the leg hair tho

I’ve done this bfore but ey who cares lmao
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Jay Park answering to his inner fatherhood instincts xD went straight into the crowd at the mall and started dancing with that little girl that’s sitting on her dad’s shoulders. xD He performed a free show at Starfield COEX Mall just now and as always, there’s a full HD fancam of it courtesy of our dedicated kJwalkerz laduree ~

this is how he takes off his jacket when it got stuck on his arms lol. using his legs xD #relatable

that curly messy hair tho is a blessing.

cos it never gets tiring watching jay dance with kids. this is how jay park becomes a daddy. for real.



No, we’ll fight together!

I’m going to sue Rebecca Sugar for making me tear up my allergies act up. Yes. Allergies.

(Also, older Steven design based off of maariamph‘s design!)

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hey are taemin's legs hairy like jongin's? i've read someone said they are but i save every taem-in-shorts pics and i dont see much hair on his legs tho??

idk who said that to you, friend, but ive literally never (as in not once in any pic ive laid my eyes on in my 21 years of life) seen a hair on lee taemin’s legs so whatever plane of reality they live on must not be the same as me. like his leg hair isn’t just sparse, taemin has 0 hair lmao?? his legs are smoother than mine. taemin’s body hair is dark and if he had any on his legs you’d be able to see it in simple pics of him in shorts, it wouldn’t take zooming in and squinting at the most hq close-up of his legs available on the internet. taemin doesn’t have mysterious and magical unicorn leg hair only visible to the expert eye under 10x zoom and a magnifying glass, if you can’t see it, i assure you it’s not there anon

and to say they’re “hairy like jongin’s” warrants some genuine concern