the leather squad

Can we just talk about Harry somehow getting Sirius’ old motorbike and fixing it up because it’s in disarray.

And Draco scoffs because “What on earth are you gonna do with that old scrap metal?!”

Harry shrugs shoving his hands in his pockets. “Fix it,” he mumbles.

But then he starts to resent the bike because Harry spends hours in the shed fixing it up and won’t let anyone near him. It takes him months and Draco is close to setting the shed on fire because that damn motorbike has taken ALL of Harry’s attention and the only thing that stops him from complaining is the way he catches Harry looking at old photos in the middle of the night, and he knows Harry needs it.

And then finally, fucking finally, Harry finishes. It’s the first day of March and absolutely freezing when he invites Draco for a ride. He has absolutely NO desire to go anywhere near that enchanted muggle death trap but Draco just sighs and agrees.

“I’ll be out in a minute,” he groans, putting it off for as many minutes as he can before finally pulling on his jacket and scarf.

But when he steps outside the sight before him takes his breath away because Harry is leaning back against the motorbike and yeah te motorbike looks absolutely impeccable but it’s Harry he can’t take his eyes off. Harry in his worn denim pants and soft white t-shirt with a leather jacket over it all that makes Draco feel hot and flushed all over.

Then he’s holding his hand out, beconing Draco closer. And as Draco climbs on, inhaling the accent of leather and Harry’s shampoo, wrapping his arms around him from behind and feeling the muscles in Harry’s back ripple against his chest as Harry starts the bike he can’t help but think this might have been one of the best ideas Harry has ever had.

One of the little things I love about Dirk Gently season one is how pre-Rowdy 3 Amanda is so terrified of something as simple as applying eyeliner because the stimulation could set off a pararibulitis attack.

While post-Rowdy 3 Amanda has eyeliner game that I would literally sell my first-born for.

Tattoos & Leather Master List

Negan is the new owner of a lounge and meets the singer with a dark past and trust issues. Can Negan break down her walls? Will she let Negan in?

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Tattoos & Leather: Chapter Seventeen (Ending)

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Tattoos & Leather Master List

Negan’s Obsession Master List 

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14th day of Inktober!!!

EEEEY AM NOT LATE. Bought new pens and wow boi was that fun and didn’t took me hours to play with 8D

Tattoos & Leather Chapter 13

Lilith meets Ben.

Warnings: Language. Angst.

Words: 1,221

Pairing: Negan x Lilith (AU)

Huge thanks to my beta @x-negan You are the best, babes!

Chapter Thirteen 

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“There you go!” Simon said proudly. Simon had started Lilith’s classes about two weeks ago. Lilith tried to change Negan’s mind about her taking a regular defense class,

But of course, he was not having any of it. “Simon, you are going to kill me!” Lilith said between deep breaths. “That’s kind of the point. You wanted to be able to defend yourself, so tough up, buttercup.”

Simon teased as he was trying to sweep his legs underneath her. She jumped out of the way and rolled, kicking her foot out— making him stumble.

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Calling Negan’s Thirst Squad

Ok, so some of you may have seen a recent post by @chandra75 that, to paraphrase, basically called everyone who likes Negan rape apologists.

I don’t know whether the post has been deleted, but for whatever reason I cannot reblog it which is why I’m making this post. 

I tried my best to add a calm reply stating that I, myself, am a rape survivor and would appreciate it if they would not create such a heated argument over a fictional character. They then proceeded to call me “disgusting”, implied I was not an “actual” rape survivor and that I was lying. In addition, they said that I was perpetuating rape culture, and that I should be ashamed of myself. 

I’m tagging some of you because I really think this behavior is unacceptable and I’d like help reporting the user.

I just really don’t think this community can stand for behavior like this, it’s not okay. 

EDIT: Thank you all for being so nice and reassuring. <3

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I got a new cut and coloring all because of his fictional character that I’m in love with. I can’t thank Katie for her amazing work as the BlackCanary on Arrow. She’s inspired me so much. Like I’m so thankful she was chosen for this role. I identify and relate to her and her persona. Haven’t had the same struggles but I appreciate her character and her story.

Tattoos & Leather: Chapter 15

Ben has found Lilith and Negan. Can they survive Ben’s attack?

AN’s: I am so sorry for making you wait so long! Here is Ch. 15 and then we have two more chapters till the end!

Pairing: Negan x OC (Lilith)

Words: 1,646

Warnings: Blood, Violence, Language, Angst

Chapter Fifteen

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All was quiet when Lilith woke up to head to the bathroom. Honestly, too quiet. She headed to the kitchen for a glass of water before heading back to bed. Lilith laid back down and went to kiss Negan and curl up next to him when she realized he wasn’t in bed. “Negan. Baby, where are you?” She whispered. She sat up looking around. 

She jumped when a hand clamped over her mouth. She could hear someone shushing her, she glanced back and saw it was Negan. Her eyes widened with panic. “Ben’s fucking goons found us. Hide in the fucking closet.” He whispered into her ear handing her a gun. She looked at him with worried eyes. She looked around, panicking. 

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