the leaf game

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I restarted my Animal Crossing New Leaf game since it’s been so long since I’ve played and wow I’ve forgotten how to play😂I already messed up and planted my perfect peach in the wrong area so it’s dead whoops. I am gonna get a lot of bells from Nook though so I guess that’s good.

(Also my old town had Cherries as the native fruit and Isabelle just gave me some cherries saying they were from her hometown. I know it’s a coincidence but I’m gonna cry that’s so cute! 😢)


Potentially the best thing about Snoop Dogg performing at the 2017 NHL All Star Game is that Snoop fucking loves wearing hockey jerseys and we might see him try to rep every single team’s sweater at some point.

In case anyone else was confused about the Amiibo card signs/numbers! This excludes the Sanrio/Series 5 cards. Feel free to drop me an ask if you want to know anything else and I’ll try my best to help ^_^

NOTE: The background colour corresponds with the zodiac sign!