the lazy coloring style is just not for me


Well I did Halloween crossover of Petvengers as DAI characters. Then I got lazy with watercolors  and just did traditional linearts of other way around. Then I got tired with even that so lineart quality declined. But on positive note I got motivated enough to color them! yay me!

Cassandra as Cap and Leliana as Black Widow are self explanatory. Vivienne is Janet van Dyne because fabulousness and sense of style. Josie is Pepper for best in universe put togetherness. Cullen is Rocket for his hard on for trebuchets and Hawkeyes be Hawkeyes ;)

You can change back now, y’know…

Drew the marauders hanging out after a full moon for a trade with  gaddingwithghouls :) 

tried out some different texture/coloring techniques and really enjoyed how it came out!! Might work more on balancing it into my usual art style so it isn’t such a shift/feels more like ME,  though. 

also if anyone else wants to do HP fanart trades I’m totally up for it

(OOC Post) Artsy Stuff~~

Alright, so I’m going to be drawing some blog fanart if anyone wants some. There is no deadline on this. Just know that I’m slow but I will get to each person. You can ask for multiple things (example: a ship and one of just you). By default I’m focusing on headshots that cut off past the shoulders to cut time down between each drawing. I am still stabilizing an art style (and this will help get my lazy butt to actually draw something which is good) so I might experiment with a certain hairstyle, coloring technique, etc.

If you want a drawing, please reblog this so that I know and can get started on it! List any specifics that you want me to take note of and it will be done. This can include any references that might be available, preferred gender, preferred features (hair color, eye color, accessories, etc), and anything else that may come to mind. By default, I’ll be reading through each person’s blog to get a full feel for the blog itself and such. Default color schemes will involve the colors of the product itself~

ღゝ◡╹)ノ♡ I love you all!

Just testing out Firealpaca and it’s great. Im too lazy to color though :p I just drew this one the quickest way possible XD. 

© Scott Cawthon

Style belongs to @parts-and-services

Fronnie belongs to me ( I had to said it because I think someone claimed Fronnie as theirs 0_0; )

freckled-pixels  asked:

ALL the "P" 's you asked me for the fruit thing! ;D <333

Peach: do you have any piercings or tattoos?

I only have piercings. The standard ones on the ears and secondary one on…*forgets name of part of ear or piercing so googles it*…Helix! It was meant to become an orbital (I literally just found out the name of it) but I’ve been lazy to go get the other hole done. I did buy the piercing and just have it through the one hole.

No tattoos.

Passion fruit: how would you describe your style?

lol I’d say lazy too but it actually isn’t anymore (the lazy one is just me). I thinks its sophisticated sexy chic with some leftover rocker. (googled fashion styles to make sure I answered this better). I love boots, heels, tight clothes, black leather, lots of cool colors and never missing accessories.

Pineapple: sexual orientation?

90% or so into guys. (straight for all effects and purposes)

Pomegranate: when do you feel the most confident?

When I’m already winning/being praised, wearing an awesome kick ass outfit, when the right song is on or when I’m in the right city (i.e., not here). Also traveling, usually…sometimes.

Plum: favorite clothing brands?

Hmm…let’s just name some expensive ones I wish I could own more of: Jimmy Choos, Louis Vuitton, Channel, Steve Madden…wait, these are all shoes xD (and sometimes other accessories). OK clothes: Marciano, BCBG (I LOVE their dresses), Urban Outfitters (even if too hipster for my taste sometimes but there’s always something I like - not on sale)…and others I can’t remember. I had to look up a mall’s directory to name some of these :p I don’t really care much about the brand, I remember the ones I see something I love but couldn’t get repeatedly.

Papaya: what song describes your aesthetic?

I’m just going to name the fist song that my shuffle throws that I think can answer this question:

She can get it - Kevin Rudolf (actually works except for when I’m lazy)

I’ll think about that last one, looks like I’m doing a post with multiple song lol. Thanks for asking!

I’m so happy with this!!! I LOVE the style of Cheritz!!! So making this art piece in their style made me happy! Their style is so nice <3 I’m happy with how this came out :,) I got lazy with the MC’s hair but I hope it doesn’t look too bad. BUT OMG I LOVE YOOSUNG TO TEARS <3 He’s such a passionate lover and the voice actor sounds hawt af! -inserts Zen wink emoji- Just typing this now, I realize I forgot to add some strands of hair that are pure color (they add it to all their Mystic Messenger art pieces) FUCK. But oh well..  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ DON’T JUDGE ME THAT I LIKE YOOSUNG, AND I KNOW A LOT OF PEOPLE COULD CARE LESS FOR LOLLOL GAME FIG.

Myspace Kylo and Hux from @horatiosroom

This is for @generalbux based on his cosplay pic (x)

Sorry this took so long..i know i want to draw Kylo next to you but i had to get his face right. Then the colors just killed me cuz i wanted to make sure it match horatiosroom’s reference pics of the bois. (Yeahh…i didn’t do all the details on Kylo’s shirt but close enough ‘^’~)

Ahhhhhhh  (●__●)!!! but it’s finally here ;w;! Zoom in to see all my imperfections :’D!

I got tagged by the one and only living donut pun @donutmesswithme

How tall are you: 160 cm, I’m reeeaallyyy short

What color and style is your hair?: It’s a blue messy moptop. 

What color are your eyes? : Blue or grey, depending on my haircolour

Do you wear glasses?: Nah, but I probably will need them

Do you wear braces?: See the above answer ^

What is your fashon sense?: I dress like a scenekid got crossed over with a 50′s teddy boy. Or just what lays closest to me in the morning, ehe

Do you have any siblings?: two terrible little sisters

What kind of a student are you?: the lazy kind 

What are your favorite subjects?: drama and history if we’re reading anything interesting

What are your favorite TV shows?: The muppets (YES IT COUNTS) 

Favorite books?: The ranger’s apprentice

Favorite pastimes?: writing and going out with friends, making the town dangerous

Any regrets: Spending my younger teen years inside, I guess

Whats your dream job?: Whatever I can do to make others happy

Do you want to get married?: I’m a bit non-commital so probably no but if I find someone really special then sure.

Do you want to have kids? If so, how many?: I wouldn’t mind having kids but in most countries I’m not allowed to. I guess one or two would be nice.

How many countries have you visited?: I have been abroad a lot, let’s leave it at that.

I tag: @caught-in-a-dream @babietrees @myspysigt

mettaton and @allisaurrex’s napstabot as callie and marie from splatoon!! without bg

rex did the sketch and i inked and colored it!
i added some more stuff to it, i hope thats ok aaa

i tried using bolder and brighter colors to match the art style and all
just so it had more pop to it //jazz hands//

hope ye like lmao