the leather squad

One of the little things I love about Dirk Gently season one is how pre-Rowdy 3 Amanda is so terrified of something as simple as applying eyeliner because the stimulation could set off a pararibulitis attack.

While post-Rowdy 3 Amanda has eyeliner game that I would literally sell my first-born for.

Calling Negan’s Thirst Squad

Ok, so some of you may have seen a recent post by @chandra75 that, to paraphrase, basically called everyone who likes Negan rape apologists.

I don’t know whether the post has been deleted, but for whatever reason I cannot reblog it which is why I’m making this post. 

I tried my best to add a calm reply stating that I, myself, am a rape survivor and would appreciate it if they would not create such a heated argument over a fictional character. They then proceeded to call me “disgusting”, implied I was not an “actual” rape survivor and that I was lying. In addition, they said that I was perpetuating rape culture, and that I should be ashamed of myself. 

I’m tagging some of you because I really think this behavior is unacceptable and I’d like help reporting the user.

I just really don’t think this community can stand for behavior like this, it’s not okay. 

EDIT: Thank you all for being so nice and reassuring. <3

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rules: list your top 10 favorite characters from 10 different fandoms (in no particular order) and then tag 10 people.

I was tagged by @karinta-agogobell-unified

1. Delphine Cormier - Orphan Black
2. Faith Lehane - Buffy the Vampire Slayer
3. Olivia Dunham - Fringe
4. [no first name] Patterson - Blindspot
5.  Kenzi Malikov - Lost Girl
6. Frankie Bergstein - Grace & Frankie
7. Wynonnna Earp - Wynonna Earp
8.  Diana Prince - Wonder Woman
9.  Kara Danvers - Supergirl
10.  Daisy Johnson - Agents of S.H.E.I.L.D.

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I got a new cut and coloring all because of his fictional character that I’m in love with. I can’t thank Katie for her amazing work as the BlackCanary on Arrow. She’s inspired me so much. Like I’m so thankful she was chosen for this role. I identify and relate to her and her persona. Haven’t had the same struggles but I appreciate her character and her story.

anonymous asked:

Could you please do headcannons for Warren when he shows up at the x mansion after the apocalypse fight and tries to settle in?

If this is rough I’m sorry!!!! I tried my bestest and I hope they’re okay!


- people are probably kind of scared of him when he first wakes up (the plane crash probably knocked him out for like a week, I don’t think anyone can survive a plane crush and not have at least a concussion)

- His metal wings make clanking noises that freak people out and annoy the heck out of everyone.

- Kurt tries to make him feel welcome, he just pushes him away (he is the reason warrens white wings got messed up, Kurt understands this)

- Scott probably tries to talk to him, bro to bro, and Warren pushes him away too.

- Charles made a no drinking rule, he’s keeping himself away from people so he doesn’t lash out on anyone more than he typically would.

- Probably listens to loud music in his room to drown out the sounds of people enjoying themselves in the hallways or outside

- Jubilee is the one that actually becomes his friend (acquaintance? Friend? Casual person to talk to? Warren doesn’t know what to call her, he hasn’t really known friendship in so long that he’s forgotten what it’s like. There’s no friends in the cage.)

- They bond over their favorite place to buy leather jackets and vinyls

- Scott and Peter are amazed by this, the two were polar opposites and yet they became close quickly just by jackets

- Jubs eventually makes him join the rest of the group, the rest of the school may still be kind of scared of him but she knows that the x squad has been dying to get to know him

- Super awkward at first, Kurt and Warren are still weary of each other and Warren is self conscious of his wings because Kurt had seen his feathery ones and they got ruined, what could he do to his metal wings? (Nothing, as it turns out Kurt is a sweet blueberry who only wants to make friends and make people happy)

- Scott and Peter get Warren to talk to them by saying something about being bros, at first Warren is like ???? But after four tries they get him to hang out with them just the three of them (Scott blew up a tree, he made a joke so bad that Peter smacked the back of his head hard enough for his glasses to fly off and just destroy. Warren decided he might just like being friends with them because that was pretty funny.)

- Jubs and Warren eventually let Peter join the leather jacket squad, and they all go to the mall together and make sure Peter stays with them the whole time (“Peter I swear if we get in trouble for you running out without paying for something I’ll actually throw a firecracker at you” “yeah, and I’ll make my wings grind together in your ears”)

- Warren and Kurt slowly get closer, talking to each other in German when they want to make Scott and Peter mad

- Jean and Warren study together, he’s a closeted nerd and secretly loves physics and biology (specifically birds probably, he’s curious about his own bone structure and how in the world he flies)

- People become less and less scared of him one day when they see Jubilee wearing his ginormous leather jacket and Warren wearing her tiny yellow jacket on the tops of his wings