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Tweek, what is the cutest thing that Craig does all the time that he finds totally embarrassing?

TWEEK: haha, well. he talks to his guinea pig sometimes and- i don’t know!

TWEEK: it’s like?? sometimes he keeps a conversation going with Stripe just like that OR he just says a bunch of sweet things to him and it’s.. really cute to watch?

TWEEK: ah- sorry if that sounded weird. but yeah!


Night animals

What things could be fixed in Steven Universe to make me want to watch it anymore? (My opinion)

1. Stop demonizing characters who did nothing awful and stop making us symphaze characters who fucked up really bad (and didn’t even apologize for it) - The show tends to put characters like Amethyst, Sugilite, and other characters in a bad spotlight a lot. While Peridot, the Diamonds, Lapis, and fucking Pearl can get away the horrible shit they’ve done. Amethyst, Sugilite, Bismuth, and other characters get shit and put in a negative spotlight for doing something not as bad. Sugilite got put a negative spotlight because she took out her anger on Pearl, and wanted to stay together because she didn’t want to be alone anymore. Amethyst always get shit and gets in trouble for basically fucking being herself. 

2. LESS PEARL EPISODES - Stop giving Pearl so many episodes of her sob story. They spent two seasons covering her arc. Stop. I admit it’s toned down, but still. Give Pearl less spotlight. Give Bismuth spotlight. Give Garnet spotlight. Give Amethyst spotlight. Give Jasper spotlight. NOT FUCKING PEARL.

3. Stop shoving Lapis and Peridot off to the barn - So an issue since the beginning of Season 3 for me was Peridot and Lapis being shoved off to the barn. And that barn RUINED Lapis’ character for me. She feels bland now. And they keep going back and forth on her personality. If they could give Lapis more screen time, continue her arc, and portray her character like they did in Room for Ruby, then I’ll be happy.

4. Make Pearl’s character more likable - I don’t like Pearl. If you follow my blog, it’s obvious then I don’t like her. The reason why is because of the shit she has done ; bullied Amethyst and Greg, obsessed over Rose unhealthily, manipulate and lie to Garnet, made a child protect Steven (Rose) and not caring if she killed herself, almost killed Steven twice. And I don’t think she felt sorry about any of it. She’s hurt her family so many times. While it has gotten better recently, I still don’t like her. I can never forgive her the awful stuff she’s done. If they can make her character less cringe, then I might like her a little.

5. Contuine the Amethyst and Peridot romance - Yes, I ship Ame*dot. And I do think Amethyst and Peridot like each other a lot romantically. It was fairly obvious. Every time they interact, there is a hint in there that they like each other. And recently, they’ve just put the ship aside for Lapi*dot… Like stop.. Stop forcing two characters into a relationship when one of those characters liked another character in a romantic way. Amethyst and Peridot’s relationship has so much potential. So give Amethyst and Peridot’s relationship more screen time and give them more episodes.

6. Fix the fucking art style - Something that bothers me deeply about the show is that the art style has gotten lazy. It isn’t them expressing themselves. It may be a little, but it’s just them getting lazy. The only two who try anymore is Zuke and Hillary. In Season 1 and 2, we couldn’t tell who was story boarding the episode, and that was a good thing. So please just go back to Season 1 and 2′s art style and stop being lazy. 

7. Stop making the color palette lighter and neon hell - SU stans be like ; It’s always been this palette. Then explain the fuck this ; 

All I’m going to say is, go back to the original palette. The color palette are now neon hell for me and they’re honestly fucking burning my eyes.’

8. Stop making episodes boring - So recent episodes like Rocknaldo, Lion 4, The Zoo, and Tiger Philanthropist feel bland and boring. Those episodes (except for the Zoo) had so much potential. Stop title-baiting us and making episodes interesting.

