the laziest of them all

To Die For : The Story Intro

Pairing: BTS x Reader

Genre: Everything

Rating: Mature

Written by xoxoTheQueenOfHearts

A/N: This is just the Introduction to the series that is about to come. 

They say every virtue has a sin. Humility against Pride. Kindness against Envy. Abstinence against Gluttony. Chasity against Lust. Patience against Wrath. Liberality against Greed. And Diligence against Sloth. They say that each seven sin was a male descendant fallen from the heavens. Seven Brothers. 

The first brother to be cast out of the heavens was a man named Jeon Jungkook. He was dangerously corrupted by selfishness, putting his own desires, urges, wants, and whims before the welfare of all people including the mortals. The second brother, Jung Hoseok, was a man so envious that he became resentful. His attacks against other were vicious. The third brother, Kim SeokJin loved food so much he had the desire to consume more than required. It wasn’t a bad thing at first until his victims were so sweet, he devoured them all. Then the next brother, Park Jimin, was a very lustful man. His philosophy was that women were beautiful creatures that should be worshiped until one day it was so intense that Zeus casted him out. The next brother was a very angry man. Kim Namjoon who often found himself wanting to seek vengeance on the living. Having uncontrolled feelings that lead to hatred. So when Zeus cast him, Namjoon was a slave to himself.

Kim Taehyung. The following brother to be cast down from the heavens was very greedy. He had the desire to gain wealth and power. His sin turned him into a thief through powerful manipulation and trickery to get what he wanted. He even tried to take things from Zeus himself. Zeus grew ashamed of this brother and cast him out as well to live in the mortal world. 

But the final brother to be cast out of the heavens was the laziest of them all. Min Yoongi. He appeared cold and arrogant but he didn’t care. He is a very complex when it came to him mental, physical, and spiritual needs. Mentally it was as if he had a lack of feeling to himself. A mind state that rises boredom into a sluggish mentation. Physically he was just lazy. His spiritual desires to eternal life was neglected. Omitting his responsibilities as he failed to do things that one should do. 

After the seven brothers were all cast out one by one, Zeus made it clear to them that they were not allowed to return until they met their virtue and become pure once again. 

How To Break The Heartbreaker

Daveed Diggs x Reader

Warnings: kinda gets spicy, but eh nothing to bad. swearing probably somewhere

Authors Note: sorry this isn’t a request, but I had this title awhile ago and out of me sprung this word vomit. enjoy.

