the ledgend of zelda


Local Shark boy breaks his soon to be boyfriends heart.

Y'all liked my first Sidlink pic so much you can have another

(Scene for the tv show The Godmother )


A boy and his dog. 

So, “Breath of the Wild” was created just so that I can live my childhood dream, right? Quests? Adventures? Heck nah, I’m gonna log like a hundred hours just climbing frickin’ TREES! I’m really excited to explore the LoZ world the way I’ve always wanted to! Zero boundaries and BEAST LINK AT MY SIDE!! I also LOVE Link’s more toonly design in this game! 

This piece was fun to play around with background and filters with, but also works really well as a transparency.

Special thanks to @coconutfanatic for helping me pick some of the colors and setting up my first Stream on Picarto.