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Pretty (Jungkook x Reader, M)

“Are you watching, Y/n? Are you watching yourself come apart, just for me?” 

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Haunted-Part 2



part one

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When you get back to the bar, everyone is stood talking about your little performance. The barman lays out a row of shots that Tony’s just bought and you take it upon yourself to sling back 3 of them. He looks at you with a raised eyebrow.
“I deserve them” You shrug, and he hands the remaining shots around.
“(Y/N), that was the hottest thing I’ve ever seen. You’re gonna have to teach me some of those moves” Wanda laughs, and so do you. She’s probably being serious too.
“Can I watch that?” Sam says, as he comes up behind you followed by Steve and Bucky, who’re to busy laughing at whatever they’re already talking about.
“Sam, I’m surprised your still standing after that performance” You tease him, and he winks at you.
“Oh I’m still standing, it took me a while to pick Bucky’s jaw off the floor though. You went in on him.” He laughs, clutching his stomach and Bucky punches him in the chest, making him laugh harder. You smile at Bucky and fiddle with your hands, not really sure what to say after you just spent 5 minutes grinding him against his will. His hands felt so good on you though…
You tear your eyes from him when Nat nudges your side, gesturing to the dancefloor again and you say a swift goodbye to the boys.
When you get to the floor, Nat and Wanda start howling with laughter and you look at them deadpan.

“Jesus Christ (y/n) that was incredible. Bucky’s face. I thought he was going to pee his pants. I don’t know how you kept so cool, we both know how much you fancy him!” Nat says, wiping a tear from her eye. You’re about to respond when you feel a hand on your shoulder.
“We thought we’d join you ladies” Steve shouts over the music. Oh this’ll be good.
“Show us your moves Cap!”  You wink at him.
After a few songs, you, Nat, Wanda and Sam are crying with laughter. You’ve all had a fair amount to drink by this point and trying to teach the two oldies how to dance to the pop and rnb music was just too much. You and Bucky had tried to forget about the ordeal earlier and had had a laugh with the rest of the team and Kady and Sophie, who had joined you when their shift ended. The next song was one of your favourites to dance to, you’d seen it on Magic Mike and decided you needed it for your next routine. When you left you’d taught Sophie the routine, and when you look over to her now, you laugh to yourself and nudge Bucky next to you when you see her dancing on Sam, a grin plastered on his face. Bucky cracks up next to you and shakes his head.

“Seriously how do you guys learn to dance like that?” He asks. You smirk at him, downing the rest of your drink.
“Its easy, you just need to feel the beat, move with it.” You say, starting to dance yourself, feeling more confident as the rush of alcohol moves through you. Bucky watches you, and his eyes turn dark as you sway your hips. You throw your plastic cup on the floor and move closer to Bucky.
“I’ll show you.” You say into his ear, biting your lip as you pull back, and all he can do is nod. You run your hands down his muscular arms, and place his hands on your hips. You stay close to him, bodies inches apart, you can practically feel his breath on your face. You roll your hips against him and his grip on your hips tightens, pulling you closer towards him. After a few moments he starts to move with you, eyes locked onto yours. He parts your legs with his thigh and the sudden pressure on your groin catches the breath in the back of your throat. He buries his face in your neck as you push your hands under the thin fabric of his t shirt, grazing your fingers up his back and raking your nails back down the skin. His hands round your waist and down your back to cup your ass, pulling you closer towards him. You close your eyes and moan, forgetting about everyone around you, they cant hear you over the music anyway. Bucky’s cool metal hand grazes just under the hem of your dress, making you shiver.
“I want you (Y/N)” He says into your ear, nipping your ear lobe lightly. Your heart beats almost eratically, and  you pull back and take his hand.
“We’re going home.” You  say, you can’t take this ache anymore. You need him, now. Bucky nods and you guide him to the others at the bar, they must have left you at some point.

