets playing beneath your window ledge, making music under the fat moon hanging high in the night sky. The only light in the room is the faint glow of a candle, the flame fluttering as the wick burns low.

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Imagine: Auston Matthews - Personal Teddy Bear

Requested: Yes | No

boo-boocmf : Hey, Liv, just wanted to say that I LOVE your account and I saw that your requests is open so I was wondering if you could do an Auston Matthews where him and his gf are having a lazy day and she keeps throwing him compliments making which causes him to blush.

Smut: Yes | No

Word Count: 613

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anonymous asked:

Writing prompt: Harry and Draco playing Twister? Would that be stupid or hilarious?

Harry Potter thought his life was quite odd.

It started when a giant of a man barged into a door on his eleventh birthday, giving his cousin a pigtail and then promptly telling him he was a wizard.

And it ended, apparently, with his face buried in Draco Malfoy’s arse.

“Red!” Hermione’s voice sounded even shriller than usual, but that could be her excitement. Or the fact that she was drunk. “Uh, left hand, red. yeah.”

(She had to be drunk. If she wasn’t drunk, that meant that he wasn’t drunk, either, which meant that he was currently playing a muggle game with his arch-nemesis. Ex-arch-nemesis. Acquaintance? Anyway. That meant that he was doing this while sober, and then he would have no excuse for this ridiculous behaviour. Nor an excuse for slightly enjoying it, too.)

“Merlin’s arse on a stick,” Malfoy muttered under his breath, stretching in front of Harry to get his hand on the red circle on their left. 

The movement was innocent enough.

If only it didn’t make Malfoy clench his thighs, pushing back his arse.

God, it was a magnificent -

Focus, Harry.

“Goddamnit, Malfoy,” Harry cursed, fighting the urge to knock Malfoy’s legs away. (Or kiss his arse. It could go either way at this point) “Move your arse, I need to breathe.”

“You’re the boy who lived,” Malfoy argued, his words slightly slurring at the edges, and he turned his head to smirk at Harry. His face was as red as Ron’s hair. “You can’t die from suffocation.”

Kicking him was definitely winning the contest of ‘things to do’ now. 

“Fuck off -”

“Harry,” Hermione’s voice made him snap his head up, which almost made him loose his balance. “You need to touch red, Harry, or Draco wins.”

And that simply could not happen.

They had been at this round for… ages, now. Hours? All night? Who knew. Pansy and Blaise had already given up and were chatting idly on the couch, too preoccupied with each other to give Draco and Harry much thought, and Ron and Hermione were tossing the spinner back and forth. 

But Harry.

He was not going to lose.

Not from Draco Malfoy.

“Alright,” he finally said - no, growled, and took a deep breath. Placing his hand on red meant shifting his entire weight from his current stance, a precise and quick movement was needed to do this without falling first-faced onto Malfoy - and a precise and quick movement was exactly what he could not do while drunk.

But Harry was never something if not stubborn.

“Three,” Malfoy started, a grin apparent in his voice, “two, one -”

Harry shifted.

And it all went to shit. 

His hand flailed in the air, missing his mark and shooting away on the ground, which meant that the only thing saving his face from connecting to the unforgiving ground was Malfoy’s arse.

POTTER!” Malfoy yelled out, kicking his arms and legs away, tackling Harry and rolling them over before Harry could figure out what’s happening. “what the fuck,” Malfoy muttered when they finally rolled to a stop, his arms on either side of Harry, his eyes wide and his cheeks red, red, red. “You kissed my arse,” he said, and if possible his eyes widened even more.

“I didn’t,” Harry said, but he wasn’t sure. “I fell.”

“On my arse.”

“Well, yes.”

“Which you then kissed.”

“I didn’t -”

“You did.” And then he smiled, his face split in two, and it was the most beautiful thing Harry had ever seen. “You kissed my arse, it’s only fair I get to do this.”

Harry raised an eyebrow, “To do what -”

And then Malfoy’s lips were on his, hot and pliant and something akin to desperation, and Harry smiled.

Imagine your society worships the moon

Call me Thunderfaun, I guess, or Faun for short. I can’t promise many stories, but this prompt from requests #60 resonated with me, so I figured I’d give back to this blog.

Content: fpreg, dubious consent on account of grooming from an early age, slight pain from deflowering.

At moonrise tonight, you were going to be of age.

For as long as you could remember, you’d lived towards this night. Out of all of your people’s customs, this was the single most important one.

Every thirty years, a young virgin girl, raised from childhood to ensure that she was untouched, would be offered to the great Lunar God on the night she turned of age and once a year until their thirtieth birth-night after that, to give birth to a son in nine months’ time.

Inevitably, those sons would grow into honourable warriors, prestigious scholars, or great leaders, bringing honour and wealth to your clan. And when a new girl would take over this most noble task, the previous one would move on to become one of the Domina Oriens, the religious leaders of your people, set to guide generations to come.

Taken shortly after your birth, you had been raised knowing that this was your sole purpose. You had been taught to read and write, instructed in the rites of your people, given extensive practice in healing and diplomatic relations, but most importantly in child-rearing. Your virginity, reserved for the Lunar Lord, was safeguarded fiercely – handmaidens guided you everywhere, and a silvered chastity belt kept you safe. Tonight, that effort would come to fruition.

At dusk, you were roused from sleep and brought to the Altar of the Moon by your handmaidens. Undressing you, they bathed you in the clear pond beside it, fingers running over your skin, through your hair, along your wide, childbearing hips, working you up till you were arching into their touches.

Just when you were about to beg for more, the oldest of your handmaidens stepped forward.

“My lady,” she murmured, caressing your cheek, “tonight, as you have matured, we trust the Lunar Lord to guide you into your destiny. We will unlock the way for you, but the last of the journey is yours.”

Procuring a key from her necklace, she knelt before you, unlocking your chastity belt with deft movements.

You shivered as she took the device away – in eighteen years, you had only had the belt undone for an hour at a time, and never for this purpose.

Your handmaiden got to her feet again, pressing her lips to your forehead. “Moon and stars guide you,” she murmured.

As one, your handmaidens gathered around her and walked back towards the temple, not glancing back – the greatest taboo of all.

Taking a moment to gather your nerve, you turned away, walking up the steps to the altar.

The altar itself was silvered, inlaid with golden decorations. The full moon’s light was reflected in it, and you laid down on top of it as you had been told, waiting with closed eyes and bated breath.