9. Give Amethyst, Bismuth, Jasper, and Garnet screen time/plots - Another big issue I have is that they don’t reeally focus on those characters anymore. They shove big plot lines and big characters off to the side for a really long time, and I don’t like it. Give them more screen time and stop shoving things off to the side.

Well those are my 9 main ideas on what could fix Steven Universe for me. Also, feel free to reblog and add on.


Well I did Halloween crossover of Petvengers as DAI characters. Then I got lazy with watercolors  and just did traditional linearts of other way around. Then I got tired with even that so lineart quality declined. But on positive note I got motivated enough to color them! yay me!

Cassandra as Cap and Leliana as Black Widow are self explanatory. Vivienne is Janet van Dyne because fabulousness and sense of style. Josie is Pepper for best in universe put togetherness. Cullen is Rocket for his hard on for trebuchets and Hawkeyes be Hawkeyes ;)


For the anon who asked me to do a coloring tutorial :) If anyone wants me to do any more tutorials, feel free to send me an ask and I’ll try and get to it as soon as possible!

Everything I know about picking colors comes from THIS SYCRA VIDEO. The first eight minutes are really all you need to understand what I’m saying. I don’t do exactly what he does every single time, but I always keep it in the back of my head.

Some other things to note, I guess:

When I’m drawing from reference, I don’t use the eyedropper tool and sample colors directly from the photo. It feels kinda boring and lazy to me, because if I’m gonna have all the same colors as the photo, what’s even the point of drawing from a photo if the photo already exists? So I guess it’s an issue of style for me…

I change the colors of the lines before I do the overpaint bit just because it helps me when I’m blending. It’s easier to blend a skin colored outline into a face than a dark blue outline into a face.

…That’s pretty much all I gotta say about coloring. Hope this helps someone…

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Is it called copying an art style if it looks a lot like someone else's but whit a few little changes that makes it more comfortable for me to draw in?

Probably??? idk cuz i cant really picture what ur saying

If it looks exactly like someone elses (and you did that intentionally) but you only changed how you draw eyes then YEAH PROBABLY lmao

taking inspiration from someones art style is looking at their art and being like “oh i like the way they draw/color this i wanna do it like that too” and you incorporate that into the style you are currently using. 

when you take everything from another person’s style….thats just being lazy.

Jumping on that bnha oc bandwagon~~

tbh I’ve actually had her for around a year now, I’ve just been way too lazy to color her (also the bnha style is really hard to emulate hh)

I’m planning to draw her older pro-hero self later on cause her hero outfit needs a bit of work :V

Edit: changed her face a bit 

Artists Self Rec Tag

When you get this, reply with your favourite five or so drawings, then pass on to about five other artists.

Thank you so much to the lovely @theysangastheyslew​ for tagging me. You have no idea how much I appreciate even being thought of.

idk wat im doing but here goes

1. La Reine - Obviously I’ll start with one of my latest works. I think this is the painting I am most proud of to date. I credit the composition to the great Alphonse Mucha, but I feel like the general concept is where I excelled. In both this piece and the next one, I wanted to portray the characters as persevering through their most vulnerable moments and standing strong as king and queen. The background (which got a little muddy in the painting process) is meant to represent Ishval on fire, which is Hawkeye’s greatest regret. Her wounds from the battle on the Promised Day show her determination. The salamander represents her connection to Mustang. 

2. Le Roi - The companion piece to the above. I am actually not as happy with this one, even though I think I like the symbolism in the one more. I am more familiar with drawing female anatomy, so drawing Mustang’s body was more of a challenge. The color scheme also does not feel as cohesive. But I’m still proud that I managed to represent Roy’s low points by including Envy and his blindness, as well as his Promised Day wounds. The background depicts Roy’s door of truth and shows his connection to Riza.

3. The Thornybrush Ball - This is ancient, but it’s still one of my favorites. This is an illustration that I painted for an old friend’s poem. I used to be so good with traditional media, and I miss that. This one was made with watercolors and India ink. The perspective is a bit wonky, but I like the way I anthropomorphized the frogs and the detail in their textures. I think I managed to portray the drunken pompousness of the occasion very well. If I were to go back and change it, I might make the framing with the plants a little more dynamic and add more characters to show the extravagance described in the original poem.