“Guys, we’re heading home!” You say, Nat looks to your hand in Bucky’s and raises an eyebrow.
“We’ll come with you, I think Tony needs his bed.” Clint points to Tony, slumped over the bar. Jesus that man can drink. Bucky grip on your hand tightens in annoyance and your shoulders slump when eberyone gathers their things and heads to the door to the taxi rank. You look at Bucky and roll your eyes, you can see the irritation in his eyes. You tug on his hand and meet the others at the entrance, and suddenly, you’re on the floor.
“Son of a bitch!!” You shout, evil eyeing the two pissed up girls that just flew past and knocked you over. They don’t even notice as they strut of into the street. Bucky kneels beside you, concern in his eyes.
“You ok doll?” He asks, and you nod, wincing. Looking down at your leg, you see a gash on your knee and sigh.

Bucky helps you stand and when the mini bus arrives, he scoops you up and puts you in the back of the taxi next to him. As everyone climbs in, you throw your legs over Buckys lap and assess the wound.
“I’ll sort you out when we get home” He says, placing a hand on the bottom of your leg in comfort.
“Oh I hope so” You smirk, grabbing his hands and tracing it up your leg  to rest on your thigh, just below your dress. You know he didn’t mean it like that, but your wound wasn’t stopping the need for his hands on you again. He looks down to his hands inbetween your legs and back at you, his lip between his teeth. You shuffle closer to him, almost sitting on his lap, and he leans down to place a sloppy kiss in the crook of your neck. You close your eyes and hum in appreciation.
“Uhm driver, we’re gonna need to be home asap or its gonna get pretty NSFW back there.” Sam says, snapping you out of your haziness. Bucky laughs against your neck and pulls back, wrapping an arm round you.
“We’ll behave I swear.” You wink at Sam, and he shakes his head.

When you arrive back home, everyone practically runs to the kitchen for food, and you climb on Bucky’s back for a piggy back, wincing slightly when you catch your knee. He doesn’t stop by the kitchen, but continues straight down the hall to his room.
“What, you’re not joining us for a night cap?! Clint shouts after you, and the others laugh.
“Im an injured damsel in distress Barton, I need attending to!” You shout back and Bucky laughs, swinging his door open at the end of the hall.
“In more ways than one I imagine” You hear Nat say, and you flip her off before disappearing into Bucky’s room.
He puts you down gently on the bed and goes to the bathroom to get his first aid kit. You feel slightly more nervous being around him alone, the buzz of the alcohol wearing off. You gasp when the alcohol wipe hits the cut, your hand instinctively grabbing his to move it away.
“Sorry” You both say, and you giggle. His eyes light up when you laugh and he’s quiet again as he concentrates on patching you up. You watch as his eyebrows furrow together, his lip between his teeth as he tries to be as gentle as possible.

“Hey Bucky” You say, jumping when he ties the bandage tightly, but the pain is gone when his fingers trace your calf. He hums in response and you take a deep breathe.
“You know I’ve liked you for ages right? Like, months…I mean I didn’t think you’d feel the same so ive never-“ You’re interrupted by Bucky joining you up on the bed, his thumb glides over your bottom lip.
“Are you serious? Doll I knew I was going to be crazy about you from the moment Steve introduced me to you” He smiles, his thumb moving across your cheek. Your stomach does flips and you bite into a smile, moving to cup his face. His head shifts into your hand and he hums in content, gazing into your eyes.
“Do you want to know the moment I really fell for you?” He says, and you nod, holding your breathe.
“When you were grinding your ass all over me about an hour ago.” He smirks, and you swat him playfully.

