the leader that i love

ok but like the camera was on per right after the whistle blew and he wasn’t jumping or screaming or anything but he had this expression of quiet, contented serenity, this small secret smile, and it was such a beautiful thing to witness 

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If Finn isn't a Jedi then I hope he follows in Leias footsteps, maybe taking a position of political power or at least a bigger position in the resistance. He's just so smart and resourceful and cares about people so much I can totally see him leading like Leia does.

I definitely think Finn is getting a big role in the resistance in this next movie. Like, it sounds like he’s going off on his own mission. I still want him to be force-sensitive, but if it turns out that they don’t go that way with the film, i’m not going to think or say that that makes Finn any less important as a character to me? Like, Han Solo is often seen as the most popular star wars character of all time and he isn’t a jedi, so i’m not giving up on Finn if they decide not to make him a jedi. If that is the case, I’d love to see him be a leader in the resistance and a badass fighter, even if not with a lightsaber. Like, he’s obviously highly skilled in combat so i’d still hope for some awesome Finn fight scenes. And a leadership position would be so cool too!

Harry’s tattoos and puns...

This is a guy who has a “thigh-ger” tattoo (tiger on his thigh) and a butterfly on his stomach and “big” on his big toe and he just got a bee on his ARM, at essentially the same time Steve Aoki referred to Louis’ dedicated fans as an “army of bees.”

Harry is the HBIC of the army of bees and he wants us to know it.


DY’s childish games making TY brighten his mood  

Ouma cries and gets over it
New Danganronpa V3
Ouma cries and gets over it

Rough translation (might be slightly inaccurate so take it with a grain of salt)

eh? that’s so cruel, I was only trying……. to… find the… culprit

*cries* you’re so cruel

ush I feel better after crying

people i will accept as black paldin in place of shiro:


people i will most definitely not accept as black paladin in place of shiro: