the lean in

There is no Minor League in business.

A cruel truth about business: different to the world of sports there is no fairness. 

If you start a company in your garage - you don’t compete with all the garage companies in the town or the country…

From the first day on you swim with the sharks. 

All unicorns, Fortune500 enterprises, old money, the syndicates and undercover organizations, … - they all operate right next to you. 

Most of the times you might get away by being overlooked. But once in while you might find yourself eye to eye… 

Try to be aware of - but not intimidated by that.

How to still have a chance:

  • don’t panic.
  • find your niche and exploit it.
  • understand your customer better than anyone else.
  • be fast and really good.
  • build a love band.
  • Understand staying in business as a form of success. 

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I bet when Kihyun cries Wonho would pull him against his chest and ask, "Why is my baby crying?" and Kihyun would shake his head. "I'm not crying!" but the tears keep flowing and Wonho coos at him before cupping his cheeks and brushing away his tears. "Please don't cry. The sun hates it when you cry," and Kihyun would scoff but then he leans in to bop their nose.

i hate it when kihyun cry too don’t worry wonho aksjhdf


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