4. Tracer Sketch - This one was really just a quick sketch, but I included it because it’s one of the only things I’ve drawn recently in my own style. I have this problem where I only emulate the style of my source material, such as my mimicking Hiromu Arakawa’s style when I was trying to do my FMA comic, or Alphonse Mucha for my art nouveau pieces. But this one was just me and my tablet without any references, and I think it shows the influence of Disney, anime, and classical artwork on my personal art style. 

5. Olivier WIP - So I never even finished this piece, but I wanted to showcase it because I was very proud of the texturing of the cloth and fur in this painting. I was also practicing with color palettes, since I had a bad, lazy habit of throwing a multiply layer over the finished piece to create a unified color scheme. Although it’s not finished, I feel like I managed to create a cohesive color palette using only my eye. I still need to work on painting hair, though.

Aaaand I’m not tagging anybody because I actually don’t know that many artists here on tumblr and I’m super shy and have no friends and stuff, but if you’d like to do this meme, consider yourself tagged!

Painting tutorial

I told you guys I’d give you a painting tutorial

First up is how I normally paint digitally

First, draw the sketch!As you can see, my model for this tutorial is a pony head but I will be explaining things very generally so you can use my technique in more senses than just ya know.. ponies.

Add the lights and darks. Because this pony will be yellow, the shading will be this peachy pink and purple. This will all be on the same layer. To figure out where you should shade, just search for references and you should be able to simplify it. Or you could just do it like me and just guess, I’ll just call this a “Stylized approach” to cover my laziness as a style choice.

How to blend:

Then blend it all with the yellow that the picture would have with only one flat color rather than being shaded, as you can see above, that is how you blend with the brush, DO NOT BLEND WITH THE BLUR TOOL, STAY AWAY FROM THE BLUR TOOL, OR ELSE YOU WON’T GET THE ORIGINAL YELLOW YOU WERE SUPPOSED TO ADD THE THE PICTURE.

The brush I am using is the first brush in my sai brush settings post

And then you add the finishing touches/details.

This is almost TOO simple, every artist should be able to do this and see what I did. 

I’ll be making another tutorial on my second way of painting digitally(If this gets enough notes, just so I can see if people would care about the second one), as seen here.


My other tutorials:

hair / eye / SAI samples / simple hair / SAI settings

Some people have been asking about my art process lately and honestly i’ve never really thought much about it but I put together this basic step-by-step thing (featuring Laura Hollis) just to give everyone an idea of what it is I do.

PSA: this is only one of my coloring styles so I will make separate guides for my other styles as well.

1. Sketch: pretty straight forward, I start with a quick pencil sketch, take a picture, put it into my program and go from there. This is also the stage which I choose dimensions and such (generally I work with a larger canvas and a high dpi if I plan on selling the piece on redbubble)

2. Lineart: My lineart style changes sometimes but I use just the basic pen tool (with pressure sensitivity disabled) and the fade pen tool for minor details. 

3. Flats: Basic colors, no real details just yet. Not-so-Pro tip: I draw a lot of the same characters over and over so I have color palette’s saved for every character which is very convenient for me cause I’m lazy and I suck at color matching. another not-so-pro tip: double and triple check that you are coloring the right layer. NAME YOUR LAYERS dont make the same mistakes i make quite often.

4. Details: At this point its just major details such as clothing patterns (which I do on the same layer as the base color for that clothing item. I just lock the pixels for that layer and work directly on that layer, all my patterns are done by hand cause I dont like using textures and stuff) At this point I also add details in the hair using the watercolor tool to get the blending just right. Cause we all know that hair isnt just one flat color and really Laura’s hair in this case is a jumble of browns and blondes.