After what felt like forever, you somehow knew you were no longer alone, a suspicion confirmed when you heard a deep male voice chuckle.

“My, aren’t you a sight for sore eyes.”

Despite having been told not to, you sat up slightly, startled.

Standing by your feet was a tall, male figure. Silver, shoulder-length hair framed his delicate face, and his tall, broad-shouldered frame only looked broader because of the polar bear fur that lined his clothing.

He grinned widely at your surprise, sitting down by your feet. “Like what you see so far?”

“Oh – my Lord,” you murmured, giving an improvised half-bow.

“Please,” he said, lifting your head with a hand, “don’t be ashamed.”

You jumped when you felt a hand trailing down your stomach, pausing just above your mound.


You nodded mutely.

“Good,” he murmured, voice low.

Leaning forward, he kissed you, softly but firmly, resting his hands on your hips. Uncertain but eager to please, you wrapped your arms around his neck, pulling him closer when he nudged you onto your back.

The Lunar Lord reached between your legs, a fingertip trailing between your slit, seemingly searching for something. When you gasped suddenly, arching into him, you could feel his lips quirk up into a smile against yours, and his thumb lingered on that spot, drawing pitiful mewls from you.

Pulling away from your mouth slightly, he kissed along your cheek towards your ear, whispering into it, “Did they prepare you appropriately?”

Breathlessly, you nodded, shivering when his index finger moved to your entrance, sliding inside easily.

His free hand moved to your breasts, squeezing one of them softly.

“A truly fine vessel for my heirs. Of all the girls I’ve seen, I might just like you the most…”

“Ah – my Lord?…” you managed, blushing furiously.

“Just relax,” he murmured. “I’ll make sure you enjoy this.”

His hand moved away from your core, causing you to whimper, but your eyes went wide when you saw him unfasten his cloak and start to undo his clothes. When he pulled down his pants, his member sprung forth, its thickness intimidating to you without any frame of reference. You swallowed.

The Lunar Lord’s eyes fixed on your face, and slowly but deliberately, he took your wrist, bringing your hand to his member.

“Touch it,” he ordered.

You stared at him for a moment before complying, wrapping your hand around him, flinching a bit when his member twitched into your hand but persevering. His hands were cool, but this part of him was warm, and when you moved your hand slightly, he gave a shaky sigh, nodding.

“Just like that…”

Watching his face as you jerked him off, you were struck by his handsomeness. Fine-featured and elegant, but strong enough to carry the moon across the sky. Strong enough to protect your clan.

Strong enough to give you healthy sons.

You shivered.

After a few minutes, he grabbed your hand and pinned it down on the altar, working you onto your back. In one slow movement, he pressed into you to the hilt, taking your virgin pussy. You gasped in slight pain, squirming at the intrusion, but he held you down until you grew accustomed to him, nibbling at your neck.

His thrusts were slow initially, pulling out almost entirely before entering you to the hilt again, but he sped up as you grew more used to it, pleasure overtaking the soreness of your first time.

The more you felt him inside you, the more some sort of pressure built. When his hand reached between your legs again, you cried out and wrapped your legs around him to pull him in deeper, an offer he gladly took. When you were just moments away from reaching whatever culmination this would lead to, the Lunar Lord spoke up again.

“What will your offspring be like?” he murmured, voice smooth as silk, seemingly bypassing your ears entirely to nestle within your mind. “I can influence a lot of that, depending on what is needed at the moment and what my lovers wish. Conquerors, advisers, explorers, I’ve sired them all. Speak, and what you wish shall be yours, for generations to come.”

“G– god –” you managed, clinging to him tighter.

He chuckled softly, your reaction seeming to amuse him. “Speak, now. What is it that you wish for?”

“My Lord…” you gasped out. “Please, just – just give me your children, my Lord, that is all I have ever wished for. Just don’t stop…”

…the thrusting stopped.

Looking up in confusion, you saw him stare at you, a thoughtful frown on his face as he watched your face.

After an eternity, he shook his head slightly with a smile. “I can grant you that wish,” he said, picking up his pace and rubbing at your sweet spot harder. “Come for me now…”

Crying out, you felt yourself topple over the edge, coming on his cock, harder than you’d ever imagined it would feel like. You were aware of a molten, liquid feeling spreading inside you as the Lunar Lord’s member jerked, and you knew your purpose was fulfilled.

Lying back down on the altar, you tried to catch your breath, leaning into the hand brushing your hair out of your face.

Gently, the Lunar Lord pulled out of you, causing you to shiver at the sensation of his come dripping out of you, and started dressing himself again.

When he stood, dressed in his regalia again, he paused, walking up to you and pressing a soft kiss to your forehead, his hand resting above your womb.

“Your sons will be kings one day.”

With those words, he faded away. For a moment, you thought you saw his outline in the moonlight, but when you blinked, it was gone.

Exhausted, sleep took you, and memories of your Lord and master roamed your dreams.


Anonymous said: lazy/rainy day smut with luke!!


The rain hit the windows as the steam from the tea rose into the air. The iconic movie of Valentines Day played on the TV, as I got cozy in the blankets. Luke came downstairs in grey sweatpants making my mind wander. “Hey, eyes up here pretty girl,” Luke snickered. I shook my head, “sorry.” I moved over so Luke could come cuddled with me. “So what are we watching, pretty girl?” He asked. “Valentines Day.” I answered. I laid my head on his chest as his hands ran through my hair.

Luke’s hands roamed around my body, making me shiver under his touch. “I was thinking about you this morning,” Luke whispered. I hummed in response, “how?” He lifted my head up, making me face him. “How much you love my fingers, how I can make you cum in seconds,” Luke toyed with the top of my shorts. I felt myself grow wetter with his words. 

“How my cock fills you up all the way and how you feel empty without it,” His hands tugging my shorts down. “Luke,” I whimpered. “What is it, pretty girl?” Luke said, moving me to his lap.

My lips ghosted over his when he finally closed the gap between us, by bringing our lips together. His fingers circles my clit, making me whimper in his mouth. I started kissing Luke’s neck as he moved to the inside of my panties. “Fuck, you’re so wet baby,” Luke moaned. He teases my entrance with his finger, slowly entering it. 

I moaned when Luke started to move his fingers at a fast pace. My back arched into Luke, my breasts on full display. “Cum for me pretty girl, you can do it,” Luke encouraged. “Mmm, Luke fuck,” I moaned. He started attacking my neck, leaving his marks all over me.

