the leadbelly


Huddie William Ledbetter, meglio conosciuto come LeadBelly è stato uno dei più grandi esponenti del folk revival. Nasce nel 1885, si guadagnava un pò di salario lavorando nei campi di cotone, e suonava la chitarra ( 12 corde ) dove e quando possibile. Venne giudicato colpevole di omicidio una volta, e di tentato omicidio un altra. Ed è proprio in carcere che nasce la leggenda di LeadBetter. Ci sono molti aneddoti sulla nascita del suo soprannome, c’e addirittura chi sostiene che in seguito ad una ferita di arma da fuoco pancia, il proiettile non fu mai estratto e da qui il nome LeadBelly “piombo nella pancia”. Leadbelly rendi celebri le ballate Goodnight Irene, Where did you sleep last night, John Nardy.

i Nirvana hanno ne hanno realizzato anche una cover.

DELTA BLUES: The Beginning of it All.

Delta blues is one of the earliest styles of blues music, thus one of the earliest styles of modern music.The importance of the genre is beyond perception as it heavily influenced blues, jazz, rock n’ roll, and it determined music as we know it today. The mix features music by all the great Delta blues musicians including Robert Johnson, Son House, and Big Bill Broonzy.
This my friends, is the beginning of it all.

i. Crossroad Blues - Robert Johnson || ii. Preachin’ Blues - Son House || iii. I Be’s Troubled - Muddy Waters || iv. Milk Cow Blues - Sleepy John Estes || v. Baby, Please Don’t Go - Big Joe Williams || vi. Where Did you Sleep Last Night? - Leadbelly || vii. Down the Dirt Road Blues - Charley Patton || viii. Fixin’ to Die Blues - Bukka White || ix. Big Bill Blues - Big Bill Broonzy || x. Future Blues - Willie Brown || xi. Southern Can is Mine - Blind Willie McTell || xii. Dark was the Night, Cold was the Ground - Blind Willie Johnson || xiii. Falling Down Blues - Furry Lewis || xiv. Cool Drink of Water Blues - Tommy Johnson || xv. Matchbox Blues - Blind Lemon Jefferson

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image: photo of Mississippi John Hurt (c. 1950s-1960s)


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Rock Against Rape Benefit Concert
Club Lingerie, Hollywood, CA, September 1993

Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love made a surprise appearance at the Rock Against Rape benefit concert at Hollywood’s Club Lingerie in early September, 1993.  

‘This is our only public appearance together we will ever make in our entire lives’

Courtney & Kurt had never performed together in public before. Courtney played two (then) new tunes, “Doll Parts” and “Miss World,” on heavily fuzzed electric guitar and was then joined onstage by Cobain, whom she introduced as “my husband, Yoko,” and later quipped, “Kurt’s leaving me, he’s gonna marry Winona.”

The pair played an intense acoustic version of “Pennyroyal Tea,” off Nirvana’s album, In Utero, and then closed with a rousing cover of folk-blues legend Leadbelly’s “Where Did You Sleep Last Night?”

George Harrison, Ringo Starr, Yoko Ono, Sean and Julian Lennon at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame ceremony for The Beatles’ induction, 20 January 1988 (Photo: David McGough)

“Thank you very much. I don’t have to say much ‘cos I’m the quiet Beatle. It is unfortunate that Paul’s not here, because he’s the one with the speech in his pocket.
[Ringo: ‘And why didn’t they play “Octopus’s Garden”?’]
We’ll talk about that later. Anyway, we all know why John can’t be here, and I’m sure he would be, and it’s hard really to stand here supposedly representing The Beatles, it’s what’s left, I’m afraid. But, um, we loved him so much, and we love Paul very much.
I suppose basically the reason we became a band was all the other people who are in the Hall of Fame already, including Leadbelly, 'cos actually, they stole his tunes, turned it into skiffle, and we all became skifflers when we were 13. And, uh, all of them in there and all of the people inducted tonight too, they all had great influence on us, and it was for that reason alone we just wanted to get guitars and get in a band, because we didn’t really have proper jobs at the time. Anyway, it sort of turned out fine, and, uh, it got a bit bigger than any of us expected. And, uh, it’s certainly wonderful to be here and certainly a thrill, and thank you all very much, especially all the rock and rollers - Little Richard there, it’s all his fault really.
[Ringo: 'And don’t forget Muhammad Ali.]
We won’t forget Muhammad Ali, he picked us up in Miami Beach one day. Anyway, thank you all very much, and on behalf of, of John, I’m sure he’s well covered here with Yoko, Sean and Julian, and thank you all very much. God bless.“ - George Harrison’s speech (with some contributions by Ringo) at the induction ceremony


Leadbelly - Relax Your Mind


Relax your mind Relax your mind Ooh, it’ll make you live a great long time Sometimes you’ve got to relax your mind. When the light turns green Ooh push down on your gasoline One time you’ve got to relax your mind. When the light turns red Ooh, shove your breaks down to the bed, One time you’ve got to relax your mind. Relax your mind, Relax your mind, Oh it’ll make you feel so fine some times, Sometimes you’ve got to relax your mind. When you’re driving in your automobile, Ooh, keep your eyes down through that windshield. That’s the time you’ve got to relax your mind. Once there was a man Crossing the railroad track, Ooh boy, and he forgot to relax That was one time he should have relaxed his mind. Relax your mind, Relax your mind, Ooh it’ll make you feel just as fine as wine, Sometime you’ve got to relax your mind. Relax now Relax your mind, Relax your mind, Ooh, it’ll make you live a great long time. Sometime you’ve got to relax your mind. Songwriters: HUDDIE LEDBETTER © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC, T.R.O. INC. For non-commercial use only. Data From: LyricFind