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Sorry to bother you, but could you possibly outline why Kaneki is considered a terrible leader?

hello ! 

kaneki is a incompetent leader for many reasons, a reminder that i do love ken a lot, but i can’t cover up the fact that he is absolute garbage at being the one eyed king.

to begin with, let’s start of with kaneki’s reasons as the one-eyed king.

kaneki never had any strong passion for creating a world for both ghouls and humans. his reasons are still for himself, he was still trying to protect the people he has, but not seeing the whole picture. he didn’t become the one-eyed king because he wanted to, he simply took on the role because of a sense of duty left by arima & eto.

he is aware that he isn’t the best leader, but still doesn’t make effort to change this. he doesn’t care for his own life at all, and touka acknowledged him about this;

his motivations do change, however they were completely based of emotions & the only reason this change begun to come about was his relationship with touka;

adding to how he runs from emotions, he returned to the 24th ward without back up just like he did during the anteiku raid arc, repeating the same mistake once again. it is understandable why he returned by himself as he was right when he said he couldn’t just tell everyone to turn back, but at the same time, it was a terrible decision to return on his own knowing the amount of power the ccg have + he hasn’t been eating properly. even furuta knew kaneki would do this, which means furuta has been watching ken and knows him well enough to be 100% certain that he will return, allowing him to carry out plan dragon.

furuta, although being the antagonist of the story, acts better, and even tells kaneki about his mistakes as king. furuta thought ahead, sealing of V14, preparing the oggai, even getting roma and rio in his office, exterminating the communication squad, thinking towards the future and even estimating kaneki would come back. this makes kaneki terrible as king because he returned due to his emotions and believed those emotions would be enough for him to protect everyone, but fell into furuta’s trap in doing so. furuta’s plan went exactly as planned, which shows kaneki didn’t think into the future as much as his enemy did, although he did leave back support, he chose to ignore that the ghouls haven’t been eating & that the ccg are fully armed.

if kaneki had killed hajime, none of this would have happened. but because of his own fears of killing a child, he spared his life and in return resulted in him losing so many people. not only this, but if kaneki had killed furuta when he had the chance to, none of this would have happened.

another reason for kaneki’s incompetence as king is because of his unstable mental patterns. i’m not in any way saying that mentally ill people cannot take leadership roles, but i’m talking about kaneki’s suicidal tendencies. he participated in the anteiku raid because he hoped to die, fought arima because he thought he would die. 

the black and white checkerboard has been a constant symbol of kaneki’s mental state. when he found his will to live again, the patterns turned white, representing peace and purity. here most of the white is disappearing and even turning into black, meaning that the current kaneki or whatever he is, is probably incredibly brutal. kaneki’s unstable, with a lack of identity, as seen where he never grew from his personas, but only became someone else. 

it’s not just the readers who recognise kaneki as a shit leader, many of the other people close to him do to. 

tsukiyama tries to be loyal and trust kaneki’s decision, but it is clear that he is unhappy with kaneki’s indecisiveness and reliance on his emotions. even ayato when they went to obtain rc cell suppressants had to remind kaneki of his role as a leader + to put that above his own personal reasons. 

there are other characters who have shown to be great leaders. touka, ever since the 24th ward had been invaded, has been leading the people and fighting, putting herself and the remaining ghouls + children above her own friendship with hinami. touka can make decisions, recognise her responsibilities and move forward in a way kaneki can’t. hide didn’t act impulsively to help kaneki, he requested help from urie & the ccg, he can control his emotions and carry out ways to execute his goal, as compared to kaneki who managed to full into the exact plan furuta had set out for him.

this is a mess, i apologise, but these are a few reasons why ken sucks at being a leader. have a good day :))

1 Corinthians 10:13

If you guys have talked to me recently, you probably know that I have mixed feelings about my new church, but I love my small group leaders and how they lead. Older sister/HMCC-ET-alum E is also in my small group, and she told me of how I was “lucky” to be placed in the small group I am now because our leaders’ leading style is more of what I was looking for in a church. Because I saw much room for me to invest and be invested in, I excitedly plugged myself into serving our sg in being fellowship coordinator (single adults do not hang out often, but I am trying to change that heh) and helping out with worship. 

I admire and look up to both E and V (my female small group leader), but didn’t want to seem too eager to ask for meet-ups, since discipleship wasn’t really spoken of (at least in the short time I’ve been here). As much as I look forward to sg on Wednesday’s, I always hoped for a community where we could live life on life together bearing each others burdens and joys, not necessarily in the ways that I’m used to in college ministry, but I wanted to be involved in this community outside of just our Wednesday meetings. In my QT’s, God told me to chill, and that He knew what He was doing here. I anxiously said ok and waited. 

And guess what fam~ Today, V introduced something new that other sg’s have not done before… Prayer Pod’s. These pods are meant to keep each member accountable to the others’ prayer requests and live (quote) “life on life” together in our small group because “small group shouldn’t just be on Wednesday.” She also stressed the importance of discipleship in these pods. And guess who’s in my pod… E! And this other recent grad that I brought out to small group that I wanted to get to know better :)

Ahhhhhhh! I think I’m prob a little crazy for being this excited about an LCGish relationship, but… I am. When we got together as pods, E reminded me that this was really unusual at our new church and how excited she was about these pods too. 

There were so many prayers sewn into my move here to find a good community. Honestly, many times I just brushed them off or forgot about them, especially in the midst of my huge struggle bus, but I’m finally seeing the fruitfulness of some of them now. 

Yeah, I’m definitely a little sad sometimes that I’m not in Michigan. It’s a bittersweetness that’s confusing because I know I had to go, but many times I doubted that I was where God wanted me to be because my main purpose for moving wasn’t being fulfilled and in previous months, my church hunt seemed so futile, and I felt so alone.

I’m so silly; God has been and will always be so faithful.
Hindsight is 20/20 heh. Oh Lordy, grow my faith.


happy birthday to our sweet namjoon!
thank you for being our galaxy 


“…I’ve met various waves as I went around here and there.
   The sea is cold and dark but…if I have to become a wave for someone,
I thought it would be nice if i am… a bit more of an affectionate wave.”
  “Somehow, I think it’s right for me to set things under my control and swim out once again.“

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DY’s childish games making TY brighten his mood  

Harry’s tattoos and puns...

This is a guy who has a “thigh-ger” tattoo (tiger on his thigh) and a butterfly on his stomach and “big” on his big toe and he just got a bee on his ARM, at essentially the same time Steve Aoki referred to Louis’ dedicated fans as an “army of bees.”

Harry is the HBIC of the army of bees and he wants us to know it.


“It’s hard to tell the truth, and it’s hard to hear it. It involves feelings. It could make us feel uncomfortable with each other. But, to all of us, [hearing the truth] wasn’t bad. I believe Solar’s words strengthened our unity.”


teen wolf appreciation week day two: favourite development

We’re here to save Lydia. We’re here to save our friend.