“Come on pretty girl, let it go like a good girl,” He smirked. And with that, I released all over his fingers. He brought his fingers to his mouth tasting my juices, “You taste so good princess.” I immediately kissed him, tasting myself on him. I sunk to my knees, removing Luke’s sweatpants along with his boxers. “You know what to do, pretty girl.” Luke said.

I took his cock in my hands, slowly stroking it. I licked up the base of his cock, taking everything I could. “Fuck,” Luke moaned taking my hair in his hands. I bopped my head slowly, stroking what I couldn’t fit in my mouth.

“Faster baby,” Luke growled. I moved my head faster, becoming a little sloppy. I licked the tip, swirling my tongue the way he likes it. “Okay, okay, okay,” Luke pulled my mouth off him. “C’mere, baby, lay down,” Luke said. I lied on the couch, waiting for Luke. “Luke please, fuck me,” I whined. Luke smirked to himself, positioning himself in front of my entrance. Luke slowly entered me, knowing I hate the anticipation. “Fuck, move please,” I moaned.

“You’re such a good girl.” He said before kissing me. His hands massaged my breasts before kissing each one.  My whole body was shaking in euphoria. He fiddled with his lip ring as he pounded into me in full control and concentration. His movements where slow at first, but soon he shifted my legs changing positions getting a better, deeper angle. 

Both of us were a moaning mess. My eyes grew heavy and I felt my second orgasm of the night nearing me. My nails raked down Luke’s back as I moaned out loud. He caught on to my signal before mumbling that he was close too.

I released, clenching around him setting off his orgasm. He thrusted sloppily, milking his first and your third before pulling out and falling next to me. “Mm, I’m sleepy,” I whispered. “Let’s take a nap pretty girl,” Luke kissed my head before we both drifted off.


Pairing: Sam x Reader

Word count: 1608

Warnings: Smut, safe sex of sorts - not really- (pulling out method - keep in mind this is not a way of safe sex since it may only prevent pregnancy and you should never rely on it, unless you’re in a committed relationship with someone you really know and trust! Always wear a condom!!), slight choking!kink, slight dom/sub, slight dirty talk. And btw having sex on top of a pile of boxes can be dangerous.

A/N: This is my entry for Hazel & Dreamer’s 1k/2k Writing Challenge (  @idreamofhazel @impala-dreamer

Prompt (Jared bonus) #4: ‘I’m gonna come in and kick your little 5’4” ass’

Thanks to my beautiful -inside and out- friend @whywhydoyouwantmetosaymyname for the read over and the awesome exchange of kinks and preferences. Just an everyday conversation.

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Heart stammering against your ribcage threatening to burst out through bone and skin, lungs burning from the bad breathing, the furniture around you turns blurry as your short legs move faster. Heavy footsteps follow you from close behind, he’s at your heels, getting closer by the second. You take a sudden turn right, down into a dark corridor, just in time to avoid the grip of long fingers on the back of your shirt, and you enter the first open door to your left. Closing the latch and stepping away. Adrenaline keeps pumping through your veins making you jump a little when his entire weight collides against the closed door.

“Y/N!” Sam bellows on the other side, voice all breathy and croaky.

Your chest heaves and you try taking deep breaths to calm yourself down, which is almost impossible considering you’re still laughing.

“Open this door, now!” he roars.

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Take a Break

Pairing: Lin x Reader 
Warnings: masturbation, being consensually watched while masturbating   sexting, degradation, sloppy sex, vibrator, lin works too much someone please comfort him
Word count: 1803
A/N: I’M ALIVE!! I haven’t poseted a fic in SO long I’m SO sorry but here’s a good one for y’all. This wasn’t a request, just something my sinful self thought of. I’m planning SO many fics (most of which requested) so please look forward to those!

Tags: @hamil-lins @gonnamurderyou @itsjaynebird @aceplaysbass

It had been three weeks since you and Lin had had sex.

Which, in reality, was understandable. Due to your busy work schedule matched with his performing and writing schedule, it left very little time for you to be alone in which you weren’t simply sitting beside each other, working.

So, you sat there, mindlessly typing away and entrenched in your work. Lin sat at his desk beside you, working himself away. You glanced at him and smiled, he was always working so hard, never giving himself a moment to really relax.

“Hey,” you said, turning to him, spinning your desk chair around to face him, “we should take a break.” You suggested, playfully cocking an eyebrow at him. Yes, you wanted him to take some time to himself– to do something other than work. But, part of you– the more selfish part of you– wanted to have him to yourself for the day. You had been on edge for the last two weeks of the three, and it was starting to get to you. “You know, we could go and…”

Lin turned to you and let out a small chuckle. “As much as I would love to fuck you senseless,” he interrupted you, smirking, “we both have work to do.”

“Yeah but,” you leaned forward, crawling onto his lap, placing a small peck on his lips, “you could just bend me right over your desk and fuck me now,” you teased, kissing his lips again while you rolled your hips over his.

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I am an amazing friend, right Saxxy? xD

Fandom: Supernatural
Pairings: Sam x Reader
Inspiration: @saxxxology sent me the GIF and asked for sex and shitty puns with Sam. Challenge motherfucking accepted
Words: 1,311
The reader gets easily distracted at the worst times
Warnings: Swearing, sass, and smut - oral (female receiving), unprotected sex (wrap it before you tap it!)

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Andrew’s breath was coming out just a smidge shallow. Not noticeable but to himself. He was sitting on the ground. The carpet beneath him warm and soft and familiar. He was sitting propped up against the doorjamb of their walk-in closet. His phone was on the ground next to his right hand, just out of reach because he didn’t have the willpower to move his arm the 1 inch it took to reach it. It had vibrated a few times, probably texts. Maybe reminders. Perhaps a phone call. He’d lost track of time. It could have been an hour it could have been 4. He wasn’t sure. He’d spaced out for a while now, only coming to when he heard Neil greeting the cats and giving them the food Andrew was supposed to have given hour? 2 hours? ago. 

He’s breathing slowed even more than before. He wasn’t sure if there was any panic interwoven in his exhalations, but at this point there was very little he was entirely sure of. 

Neil’s keys clattered on their dresser the way they did every day.

“Hey,” The way he said every day. 

He smiled at Andrew the way he did every day. 

His head tilted to the side when Andrew didn’t reply

Andrew didn’t know whether to be pissed or relieved that Neil didn’t ask why he was sitting on the ground. Why he hadn’t replied to any of his texts. Why he couldn’t seem to summon the strength to do much more than move his head.

“How are you?” There it was. Not a ‘How was your day?’ like every day but a ‘How are you?’ instead. 

Andrew swallowed, his throat parched with disuse. He inhaled slowly through his mouth and exhaled even slower. His nose stung with unshed tears. He wasn’t sure why he had tears to not shed in the first place. 

Andrew swallowed again, “Hey.” 

“Hey - hi. What’s up, Andrew?” 

“Can’t move.”

Neil’s eyebrow twitched, not enough to qualify as a lift. His head tilted further in confusion. “Ok. Ok…Want me to help you up?” 

If there had been anything to throw up, Andrew would have emptied it right then. The thought of moving, so far as standing, were as close to unthinkable as they could get. 

“Ok, no. No, that’s fine.” Neil quickly retracted, seeing the nausea overcome Andrew’s features. He crouched a foot away from Andrew, careful to stay completely in Andrew’s field of vision. 

“Fuck off,” Andrew mutterred. Neil smiled wryly. Stubborn jerk. 

Neil reached forward slowly, Andrew followed his movements. He picked up the disregarded armbands by Andrew’s side and started folding them. He set the first one aside and started on the other, but his fingers caught near the middle of it. Neil straightened it out. 

It was torn. There were slashes, the fabric ripped to shreds along its length. Meticulous slices, each equidistant from each other. Each the same length. 

His brows scrunched infinitesimally, before his shoulders slumped in grief.

His eyes caught a flash of the blade glinting in Andrew’s left hand

Neil’s legs were numb, he slowly moved from his crouch to sitting criss-cross to the left front of Andrew. He exhaled, “Andrew -”

“Don’t. I fucking know.” 

“I’m not, I’m not.” He swallowed.

Neil reached out again, this time stopping an inch from Andrew’s wrist, He looked up without raising his head at Andrew. 

Andrew sighed. “Yes.” 

Neil nodded a thank you, carefully, but not gently taking Andrew’s wrist so as not to make him feel fragile. He turned Andrew’s arm so it was palm up. 

There were no new cuts. Neil mentally sighed in relief. Physically, his eyes closed for a second in relief. 

He swallowed again, and moved to the other arm, waited for another yes, and had the same reaction to the same result.

“Ok…ok. I -” Neil choked on emotion for half a breath. What was he supposed to say? Thank you? “Thank you.” Apparently. 

“What the fuck are you thanking me for dumbass?” Oops. 

“I just - for not going through with it, even though -” Neil swallowed, the shredded fabric in his left hand, “ - even though you could have.” 

Andrew didn’t reply. Just continued to keep his breathing controlled. 

Neil sniffed. He held his hand out, not saying anything. 

Andrew stared at Neil’s outstretched palm for a moment. Hot tears burning his nose, he blinked them away, and ever so slowly brought out his own hand and placed the knife in Neil’s hand. 

Neil made a fist around the blade, not moving for a moment, and then slowly retracting his fist. 

“Thank you.” 

Sunday Funday (Finn Balor x Reader fluffy smut)

Alrighty, people! This is my first ever fanfic that I’m posting here! Hooray! Extra thanks and love to my girls @imagines–assemble and @alexispoo for helping me with this. Check them out!

Summary/idea - Maybe I could make a lazy sunday like fic with finn and reader but it eventually leads to sweet smut. A Sunday that he’s home and it’s all chill and stuff? Maybe like he makes you breakfast in bed just bc. And you repay him. In sex lmao idk

Originally posted by finnfuckingbalor

Finn yawned, rubbing the sleep from his eyes as a ray of sun peeked through the blinds. He grumbled, sitting up only to glance to his right with a smile. There you were, fast asleep beside him in one of his old New Japan shirts. You lightly snored, your arm loosely draped around his hips and Finn couldn’t help his endearing smile as you curled closer to him in your sleep.

“Good mornin’, love…” Finn whispered, sweetly kissing your forehead while you slept. He admired your peaceful features, stroking your cheek with his thumb and you remained none the wiser.

Not wanting to disturb your slumber, Finn gingerly removed your arm and stealthily slinked out of bed. As much as he wanted to stay in bed all day, someone had to make breakfast and besides…What better surprise than breakfast in bed?

Clad in a loose vest and his boxers, Finn quietly left the room. He eased down the hallway to your kitchen to get some pancakes going. He washed his hands and dried them off before opening the fridge to get the batter. He took out a skillet from the cupboard and set out two plates on the island of the kitchen.

“Hmm… Why isn’t Y/n up yet?”, Finn wondered, turning on the stove and putting the skillet over the burner. The clock ticked away above his head from its place on the wall. 9:17 AM.

“Y/n?” he called, before grabbing the nearby spatula. “Y/n, time to get up, love!” Finn grinned as he heard you somehow manage to knock something over. “Guess breakfast will have to wait.” he mumbled as he turned the stove off and put the batter back in the fridge.

“I know she’s a heavy sleeper but this woman could sleep through the apocalypse…” Finn chuckled as he left the kitchen and walked back to your shared room.

You were still in bed but you’d turned in your sleep, shuffling over to Finn’s side of the mattress. It seemed that, while you moved around, you’d knocked the unsuspecting alarm clock off the bedside table.

Finn smiled fondly as you hugged his pillow. You’d managed to kick off the sheets in your tossing and Finn couldn’t help but notice how sexy you looked all rumpled and sleepy on his side of the bed. The “Prince is Dead” shirt you sported, from Finn’s days as Prince Devitt, had ridden up on you and Finn licked his lips. He drank you in, glancing from your exposed thighs and skimpy pajama shorts up to your hips, which peeked from where his shirt had ridden up, before moving to your peaceful features. Finn hummed, toeing off his slippers before crawling in behind you.

“Time to get up, baby…” he mumbled, kissing your neck as his hands trailed up your bare thighs. You made an incoherent sound as Finn’s warm fingers slipped under the shirt and splayed on your stomach. He chuckled when you squirmed and he nibbled on your pulse point, making all attempts to rouse you. You were still fast asleep, however, Finn’s actions were affecting your dream as you moaned when he began to rub your shoulders.

You were having a pretty uneventful dream, to your surprise, but enjoying said dream wasn’t in the cards as something kept trying to pull you from your sleep. You mumbled lowly, curling up to try and shy away from that incessant nudging.

“Mmn, Finnyyy…Don’t wanna wake up…” you slurred tiredly, trying to ignore Finn’s sweet words and soft kisses as his fingers worked their magic along your skin.

