the leg hair tho

I’ve done this bfore but ey who cares lmao
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fun sex tips by lusssst

tip #1: pineapple juice is your friend

tip #2: don’t be afraid to be a fkn animal
when he goes down on you they find it attractive when you’re like rly gettin in to it, fkn wrap your legs around his head and pull his hair (sexily tho not too hard) and moan for more. don’t be afraid it’ll be a massive turn on, don’t be afraid to dirty talk if you’re comfortable with it, moan when you feel it, let him know how good it feels.

tip #3: lick their fingers after they go down on you
obviously don’t do it if you don’t feel comfortable but personally i think it’s fuckin’ great and every guy i know that’s had a girl do it gets fkn harder every time

tip #4: do not fear the dick
do not let the dick intimidate you
the dick is your bitch and ur gon make that mother fucker cum like one k

tip #5: make gobs interesting
don’t just fkn suck it. that’s boring. that’s how james falls asleep getting gobs, for example. you don’t want that. use your tongue. suck it so it makes that sucky noise thing as you leave the tip. use your tongue, like swirl it around and stuff, lick it kiss it whatever else, treat it like an ice cream if you have to, either way you’re sucking his cock and as long as it’s not boring he’ll be happy, really. aim to give the gobs worthy of a fat chick.

tip #6: know how to pleasure yourself
concentrate on yourself, obviously you wanna pleasure him but if they don’t make you cum they feel kinda disappointed. but tbh, put yourself first. don’t be afraid to tell them what to do to you. apparently they find it hot anyway.

tip #7: relax
toot in front of them if you have to. not while shit’s sexual though, that’s fkn weird. if you’re uncomfortable you’re gonna keep being awkward/shy and you gotta let that go. if you’re not comfortable normally how can you be comfortable when naked? work on your self esteem, if it’s too hard, learn to at least not give a fuck what they think/trust they’ll still want to fuck you no matter how shit you think you look.

tip #8: bite lips, kiss/nibble necks, scratch backs, pull hair, be rough (if he’s in to that. most guys are tbh.)

YOU HAVE NO IDEA HOW MANY FEMALES DON’T KNOW HOW TO RIDE A DICK. EVEN I FUCK IT UP SOMETIMES STILL AND I ACTUALLY KNOW HOW TO RIDE A DICK. fucking google how to/techniques etc if you have to, ask him what he likes (if you’re comfortable) also just grinding when riding doesn’t fkn work, yeah it feels good for us but not so much for the dude, well maybe a little but dudes need the actual like friction/up down kinda motion thing to actually feel it enough and yeah, don’t let the dick slip out of you, super skilled riders never let that happen even for the smallest of wieners 

tip #10: don’t be afraid to try new positions and experiment, try new places, sex toys, whatever. keeps things fun and exciting

i originally wrote this for a friend asking for help but figured the general idea might be a good read for some people so i decided to post it here. also these are just general tips, everyone is different, some people like different things, and if you don’t feel comfortable doing certain things, don’t do it. there should never be pressure put on to you to do sexual things you’re not comfortable with. but ultimately:

have fun with it. be comfortable with who you’re fucking and generally try to have a great time for yourself and your partner, be open with each other and don’t be afraid to try new things :~)

Jay Park answering to his inner fatherhood instincts xD went straight into the crowd at the mall and started dancing with that little girl that’s sitting on her dad’s shoulders. xD He performed a free show at Starfield COEX Mall just now and as always, there’s a full HD fancam of it courtesy of our dedicated kJwalkerz laduree ~

this is how he takes off his jacket when it got stuck on his arms lol. using his legs xD #relatable

that curly messy hair tho is a blessing.

cos it never gets tiring watching jay dance with kids. this is how jay park becomes a daddy. for real.

anonymous asked:

hey are taemin's legs hairy like jongin's? i've read someone said they are but i save every taem-in-shorts pics and i dont see much hair on his legs tho??

idk who said that to you, friend, but ive literally never (as in not once in any pic ive laid my eyes on in my 21 years of life) seen a hair on lee taemin’s legs so whatever plane of reality they live on must not be the same as me. like his leg hair isn’t just sparse, taemin has 0 hair lmao?? his legs are smoother than mine. taemin’s body hair is dark and if he had any on his legs you’d be able to see it in simple pics of him in shorts, it wouldn’t take zooming in and squinting at the most hq close-up of his legs available on the internet. taemin doesn’t have mysterious and magical unicorn leg hair only visible to the expert eye under 10x zoom and a magnifying glass, if you can’t see it, i assure you it’s not there anon

and to say they’re “hairy like jongin’s” warrants some genuine concern



No, we’ll fight together!

I’m going to sue Rebecca Sugar for making me tear up my allergies act up. Yes. Allergies.

(Also, older Steven design based off of maariamph‘s design!)

anathesniper replied to your photo “//WHAT HAPPENED TO HIS FUCKING LEGS?! Source:…”

someone go tired of him sprinting ahead and then realized this just mde him more powerful


//Well they certainly made him ugly. I don’t mind the concept of the skin as much as I am ‘meh’ about it. I don’t like what they did to his hair and visor tho.

But him having robo legs hilariously makes Sombra hacking the sprint out of him make more sense