5. Highlights + Shading: For this style of shading I use different values of reds and pinks (only cause I love warm colors its good stuff). I use the pen tool and I set the layer to multiply then play with the opacity until I like the way it looks. Sometimes I add more depth by adding multiple layers of shading but I dont do that often. For highlights I set a layer to screen at low opacity and use the pen tool to add any extra highlights on the hair and face (people are shiny and oily and thats just life) in terms of what color I use for highlights I generally just use the base colors from earlier. At this point I also add any other minor details like the shine on the eyes or lips, also any freckles or beauty marks.

6. Overlay: This step is really optional but I like the effect it has. Above all layers (including lineart) I color fill a layer with any solid color (again I use a coral/pink ish color cause I like warm colors, but if you prefer cold colors you could use blue tones) Then I set the layer to overlay and play with the opacity until Im happy with it. Basically it’s just a way to blend all the colors, make sure they all have the same basic tone. I also sometimes add a thicker outline just for aesthetic purposes. Again this step isn’t particularly needed but sometimes it just looks good.

so I hope this curbs people’s curiosity and maybe even helps some of you with coloring stuff.

again I have a few other styles in terms of shading and lines so I’ll do breakdowns for those styles on a later date.  And then an entirely different process for realism and backgrounds.

Anyway, hope this helps and I hope I get the chance to make an actual in depth tutorial on my full drawing process and maybe some drawing tips? I dunno.

Enjoy. And if anyone has any specific tutorials/guides they wanna see, don’t hesitate to ask!

My tools of the trade:

mechanical pencil

Wacom Bamboo Create

FireAlpaca (art program, Paint Tool SAI is also a good one)

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hey mars i seriously love your art and check your blog everyday because i love your art style so much. I hope you don't mind me asking, but can you recommend any other haikyuu art blogs because the only art i see is viria's and yours. I really want to expand to range of art I see. Thank you and enjoy your holidays!!!

/excited Hinata noises/ I’D LOVE TO!! Thank you (/)u(\) 

Ahh okay, I’ll start with friends: 

  • Len is super cool and they have the cutest smalls and the funniest damn comics. 
  • Rhonnie, who’s got a super kick ass style and a really great personality 
  • Talli does a m a z  i n g things with paper (and art in general). 
  • Clara, who is both a sweetheart and always roasting people on twitter it’s fantastic. 
  • Fai draws the Most Badass Iwa-chans and basically you should all love Fai. 
  • Lina, Cat Master (also Cute Master. Just cute in general.)
  • Becca. Just trust me. Love Becca.
  • Amanda! !!!!!!!!!
  • Mickey, beautiful darling who is very kind with amazing coloring. 
  • Kami! Wonderful, helpful, sunshine child Kami. Blesses us with iwaoi and kisses.  
  • Ally, also a sweetheart with fantastic colors! 
  • Tangerine has an outrageously rad style. 
  • Gao is another one who has a really cool style. 
  • Cal has the be s t Kyoutani’s goodbye world. 
  • Teal’s colors are heart stopping just trust me. 
  • Lissa, literal angel and blessing. 
  • Mizu…them lines them lines…/wipes drool
  • Melissa has the softest warmest Kageyamas in the entire universe. 
  • Laurens art makes me cry sometimes because it’s really cute and ngl I want to eat it sometimes. 
  • And of course my favorite senpai, Gin

The artists I don’t know but I love nonetheless (in no particular order): 

