the leauge of us

can i just say something ????

obviously team usa didnt win. didnt even win bronze. but like tbh???? i couldnt be prouder of them. i didnt even think theyd make it to the final round if were being honest. or to semis. but they did, and they fought as hard as they could, and thats fucking crazy !! fourth place is still amazing considering how world leauge started for us !!!!! i have to be upset but like theres room in that to be this proud

like this might be the first tournament ive ever watched but i can already tell we got something special here. and tbh !! ive had such a good experience with this sport already. not a lot of fans on tumblr, but everybody on here is so nice! like some sports i cant stand talking to people who support other teams but everybody ive met is super supportive of other teams, everybody finds the time to congratulate the team that won even as they mourn their team losing, you know?

and of course shoutout to @christensons for getting me into the sport !!!! remember this post lol? not even two months ago got dam. i fell in love with every guy you showed me and even if none of the guys that i ended up falling for played (other than thomas !!!! love of my life !!!!!!!!!), i fell so in love with everybody out there on the court bc of you. i know we knew each other before but i feel like i really got to bond with you over this sport and im so so thankful for that <3 <3 love ya

and !! @coastercoulson weve only been mutuals for 23 days wtf !!!!! i feel like i could trust you with my life already i swear lol.. we havent really talked that much which is crazy but like.. i probably NEVER would have talked to you without this world league so wow!!!!! love you too sm

there are a million other people i could list here too tbh who i literally only met because of volleyball !!! like i already said, everybody who likes vb on tumblr is SO SO nice and honestly i look so forward to getting to know more of you and learning more about the sport <3 <3 <3 <3

i love you all. i love volleyball. i love the usa !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

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Unpopular opinion: NHL needs to become harsher on players like The Ducks captain. He needs more than a stern finger shake at his over his use of slurs. Let's celebrate the Marchys of the leauge for standing up for the rights and punish the ones that use them.

ABSO-FUCKING-LUTELY! 👏🏼 The Getzlaf incident was barely addressed and his “apology” was actually the most pathetic attempt at an apology I’ve ever heard. The league should 100% shine a light on the guys who do good things around the league (especially with that kind of stuff because sports, unfortunately, still have sort of an anti-LGBT stigma around them) and give them more recognition for it! The whole “You Can Play” movement was a good start and I’m curious to see if they’re planning on building on it at all 😁