For all intents and purposes…you were fighting a losing battle.

‘Fuck, she’s so sexy…’ he kept thinking as his hands drifted towards the place where both of you wanted them to be. The kisses down your lower back and spine seemed to go on forever as his lips dragged down your body and towards the waistband of your pajama shorts. Your endless moans seemed to fuel him to keep going and, seeing as you were in a state of half-consciousness during this, you thought this was probably your most realistic wet dream ever. You didn’t really mind, though.

“Mmmn…Finn…Keep going, please…”, you whined as his hands came into contact with your wet folds, finally. As your hips started grinding into his hand, he chuckled.

“Awww, my darlin’s so wet for me now, isn’t she? Don’t worry…I’ll give you exactly what you need…”

He slid his hand out of your shorts and maneuvered you onto your back. The frustrated groan that came from your mouth was the only thing Finn needed to continue and soon, you felt a warm tongue glide between your legs with a beard scratching your thighs. You moaned, stirring enough to grasp at the hairs on his head which urged him to keep going. To Finn’s credit, you were barely coherent so most of your responses were out of you thinking this was all a dream.

Not that he was complaining.

Finn groaned at the feeling of you tugging on his hair, knowing that this was one of his few weaknesses. After a few seconds of administering his delicious torture on you, he used his left index and middle fingers to spread your folds open before he slid his right index finger inside of you, and then added his middle digit.

You jerked awake, opening your eyes to be welcomed with a glorious sight; your lover on his stomach, eyes fully trained on you and fingers working to only pleasure you. The pace he set was just right, and you could feel that coil in your body becoming tighter and tighter as he continued.

“God, Finn…You’re so good at this…”, you whined as you gave a rougher pull on his hair with an even firmer grip to keep him right where he was. His thick fingers skimmed over that one spot inside of you that made your back arch and had you releasing an erotic moan. “Please, Finny…Please make me cum. I really want to…” You were so close to reaching that ultimate bliss, to riding that wave of immense pleasure. You just needed one last push… 

Now, Finn wanted to really drag this out. He wanted to savour this lazy morning with you so, all of a sudden, the blissful sensations that his hands and mouth were causing ceased.

‘What the…What happened?’

You pried open your eyes to see a smug-looking Finn, licking the remnants of your essence off of his fingers and his lips.

“Finn!” you frowned. You were so close and he just…stopped. “You tease…I was almost…” you pouted at your Irishman, not taking his chuckles lightly as you rubbed the sleep from your eyes. “I admit it was a great way to wake up and all, Finn, but don’t just leave me hanging…”  

“Sorry, love but I’ve gotta finish makin’ breakfast for us. Those pancakes don’t just make themselves, y’know…”, Finn smirked, looking you right in the eyes as you squirmed around in your rumpled sheets. He climbed off of the bed ever so slowly and made his way towards the door.

‘That smug looking bastard! How could he?’

Your brows narrowed as you bunched your sheets in your hands ‘Okay. Two can play at this game!’ you thought. “Finn, you better get your ass back here and finish what you started or else I’ll finish off myself and make you watch!” Now you sported a smirk of your own, rather pleased with your ultimatum of sorts as Finn stared with an unreadable expression. He licked his lips, letting his gaze roam over your mostly covered form and you shivered under the intensity of his stare. He slowly walked back to the bed and stood at the foot of it.

“Well…I gotta say that does sound tempting, Y/n…” he trailed his finger along your exposed calf. “Sounds like a hell of a show.”

You flushed, realizing your bluff had backfired tremendously. ‘Well, shit. What’s he going to do now?’ Your body shivered at the thought of all the sinfully sweet things he could do to you throughout the entirety of the day.

He looked at you and drank in your appearance. Even though you had tousled hair, lust-blown eyes and were panting slightly, Finn loved you all the same. His movements in your direction contained his love for you, and the way he looked into your eyes as he straddled your legs had your mouth going dry. His hands moved up your body and cupped your jaw as he drew his lips to yours.

“Love, you’re gonna be the death of me one day, lookin’ all sexy an’ innocent like that. Makes me wonder how you got stuck with me in the first place…”, he says against your bottom lip as he lays you both down on the bed. He leans up onto his knees and starts to slip off his own pajama pants.

“Stop being such a sweety, Finnabon…You’re making me blush…” your voice was muffled from covering your already red face from his lusty and loving eyes. ‘He really loves me that much, doesn’t he?’ His next actions proved you right. So very right.

He grasped your slightly trembling hands and took them away from your still blushing face. You opened your eyes and looked down to see Finn’s already hard cock standing tall against his stomach. The tip was already a violent shade of red and oozing pre-cum down the shaft.

“I want you to know how much you mean to me, darlin’. I want to be the only one to bring you over that edge you so desperately crave.”, he growled in your ear, rubbing his dick in between your folds and against your clit. “You wanna cum right now, don’t you? You want me to make you feel good and make you cum all over my cock?”

“Yes, Finn, make love to me. I’m ready. Please, I need it.”

“Alright, darlin’. Anythin’ for you.”, Finn said as he slowly slid the head of his cock between your wet folds. You both moaned at the feeling; you at the feeling of his thickness, and him at the feeling of your tightness. He slid out of you until just his tip remained, and then slammed back up to the hilt. The pace that he set was slow, but you were urging him to go faster.

“Finn, baby, go faster. Please.”, you pleaded while yanking on his hair once again. He groaned yet again when this happened, but maintained his slow thrusting.

“Not yet, love,”, he spoke lustfully in your ear as he leaned down. “I’m gonna savour this, this morning and so are you.”

You whimpered when your lover said this, but let him continue his torturous acts. Finn lifted your legs onto his shoulders and kept on bottoming out inside of you. Your moans and scratches along his torso gave him permission to keep going. All the while, he continued to whisper sweet nothings into your ears.

“You feel that, darlin’? This is one of the reasons why I love you. You’re always so ready for me. We fit so perfectly together, it makes me realize how much I need you everyday. In my life, in our bed, I don’t care. I just crave you.”

You blushed yet again as you tried to turn your head away from Finn’s loving words and burning gaze. You could feel the coil in your lower abdomen tighten more and more. You wanted to hold off your orgasm until the right time, but that wasn’t helping. He saw what you were doing and immediately dropped a hand to start rubbing your sensitive clit.

“Oh no, Y/n. I’m not gonna have any of that today. We’re gonna cum, and we’re gonna do it together. I want to feel you. I need to. So please, do me a favor darlin, and look at me’. Cum with me…Do it now.”