Rui/ / / Rachel / / / Nat / / / Mochii / / / Alex / / / Wildcatfourteen/ / / Okerii / / / noranb/ / / bokuboks / / /taffydesu/ / / optimistic-rainy-day/ / / amaiamaiamai/ / / soodyo/ / / rynezion/ / / lazy-afternooner/ / / nikadonna/ / / silencedmoment/ / / pfeffersteak/ / / i-sabellas/ / / badlyplanned/ / / yuutayo/ / / milkybreads / / / iwaisumii / / / queenoftheantz/ / / ricebrandy/ / / sunsteez/ / / schaaf-art/ / / garbagebird/ / / feastings/ / / slimyhipster/ / / mookie000 / / / alcieart/ / / yaboybokuto/ / /5-30am / / / i-am-weis/ / / lightningstrikes-art/ / / oldmenyaoi/ / / rooo-oot/ / / flunflun/ / / johannathemad/ / / hellosailorsuits/ / / pontyk/ / / this-puppy-flies-too 

(also if I forgot anyone who I talk to a lot please come slap me I just woke up like 10 minutes ago rip) 


A fun day off with my love 😍
In the AM I was kind of in a meh state of mind but I still went to the gym and that made me feel a little better but then I had a brief period of mental laziness/pessimism (if that makes any sense it’s the only way I can think to describe it) and just had no idea what to do for the day. I think by now tyler just knows when this occurs.
We ended up venturing to Copley bc I wanted to look at a pair of sunglasses at lord and taylor I saw in a magazine. They ended up having the style that I wanted but not the color. The department store worker was so nice though she ordered them online for me, waived the shipping fee, and sold them to me for 30 percent off. I really appreciate people like that. Ik I used to try and help people at Macy’s with stuff like that too. It’s also just important to be nice to cashiers I can’t stand people who are ignorant and just treat retail employees like shit.

After that we ventured over to eataly and had fun walking around looking at stuff. I ended up getting a Farro pasta and jarred pumpkin sauce to try and tyler got some fresh agnolotti (mini ravioli) for me to make him for dinner.

Later on we came back home, ate a quick dinner while laughing at say yes to the dress and went with my mom and some of my aunts to go see the play Camelot at a small theater in town. It was soooo good. The Once and Future King is actually my favorite book of all time (hence why my gecko was named Lancelot and one of my cats is named Guinevere) so I love anything to do with King Arthur mythology. The play really was fantastic though for a small production they always do a good job there.

Otherwise I’m just getting going for the day now. Tyler had to work early but is coming back later when I’m out of work. Im gonna give my dad the iPad case I got him and probably go grocery shopping

Just testing out Firealpaca and it’s great. Im too lazy to color though :p I just drew this one the quickest way possible XD. 

© Scott Cawthon

Style belongs to @parts-and-services

Fronnie belongs to me ( I had to said it because I think someone claimed Fronnie as theirs 0_0; )

Hi I use medibang paint but aside from that could someone share some digital coloring tips with me so I can improve on it?

Let me say that I do not have a tablet of any kind; I only have a touchscreen laptop. (A phone too but I rather color on laptop) (So I doubt things like “pen pressure” would work for me. )

Scroll down and find some digital art and you’ll see what my coloring would look like. I just want to improve on shading and what tools and settings i should use (in medibang but if you use another program I could try to adapt that setting into MBP)

I would like to build up on the style I have now but I want to color using multiple layers of shading again. Currently I get rly lazy so all the shading was done on one layer (so all skin shading was one layer, hair shading was one layer but this could have 1 or 2 extra layers depending, clothing had their own layer….XD ) My coloring is using the watercolor tool for its base then I would either use that same tool or I’d use the watercolor (wet) tool to do the shades. The setting for both brushes has a Ease of Mixing Color on 80 and a Load Color on 20 so it would be easier to blend it in a way. It’s not the completely smooth blend but it does mix colors together.

If you read this then thanks lol I know it was a lot. If you can’t answer maybe reblog and see if someone else would.

Have a nice dayyyyy and keep drawing ☆

I got new stuff

Here it is boys and girls! I guess there will be no more “dramatic getting trapped in the rain mode” for me for your liege has bought himself an umbrella now. I was fortunate enough to spot a really cheap one. Luckily it has no floral prints to it just plain old death color. 

