the lbd meme

Web Series Meme: 6 Female Characters

↳ (3/6) Elizabeth “Lizzie” Bennet

You know, some days are bad. Like when you trip in the hall after science class and your skirt flips over your head, just as the senior you have a crush on is rounding the corner. Then there are days that are just okay. Maybe you find a twenty on the sidewalk, but you also get a parking ticket. Then there are days that are just so unspeakably awesome and everything is perfect and wonderful and all of your patience has paid off. And for me that day is today.

questions I now have

- is Lizzie’s office in the PD building or is Darcy’s office in the Lizzie building or is Lizzie’s office in the building she lives and does Darcy also live in that building or is he just stopping by

- that’s it those are the questions