You slowly removed your still red face from the pillows and looked your lover in the eye one final time. You saw love and adoration in his blown-out blue irises, and that was all you needed to let go. You moaned and arched your back as that coil inside of you snapped and your fluids dripped onto Finn’s cock. His whole body shuddered when he came inside of you, warmth quickly spreading throughout your body.

Finn removed his hand from your now over-sensitive clit and his softening cock out of your cunt. The feeling of being empty inside made you whimper, but his warm embrace surrounded you as he laid down next to you. Your bodies were a mess of entangled limbs and the room smelt of sweat and sex. It felt like you were home. You were at home with Finn but you quickly remembered something.

“Finn, baby. The pancakes are still downstairs and you still need to finish them.” you accentuated this with a gently poke to his chest. “Don’t want them to go to waste now, do we?”, you asked as you moved away from him and towards the door.

“Darlin’, you’re not going anywhere for the rest of the mornin’.” Finn smirked. “You better get your sexy ass back in this bed before I drag you back here.”, he said as he made his way to you. He picked you up and dropped you back onto the bed. “Now go back to sleep…”. You could hear his breathing slowly pan out from behind your back and his arms slowly slid around your waist as he slid closer to you. You smiled at your cuddly lover, who was wrapped around you this morning.

‘Best morning ever.’, you thought to yourself as your eyes closed, and you and Finn both drifted towards a wondrous sleep.


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Rock Hard - Tom Hiddleston

N/A: You guys are awesome, y’ know? I hope that God have mercy on my soul and that I haven’t written anything wrong here. but if I did let me know, please. And please, I need to know if I have a chance to improve on this topic or if I should discard of my options! I hope you guys have fun! (I think I shouldn’t be allowed to choose titles) 


It was late at night when you finally came home, tired after the intense hours of rehearsa, you mentally thanked yourself for having the idea to shower and change clothes before leaving your ballet class. You slowly unlocked the door and tried to be as quiet as possible, leaving your bag at the side of the entrance and locking the door again. You got rid of your shoes and walked in your fingertips amid the dark apartment, knowing that your boyfriend would already arrived from his trip and would be sleeping. But then your breath caught in your throat when you arrived in your bedroom doorway, seeing him lying amid your white sheets and being illuminated by the moonlight coming through the open window. You bit your bottom lip admiring his physical exposed and gulped when you noted that he was naked. And awake.

“Tom?” you whispered, feeling the heat rise through your body, an effect that only he could cause on you so quickly.

“Yes, my love?” he leaned on his elbows so he could look better at you, licking his lips before smirking. 

“I missed you.” you lifted a hand to your hair, releasing of the bun and letting it drop on your shoulders. You suddenly didn’t feel so tired, the way Tom stared at you increasing your arousal.

“Show me.” he ordered hoarsely, making you shudder.

“Don’t take your eyes.” 

You smiled innocently, rising your hands over your thighs, lifting your dress slightly before taking your hands to the buttons, opening them up one by one and letting your fingers caress the skin that was being exposed. Your dress fell to the floor exposing your breasts and lace pantie, you slid your hands from your neck to your breasts, caressing them for a moment before sliding your hands toward your panties, playing with it before you take it.

“Stop.” Tom ordered again, making you look up searching for his eyes, smiling when you noticed the lust in his blue ones. “Come here.”

You approached the bed with slow steps, but having time to support only one knee on the mattress before Tom pulled you to straddle his waist and wrap his arms around your back. His mouth went directly to your breasts, playing with his tongue before he pulled your nipple between his teeth, sucking hard. You felt his fingers splaying around your throat, making you arch your neck a little and whimper. Then with a quick movement his body was hovering over yours, his knees pressing your thighs apart, and a  whine scaped from your lips as he quickly tore your lace panties and one of his hand moved between your legs to press against your clit. 

“Are you already wet for me, my love?” Tom groaned against the skin of your neck, you felt him sucking your sensitive spot and you knew that the next day would have a hickey there.

Yes…” you moaned,  trying to move your hips to reciprocate his movement on your clit, but Tom noticed your intentions and pulled his hand away to hold on your thigh while the other hand he used to support him on the mattress. “Please, don’t tease me anymore.”

“You need to behave first, baby girl.” you heard him whisper while grinding down onto your core, you bit hard your lower lip to keep a moan and Tom chuckled, lifting his face to be able to stare at you. “Who am I trying to fool?“

You moaned loudly in surprise when you felt Tom thrust hard without notice, he didn’t wait for you to get used to him and kept moving into you. Your fingers clutched at his shoulders while your body shivered with each deep thrust. With almost a month without him, your body was on fire and completely sensitive so soon you felt contracting around him tightly, and Tom’s eyes rolled back. 

Shit, you’re so damn tighter than before.”  he growled in pleasure,increasing the speed and strength, making the sound of your bodies bumping against each other take the room in mixture of your groans. “I will not last long tonight, my love.”

“Almost… Oh, Thomas.” you mewled, feeling one of his hands between your bodies moving against your clit and your head roll back on the pillows, your lips parted and your moan got caught in your throat as your orgasm came powerful. 

Tom moaned next to your ear when he reached his climax, decreasing slowly his movements until he stopped and fell at your side, gently pulling you to cuddle in his chest. You were silent as you tried to catch your breath and you just giggled when you felt Tom’s heart beat wildly. He kissed your temple than kissed your hair, stroking your face before sliding his fingers up to your chin, lifting your face to look at him. Tom smiled tenderly, leaning to kiss your lips with all his passion and longing, pulling out a small sigh from you.

“God, how I missed you.” he sighed in relief, holding you against his body a little longer before raising from the bed, he picked up his shirt that it was your favorite handing to you so then he could put a boxer, Tom smiled as he lay back on your side and watched you put his shirt. “You’re so beautiful, I really am one of the luckiest men in the world.”

“And I’m one of the luckiest women in the world.” you giggled, lying with your back against his chest so you could sleep spooning and he readily hugged your waist, hiding his face in your neck.

“What would I do without you?”

“You wouldn’t be one of the luckiest men in the world.” you sighed, closing your eyes as you felt him chuckle behind you.

“I love you too, my love.” Tom kissed your neck, and you felt your heart warm. You loved make sex with your boyfriend, but what is really good are the moments that you’re like this.