And oh, I also bought myself a comb. Thats right, a comb. It must have been years since I last used one. Well reason is ive been clawing my hair ever since eons coz Im lazy and I think it works anyway so I have always thought that I wouldnt need one. Well not until my latest barber gave me this haircut LOL Like this aint going to work if I dont have comb to style it geezus thanks hairstylist.

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i'm just wondering, did you do something different with the newest page, like with the colouring or something, because it looks a little different from previous strips. it looks good and really great though, sorry if this is just me being blind. thanks for making this great comic!

I’ve altered a little bit of my art style, I’ve changed the way I do mouths, eyes, noses, and lips mainly. As for coloring, I’m still doing the basics for a lazy artist, but I just added a multiply layer for the element of shadows. That’s it. There’s literally only two layers of color; three if there’s something shiny in the scene like fire or glowing armor.

I’ve learned a lot about lighting in art school the past year so now I can apply it with more confidence, that’s all!

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hey i was just wondering if you'd ever consider doing a tutorial on coloring? i really really love painty styles like yours and ive wanted to start coloring my stuff similarly but i can just never seem to get the hang of it. if you don't want to though thats fine!! your art is bomb af and i hope you have an awesome day/night!

hey! iv gotten asks like this before and i thought id actually get my lazy ass up and try to do some Explaining (though im prolly not the best person to ask. im flattered though!)

anyway. SO iv had such a history with the “painty” digital style because i was alot like you where i also loved the really like, “one layer fuck me up” look but unfortunately with this style, it is probably the most tedious way to paint with a digital program. (i use paint tool sai)

generally, the most important thing i found was brush settings and colors. with painted pieces try to stay away from blacks and browns and low saturated colors because for alot of my early stuff i tended to do that. also the way you paint is important. confident strokes and not over blending can really save a piece. mostly my brushes on sai are high density low blending. i know this is all general stuff, but honestly its so important bc it took me MONTHS to figure this out. also try not to overthink a piece, cause thats how iv gotten the best works out. being loose and just doing what feels right with lighting and composition can help the art from looking stiff or overworked. 

knowing when to stop is also important too. with “painty” pieces you dont want the whole thing to look like that, otherwise theres just to much going on and again, might look overworked.

i also use easily like, 5 refs at a time when really painting a piece. so thats something. dont be afraid to use the weirdest refs if you think it will help with even the tiniest bit of the piece. (lighting on a cheek? like the way that one guys nose looks? use it.)

besides from all of this, PRACTICE is the most most most vital thing for this style. heres a really early piece i did from i think a year ago?

YIKES. i mean jeez, i could go on with why this is.. bad looking, alot of which is because its lacking what i just mentioned earlier. lets compare with a recent-ish piece i did-

i mean, thats a huge jump when it comes to how my style has evolved this past year. but it was hard. really hard, and it can be really discouraging at times because it was difficult for me to get down how to make it look “right”. (and i still struggle with that alot!! trust me!!!) but yeah to sum everything up, just keep working at it because practice, more than ANYTHING, will let you learn how to “feel” where to put colors, composition, lighting, etc. good luck!!

(last thing– i look at oil painters for inspo alot, so for some good ones that have amazing brush strokes check out j.c. leyendecker, norman rockwell, any saturday evening post artists tbh)

I’m so happy with this!!! I LOVE the style of Cheritz!!! So making this art piece in their style made me happy! Their style is so nice <3 I’m happy with how this came out :,) I got lazy with the MC’s hair but I hope it doesn’t look too bad. BUT OMG I LOVE YOOSUNG TO TEARS <3 He’s such a passionate lover and the voice actor sounds hawt af! -inserts Zen wink emoji- Just typing this now, I realize I forgot to add some strands of hair that are pure color (they add it to all their Mystic Messenger art pieces) FUCK. But oh well..  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ DON’T JUDGE ME THAT I LIKE YOOSUNG, AND I KNOW A LOT OF PEOPLE COULD CARE LESS FOR LOLLOL GAME FIG.