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Why You Should Watch Mononoke

Mononoke (not beloved Studio Ghibli film Princess Mononoke), is a personal favourite of mine and something I’ll recommend to anyone. As such, I’m going to take the podium for a bit here to make a case to you all, my followers, and to anyone following you should you reblog this post, that this is an anime to watch. Let’s go.

Mononoke is a 12 episode spin-off of the Bake-Neko arc from Akayashi: Samurai Horror Tales, both works produced by Toei Animation. Ayakashi was composed of three arcs, the first two adaptations of existing stories with the third, Bake-Neko, being an original creation. From the Bake-Neko arc, the following series Mononoke was derived.

The Bake-Neko arc does have a clear relationship to events within Mononoke as well, and thus I would STRONGLY recommend watching it before watching Mononoke. As such, I would actually describe Mononoke as being a 15 episode series, consisting of the Bake-Neko arc and then the 12 episodes of Mononoke proper.

The episodes of Ayakashi to watch are 9, 10 and 11, and they bear no relationship to previous episodes, meaning there’s no requirement to watch any before them. Ayakashi: Samurai Horror Tales episode 9 is thus the true starting point of Mononoke.

If the two images posted so far have caught your interest, I would strongly recommend seeking out episode 9 of Ayakashi and giving it a try. Unfortunately while Mononoke is, Ayakashi is not available on Crunchyroll, meaning I can’t in good faith provide a link to a place to watch it. If you look you will find it. Trust me on that.

For those of you about to leave, allow me to provide a content warning now: as mononoke are demons made of the actions of people, there’s a lot of brutal stuff within this show, and while it is highly stylised, blood flows, violence is common, and abuse shown. While I will recommend this show to anyone, it will be with the caveat that you yourself must be comfortable with watching it. That’s the best I can say.

Mononoke follows the Kusuriuri (Medicine Seller), a nameless wanderer of the world who carries the Sword of Exorcism, used in the slaying of demons. However in order to draw the sword he must first determine the Form, Truth and Reason of a mononoke - that being: what it is; why it is; and what it wants. As such, each individual arc within the series acts as a form of mystery, wherein the Medicine Seller must hold out against the mononoke’s actions while investigating his surroundings to gauge those three properties and draw the sword.

Each individual arc within Mononoke, totaling up to six when counting the Bake-Neko arc from Ayakashi, is (mostly) self-contained, although the world is the same for all of them leading to some on-going effects between stories.

Hey by the way? This show is gorgeous. The visuals and audio are fantastic, the scenery is beautiful, the twisted designs and mind-bending shots entrance and, throughout it all, the calm and steady tone of the Medicine Seller (Takahiro Sakurai) do a fantastic job of showing his steadfast approach to it all.

I am, without question, boundlessly bias towards this show, as I do think so highly of it, but honestly I can’t recommend it enough. It’s an experience worth having.

So if you enjoy crazy colour visuals, psychological twists, and the pursuit of truth, then this show is one you will very much enjoy.

Not yet convinced? Check out this fantastic fan-made trailer!

Mononoke itself is available here on Crunchyroll, although as I have specified before, I STRONGLY recommend watching the Bake-Neko arc (episodes 9 to 11) of Ayakashi beforehand.

As a reminder, this show does depict instances of abuse, as well as significant blood and injuries, so be aware of that should you choose to go in.

Finally, if you do, let me know! I’d love to hear if you enjoyed this! Feel free to reblog, spread this to others, and let’s share this to many people. It’s a grand experience, I promise.

Thank you.

I’ve seen lots of queer film recs floating around lately but they tend to have the same titles on. So here are 8 less well known films that are well worth a watch.

Velvet Goldmine. Once upon a time this was my fave film. Full of amazing costumes, music and gay romance: it’s a thing of wonder. If only it didn’t end sadly as all historical queer films must.

Sommersturm  (German) –A rural rowing team take on an all gay (and proud) team in a regatta – this leads to hilarity, angst, gorgeous scenery and lots of banter.

Show me love (Fucking Amal- Sweden) – This holds a special place in my heart because it was the first film I bought from the internet and had imported to the UK. It is sweet and angsty, but also realistic (awkward moments and misunderstandings). This is not a shiny rom-com or beautiful tragedy, it is real and gritty - I recognise my teenage years in these girls!

Beautiful Thing. Another sweet and gritty modern coming out tale which reminds me of the UK Queer as Folk. I guess because they were filmed at about the same time – this is what the shy and closeted teens were up to in the 90’s when Nathan was partying.

My Beautiful Launderette. A Brit classic. Some 80’s drama (brilliant if you’ve seen Pride recently and want to prolong the feels.)

Ma Vie en rose (Belgian). An absolutely must see! -A beautiful tale of young Ludovic who, though biologically male, identifies as female, and is desperate to be pretty, with a love of princess dresses, dolls, and a desperate desire to wear skirts. This is the story of her search for her identity and acceptance.


Touch of Pink- A silly but charming rom-com with the redeeming and absurd feature of Kyle MacLachlan as an imaginary Cary Grant, who gives fabulous lifestyle advice for the conflicted Alim.

But I’m a Cheerleader. No excuses for not having seen this amazing film. I’m not even going to rec it. Get on Amazon now!

justalexanderlightwood  asked:

5. “If you loved me, you’d fight for it. If you loved me, you’d show it. If you loved me, you’d fight for me. Do you even know what love is?”

a/n: to the Anon who also sent the same prompt: I might write another one based on this same prompt for you, but it might take a while. For now, I hope you also like this one! xx

5. “If you loved me, you’d fight for it. If you loved me, you’d show it. If you loved me, you’d fight for me. Do you even know what love is?”

“If you loved me, you’d fight for it.” 

The distant voice of a long-forgotten past resurfaced at the back of Magnus’s mind as he stood silently at his loft’s balcony, his body slightly leaning towards the edge of the concrete railings. The cool breeze of the midnight air blew past his tired and weary body, and the unwelcome feeling of the sudden cold sent an involuntary shiver down his spine. Although uncomfortable in that state, he clearly did not have any intention to move away from his place on the balcony. So instead of changing his position, he decided to stay and let his shoulders slump forward as he rested his arms above the freezing concrete. He absentmindedly rubbed his hands together to produce some sort of warmth, while his dark brown glamoured eyes stared right ahead towards the stunning view in front of him. 

Whenever painful memories would come back to him in the middle of the night, his first instinct was to get up from his bed and go to his balcony. There was always something comforting about seeing the subtle beauty of Brooklyn under the silvery moonlight. The aura of the borough during this time of the night was always very soothing for Magnus, especially when he hears the quiet murmurs of people coming and going, the few cars still driving by, and the distant music softly playing from another apartment nearby. 

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