I know.”

pulled the daisies fine // nurseydex

a/n: thought i’d reverse a typical fandom trope and send dex up to nursey’s for the new year. it goes about as well as you would expect. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!

word count: 4.3k

“Hm, so, this would be fun if we weren’t collegiate level hockey players who learned how to skate when we were ten,” Dex deadpans after about five minutes of skating around the Rockefeller Center ice rink.

“This is fun!” Nursey insists, squeezing Dex’s hand through his chunky mittens, “it’s relaxing.”

Off to their left about three different toddlers start crying at once, and Dex gives Nursey a look.

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Vegas | Tease | Oops | D | Game | Mistake

Note: Here’s Vegas 3, enjoy this banter, sin, and fluff. I enjoyed writing it. I love this series so much, actually. Oh yeah, and this is only halfway edited, so don’t kill me if there are careless mistakes.

Word Count: 2293

Pairing: Daveed Diggs x Reader

Warnings: SMUT. quickie, mouth covering, trying not to get caught sex

Originally posted by matthew-daddario

“Daveed!” You yelled frustratingly from his kitchen. It was the morning after the concert and you were sore, frustrated, and most of all energy-deprived, so when you realized that you couldn’t reach the coffee mugs in his kitchen, you were already fed up.

You felt a warm pair of bare arms snake themselves around your waist and a body press itself against you from behind.

“Hmm?” Daveed’s breath was hot against your neck, creating goosebumps on your body.

You sighed, subconsciously leaning back into him. “Why do you put your coffee mugs so damn high on the shelf? You know I can’t reach them.”

“My bad,” he murmured, reaching up to grab a mug for you and set it on the counter. You knew he was smirking even though you couldn’t see him. “But it’s not my fault you’re short.”

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Put A Ring On It

♥ Hi Guys, so here we go with another fulfilled request. I hope you guys like this one and @moderndeathsblog as well. Like always feel free to leave some feedback, send a request, drop an ask, whatever is on your mind. Found any mistakes feel, free to tell me I would love to fix them. Deutsche Version auf meiner Masterlist!

Request: Hi! Can you do one where tony and the reader are engaged but he postpones the wedding a lot so she starts to get mad at him and gives him the silent treatment and at one party steve flirts with her thinking they have broken up! Lol smut then!

  • Pairing: Tony Stark x Reader
  • Summary: Tony postones your wedding and it was just a question of time, til you get mad.
  • Warnings: smut, unprotected sex, brief fighting
  • Words: 1873

A wide smile graced your lips as you walked with bulging shopping bags through the  shopping center. You got yourself the one or another new piece of clothing, which would  your fiance love as well. 
You were on your way to the exit to go back home. When you arrived at the escalators, your eyes fell on a electronics shop, in the shop windows were huge flat screens on which the news were running.

Your heart stopped beating and your breath caught in your throat as you read the headlines, followed by a picture of you and your fiance.

~ Wedding of Tony Stark and Y/N Y/L /N postpones for the third time! How stable is the relationship of New York’s dream couple really? ~

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anonymous asked:

Seungcheol eating you out in the bath please

not THE Cheol smut, but still a Cheol smut 😚 hope you like it! ♥ there was a also a request for “bath smut”, which I’m now taking the freedom to join with this, since eating you out is smut. 😘 if someone still wants to read about going all the way in bath with him, your chance is when we open our requests.

You were eating dinner at the hotel restaurant when Seungcheol glanced at you, and with a small smile playing on his lips, spoke up. “So… I was thinking about having a bath tonight.”

His almost innocent tone made you giggle, and you raised your eyebrows meaningfully as you took a sip of your drink. “And you’re telling me this because?”

“I was wondering if you’d like to join me,” Seungcheol admitted bluntly, showing you a wide grin that slowly faded into a suggestive raise of his eyebrows. “We always have fun bathing, don’t we?”

You almost choked on your drink at the mention of your past baths, most of which had ended with one or both of you very sexually satisfied; whenever it was only one of you, it was fixed afterwards in bed. It wasn’t that you couldn’t bathe without doing a bit of something, it was simply that it was rather often that you were unable to keep your hands off of each other while doing so.

“I wasn’t going to say no,” you said with a small grin and moved your eyes from the candle between you two to Seungcheol’s deep brown eyes, staring right into yours. 

He gave you a smile before returning to his food, and you continued talking about more casual things, such as your common friend Jun and how he was coping with his most recent break-up as well as what food you’d be having the next day, when you would return home from your small holiday spent at a rather luxurious spa hotel. Had it not been for his parents, you probably couldn’t have afforded one.

The evening went on as per usual, with the two of you working on your assignments in your hotel room, because as much as you wanted to just relax, you had things to do, until the excitement about having a bath got the best of you.

“It’s getting late,” you said nonchalantly as you put your laptop screen down and put it away, and side-eyed Seungcheol. You could see the right corner of his mouth tug upwards.

“It is, isn’t it,” he mumbled and turned off his own laptop before putting it aside. After that, he turned to you, his hand slowly moving to rest on your thigh. “Shall we go?”

With excitement already building up inside of you, you placed your hand on top of his and leaned closer to him to kiss him by his ear. “Do you have any predictions about how it will end?”

Seungcheol chuckled darkly and squeezed your thigh, moving his hand a bit higher on it. “If all goes according to plan, with you cumming on my tongue.”

You jolted at his words as your breath hitched in your throat. Even as you spoke, all you could think about was how wonderfully close his hand was to your crotch. “Very well.”

He cupped your cheek with his free hand and brought your face away from his neck, and as soon as your eyes had locked with his, he pulled you into a hungry kiss, during which your eyes fluttered shut. You placed one hand on his shoulder and one on his thigh, trying to get some support as you replied to his kiss with just as much hunger.

It didn’t take you too long to decide that sitting next to him wasn’t enough, and soon you were climbing to Seungcheol’s lap, your fingers tangled in his hair as you desperately deepened the kiss, your hips rocking against his on their own accord. His hands were starting to slide into your pants, and it wasn’t until his fingers began tracing the crotch part of your panties that you forced yourself to detach your lips from his.

“Let’s go,” you breathed, letting out a quiet sigh when Seungcheol gave you a slow stroke with one of his fingers. His lips curved into a grin when he felt the thin fabric of your panties get a bit damp.

“Hold onto me,” he murmured and gave you a quick kiss before placing his hands snugly on your ass and standing up. You obliged readily, your ankles hooking behind Seungcheol’s lower back as soon as he stood up, your arms already around his neck.