You both start laughing, it was so good to see Bucky laugh, the way his eyes crinkle at the side and he smacks his knee make your heart swell. You grab his face and press your lips to his before you even know what you’re doing. As you go to pull away, Bucky takes your face in his hands and kisses you back with such passion, you think you’re going to melt. You climb onto his lap, the pain in your knee forgotten about, and he falls back onto the bed taking you with him. He smiles against your lips when your hair falls onto him, tickling his face and he blows it away. You bend down to kiss him again and his tongue glides across your bottom lip, finding its way into your mouth. You kiss him with more heat as you feel a great need for him again, and you gasp slightly when his hands slide up your thighs, pushing your dress up to grab your ass. You can feel him already half hard through his jeans, and you rock your hips against hip, earning a throaty groan.  He flips you over so he’s on top and pulls his t shirt over his head, exposing his broad shoulders and defined abs. He removes your dress, leaving you in your underwear. He takes a deep breath as he takes in the sight of you, he can’t believe this is happening. You trace the lines of his muscles as he runs a hand up one side of your body and over your clothed chest, resting it above your head as he leans down to leave wet kisses along your jaw and down your neck. His metal hand lifts your back of the bed to unhook your bra, and then comes round to gracefully slide over your bare chest. The feel of the cool metal makes your skin tingle, and he watches the effect he has on you, the goose bumps appearing on your skin. You take his metal hand and press a kiss to its palm, keeping your eyes on his.

“Don’t be afraid of this Bucky, I know you’d never hurt me.” You say, placing it back on your breast. He leans down and kisses you feverishly, hands moving to knead both of your breasts. He takes one in his mouth and sucks, his hot mouth on your cool flesh making you squirm in pleasure. He runs his flesh hand down your body and skims the line of your underwear, his mouth still working on your chest. He cups your sex, groaning against your skin when he feels how wet you already are. He sits back and looks to you for approval before removing your pants. He bends down and presses light kisses up your thighs, tongue tracing lines with every movement. Your breathing becomes erratic as you feel his hot breath right at your core, and then his mouth is on you. One slow lick from your slit to your clit has you throwing you head back against the pillows. He delves his tongue deep into you and you claw at his hair, pushing his face further into you. His metal hand glides over your hip, and then his thumb is rubbing circles into your bud.
You fist the sheets below you as you feel your stomach knotting, knowing your close.
“B-Bucky, im gonna-“ You cant even speak as your orgasm takes over, his tongue still lapping your folds. He growls as you yank on his hair, coming undone. He wipes his lip before coming up to kiss you, your chest heaving.

You sit up and push him down on the bed below you, leaning down to kiss his chest and the scarred skin where metal meets flesh. You unbuckle his belt, and slide his jeans off, releasing some of the pressure on his groin, leaving him in his pre cum soaked boxers. You run your tongue up his neck, nibbling at his jaw before kissing his plump lips again. Taking off his boxers, you straddle him, running your hands down his abs before taking his dick in your hand.
“I need you inside me James” You whisper, lining him up with your entrance before sliding onto him. You both cry out as you finally connect, both having waited for this moment for so long. He grabs your hips as you roll your hips up and down his length, finding a breath taking pace. He sits up against you, his hands on your back pulling you closer to him, and you rake your hands through his hair. His breathing quicken and you know neither of you wont last long, every thrust getting deeper, your clit rubbing against his every movement. The warm feeling takes over you again and your moans get loader.
“Im gonna cum James..” You grip onto his shoulders. He groans in agreement as both your movements become sloppy. You ride your climax out together, his moans muffled against the skin of your bare shoulder.

You stay there for a moment, catching your breathe, before falling down next to each other on the bed. After a minute, you roll over and prop your chin on his chest, he runs his hands over your back, grinning at each other.
“Bucky?” You whisper, he hums in response.
“What does this mean for us now?”
He smiles at you, and wraps his arms around you as you tangle a leg with his.
“Well doll, if you’ll have me, id like you to be my best girl.” He winks, and you grin, snuggling down into his chest.
“Id like that.” You say, closing your eyes as tiredness takes over.
“Does this mean I get free lap dances now?” He whispers, you can practically hear the smirk in his voice. You smile against his bare chest.
“Goodnight James.”

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