He carried you to the bathroom of your suite, just as luxurious as everything else in the hotel. It was rather roomy, decorated with white and beige as the main colors, and the bath tub  was one that you had fallen in love with at first sight. 

The tub, too, was quite big, and very comfortable in other ways, too. The ends weren’t too upright and the edges were smooth; all in all perfect for relaxation, whether it was just soaking in the tub or doing what you were about to.

Seungcheol halted his steps when he had reached the bath tub, and before letting you down, he hummed and leaned in for a kiss. You smiled against his lips and began uncrossing your ankles, ready to get down. Once your feet were steadily on the smooth tile floor of the bathroom, Seungcheol turned to the bath tub, put the plug on and turned on the water while you undressed.

You had just pulled your shirt over your head when you felt Seungcheol’s hands on your hips and his lips pressing to your shoulder. “Get comfortable in the tub, baby.”

A playful smile spread to your lips at his words, and you turned your head a bit towards him. “Gladly.”

Tossing your shirt to the floor - you knew you wouldn’t use it until you had washed it back home anyway - you turned to face Seungcheol and wrapped your arms around his neck loosely. He rubbed his thumbs gently into your hip bones, grinning at you. “What?”

You shook your head with a smile still on your face, and leaned in to give him a quick peck on his cheek. “Nothing. Mushy stuff.”

Seungcheol snorted and gave you a kiss on your forehead. “You gotta open that up later.”

With a nod, you unwrapped your arms and, having already taken off the rest of your clothes, got settled in the tub while waiting for it to be full enough. While doing that, you had your head turned to Seungcheol, and you excitedly watched him undress. No matter how many times you had seen him undress, it always felt like foreplay of a kind; there was something very arousing to see his toned body be exposed little by little, especially when you knew you were about to have fun.

And well, some of that might’ve been because because Seungcheol knew you loved watching him, and that was why he always put on a subtle show. Not that you minded.

When he was naked, he turned to you with a lopsided grin, biting his lip a little. “That’s enough water, don’t you think?”

You looked down to see the water level, and knowing he’d get into the tub as well, you nodded. After all, you didn’t want the water to overflow - more than it would when he ate you out, anyhow.

Seungcheol got into the tub on his knees, facing you, and ran his hands up and down your legs in the water. “Are you ready?”

Letting out a content sigh when his hands reached high on your legs, you nodded. “When am I not?”

He sat fully down, crossing his legs a little, and began lifting your legs. You moved a bit higher on your end of the tub - it was good that it was as gentle as it was - and let out a yelp accompanied by a giggle when Seungcheol got your legs over his shoulders in one swift movement, chuckling afterwards.

You placed your arms on the edges of the tub and looked at Seungcheol’s hooded yet playful eyes, peeking at you from between your legs. And just like that, with his eyes locked with yours, he gave you the first, slow lick with the tip of his tongue that made you sigh in satisfaction already.

“Relax,” Seungcheol said lowly, and you hummed as you closed your eyes and tried to relax, as difficult as it was with his plump lips pressed to your pussy that was gradually starting to show signs of arousal.

He kissed your lower lips and moved up to your clit, which he spent a good while pressing gentle yet utterly amazing kisses to, each one making tingles travel up your spine. Quiet sounds left your lips, whether they were hums, sighs or almost whimpers, as you let Seungcheol do his magic.

He brought his tongue out slowly and began giving you licks, the first few ones teasing and kittenish, but it didn’t take long for him to move on to slightly longer ones that always lingered a bit longer on your clit.

“Seungcheol,” you whimpered when he took your clit lightly between his lips, only to let it go and do it again, and tightened your legs on the sides of his head a little. He chuckled and moved his hands to your breasts, squeezing them.

“I love the way my name sounds on your lips,” Seungcheol murmured, teasing your erect nipples while swirling his tongue around your clit. You whined and bit down on the inside of your lower lip, your hands starting to grip the edges of the tub rather tightly. He noticed every little reaction of yours, and each one of them turned him on. “Do you like it when I do… this?”

Right after emphasizing the last word, Seungcheol began poking your clit with his tongue so fast that it almost felt like you had a vibrator pressed against it, which was more than enough to have your back arching and a moan ripping from your throat. 

Yes,” you whined, your hips bucking against Seungcheol’s face. He grinned into you and returned to just running his tongue around your pussy, up and down as well as sideways, circling your clit as well as rubbing it. 

Seungcheol always got really into oral, so it wasn’t that surprising when you not only felt his mouth get more desperate, but also started hearing him moan quietly into you and the water splash as he was unable to keep his body still. His hands had moved from your breasts to your hips, and he was trying to pull you closer, but in vain.

But oh, how it turned you on to know that Seungcheol enjoyed eating you out that much.

With him getting that desperate, it felt like he was everywhere, and only in a good way. By then you were already soaked, swollen to the point of being extremely sensitive to everything Seungcheol was doing, and it all only made it so much better. 

Your breathing started getting more labored, your legs shakier on his shoulders and your hips more restless by his mouth, and moans started slipping through your beautifully parted lips more frequently as your orgasm approached you. Seungcheol took note of everything, and every small detail of yours added to his arousal.

Your face was contorted in pleasure, your lips were absolutely gorgeous in his eyes, you tasted absolutely fantastic, and knowing you were that close to coming only drove him further.

“I-I’m going to cum,” you whimpered, your hands balling into fists on the bath tub’s edges and your toes curling. Seungcheol hummed into you and continued eating you out, his tongue rubbing your clit in the best ways possible until you were letting out high-pitched, satisfied moans and quiet whimpers of his name as you came.

Seungcheol continued running his tongue up and down your wet slit throughout your orgasm, lapping away at your release that leaked out. You let out content sighs as you slowly began letting your back slide down the wall of the bath tub, and it didn’t take long for Seungcheol to gently let your legs down from his shoulders and lick the area around his mouth clean.

“That was fucking fantastic,” you said, slightly out of breath, and giggled quietly when Seungcheol pulled you to sit on his crossed legs. 

He smiled widely and hugged you, looking up at you with affectionate eyes. His dimples made you feel as giddy as they always did, and you found yourself poking them gently with your forefingers, which made Seungcheol laugh out loud.

“I knew it was a great idea,” he said a bit smugly and gave you a long kiss, into which you smiled.

It was impossible to ignore what was poking your crotch, though. You grinned against Seungcheol’s lips. “Is it my turn to take care of you?”

His voice was amused yet playful. "If you could, I wouldn’t mind.”

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