The plan was set, the choices pre-made. The only thing left was to put this plan into action.
You’d checked and re-checked for errors or flaws in your plan, and made backup plan after backup plan.
The only problem?
You never thought of the possibility that you’d fall in love with the heartbreaker.
Daveed Diggs.
Known mostly as the Heartbreaker.
He had the most perfect body, the curly hair, and the bright smile. The only problem? He lacked commitment.
Girl after girl, he never settled. He got bored, broke her heart, and was onto the next.
He never reused old ways, he found new ways to shatter girl’s hearts and ruin their love life, at least for awhile.
He made them fall helplessly in love with them, and then?
Well, onto the next.
You absolutely despised Daveed Diggs, but couldn’t help but let him catch your eye every once in awhile.
How could you not? He was quite perfect, there was no denying that.
Until he broke your friend’s heart, you tolerated his acts of immatureness and turned the other cheek.
Step #1: Catch his eye
The make or break of the plan. If you couldn’t catch his eye, the plan was useless.
You stood in front of your closet, willing for your inner fashion diva to come forth and find the perfect outfit. To no avail, she stayed hidden inside you, and you were left to your own devices.
To catch his eye, you needed something that caught your eye…
Your eyes stopped on a black shirt, the string crossover in the front showing more skin than you were used to, but you knew that you’d be turning heads with this shirt. You slipped it on, along with your signature tight leggings. And shoes…?
Being as short as you were, you needed to be able to be seen. And for that to happen…
You groaned.
Heels it was.
Stepping into school that day was a sight to see, with your heels clicking the floor as you made your way past a gaping Diggs. You kept your demeanor cool, but on the inside, your heart was shooting out of your chest.
Phase 1 completed.
Step #2: Talk to him
Absolutely not what you had on your mind when you had woken up this morning, but you weren’t going to break his heart without any sort of conversation.
Fortunately for you, people followed like lemmings as you walked around that afternoon, and Diggs was bound to steal the spotlight somehow.
Much to your gratitude, you saw in your peripheral vision the approaching shadow of him, and you willed your awkwardness away and let your much cooler alter ego take over.
You shut your locker and turned around, finding yourself almost getting lost in the sea of brown that his eyes housed. You willed your heart to relax and smiled, leaning against your locker to assume a more relaxed stance.
You saw his muscles tense, maybe because the girls were always the ones fawning over him.
“I don’t seem to know your name. Do you have one, or can I call you mine?”
You fought the urge to roll your eyes and scream. The classic pickup line, he’d used it on every girl that he talked to. And weirdly, it worked every time.
You laughed.
“It’s actually Y/N, but to get that other title, you’ll have to work for it.”
You pushed off the locker, and made your way down the hall, praying that you had done the right thing and that Diggs would try again tomorrow.
Phase 2 completed.
Step #3: a gesture
This wasn’t something you could control, it was something that you prayed and hoped all night that Diggs would get the message to do.
Your friend had said that he always made some kind of gesture when talking to girls, and you weren’t sure what to expect, but a locker full of roses sure wasn’t one.
When you arrived at school the next morning, made up and dressed to impress yet again, there were quite a few eyes on you as you walked down the hallway, and you could feel Diggs’s eyes boring into your back as you opened your locker to reveal a huge array of multi-colored roses, but predominantly, red.
You fought the urge, once again, to roll your eyes. Roses, and on display for all to see. The gesture was sweet, but it was so public that it didn’t feel genuine. The sickening smell of the perfumed roses was starting to nauseate you, so you turned to Diggs and smirked.
His expression was hard to read, and you settled for a look that read satisfied.
You weren’t looking for satisfied.
So, you closed your locker and went on your way, much to the confusion of Diggs.
Phase 3? Completed.
Step 4: make him find you
You hated not being able to control this part of the plan, but you had to leave it up to fate that Daveed Diggs wanted you enough that he had to come find you. You didn’t expect it to happen so quickly, but when it did, you couldn’t help but feel proud of yourself that you were growing on him so fast.
You had stayed after school for a couple minutes to talk to your friends about to upcoming choir concert, and the building had mostly cleared up by then.
The teachers were in a meeting room, so the hallway was eerily quiet as you advanced to your locker to get some books for homework that night.
You felt a hand touch your back, and you jumped out of your skin and flipped around.
“Relax, it’s just me.”
You clutched your chest, and willed your breathing to slow down.
“Sorry for scaring you. I just wanted to talk to you for a bit.”
You nodded, feeling much like the professional plan maker in that moment.
He started, expecting you to say something. When you didn’t, he filled the silence.
“So, Y/N, why have I never noticed you before?”
He drawled out the syllables in your name, making you both surprised and smug that he had remembered your name.
“Maybe because I never wear something that makes you stare at my ass and boobs all day?”
His eyes drifted down when you spoke, and he cleared his throat as his eyes went back to meet yours.
“I suppose that could be a reason. But I regret not noticing you until now… Y/N, are you single?”
The question caught you off guard, because this part of the plan wasn’t supposed to happen quite yet.
“Mm. I’m not sure. I could be…”
You bit your lip, smirking.
“But you don’t have to know.”
You slid under his arm, and out of the school, breathing a sigh of relief as sunlight and fresh air greeted you as you began your walk home.
Phase 4 was complete.
Step 5: tease him
How in the hell does somehow who’s never been kissed before TEASE a man who’s broken half of the girls in your school’s hearts?
You wracked your brain for ideas, and went to your friends as well. They were as lost as you were, until your friend brought up some useful information.
“He really likes the color red. Could that help you at all? He’s having a party tomorrow night, and he’s inviting everyone in the grade. Are you gonna go?”
You thanked your lucky stars of the convenient timing of the party, and set to work on how to tease Diggs.
You arrived at school the next day in a tight, white v-neck shirt, ripped maroon pants, and a flannel tied around your waist, making this day the laziest of them all, and still somehow, Diggs followed your every move with his eyes.
He approached you as you were waking to lunch, cornering you.
“Hey. So tonight, I’m having a party at my place. I’m inviting the class, but I wanted to make sure you’d be there.”
You smirked, and raised your eyebrows.
“Yeah I’ll be there, but only if…”
You pushed closer to him, and his eyes darted to your lips.
You quickly backed away.
“…my friends can come too.”
You finished, successfully leaving him flushed.
“Oh, yeah. Yeah they can come too.”
You smiled.
“Great, see you tonight then.”
You pushed past him and walked to lunch, in a trance-like state. You just teased Daveed Diggs into thinking you were going to kiss him. That was just part of the plan, because tonight was the real deal.
When you arrived at Diggs’s house, the loud music was already pulsing throughout the street, and you winced as you struggled through the throng of people in your long black heels.
Your short maroon dress was making it more difficult to maneuver around the room, but you had to make sure that Diggs would notice you tonight.
Luckily, his eyes caught yours as soon as he saw you, and he made his way over.
His voice was a bit rugged, and you pushed away any thoughts of sexiness that were brought immediately to mind.
His eyes scanned your body.
“You look good tonight.”
“Thank you. I wasn’t sure about the red, do you like it?”
You spun for him, and he bit his lip to suppress a comment on how much it turned him on.
“I-I like it. It suites you.”
You smiled as he blushed.
“You don’t look to bad yourself.”
You put a hand on his chest, and he put a hand on your waist.
“Yeah, well I try sometimes.”
You laughed, and removed your hand from his chest.
“Well, I’m going to go find my friends. Catch ya later.”
You walked away, swishing your hips a bit more than usual, and when you glanced behind you, Diggs was staring with lust filled eyes.
Phase 5 was completed.
Step 6: get him to ask you out
Every time you thought about the next step in your plan, butterflies would fill your stomach until you crushed them, denying the fact that you were slowly falling for Daveed Diggs.
It wasn’t like it was a possibility; he was your friend’s ex, he was a renowned heartbreaker, and you were trying to break him, not fall in love with him.
Yet, it was a struggle to constantly ignore your feelings everyday when you saw him staring at you.
For 2 days nothing happened, and you were worried that you’d done something wrong. Was your whole plan ruined because Diggs’s couldn’t keep it in his pants?
Thankfully, on a Friday afternoon, you saw Diggs coming down the hallway, and straight towards the place where you were standing with your friend.
Your friend smirked.
“I see you have company. See ya later.”
She’s linked off, leaving him to fill her spot.
“Hey, Y/N.”
“Would you-”
He stuttered.
“Would you like to go-”
“-out on a date with you?”
You interrupted, half shocked that he still wanted you.
He nodded.
Did he want you? Yes.
Did you want him?
Phase 6 was considered accomplished.
Step 7: have him fall in love with you
The date had you stressing out, 1. Because it was in a super fancy restaurant and 2. Because Diggs would be there, all alone, with you.
Not ideally what you had planned for a Saturday night, but you went along with it as you dressed in a dark red dress that hugged your curves and went down to your ankles. You had really went all out, with your red lipstick and curled hair, ready to walk out the door into Diggs’s car.
Unfortunately, your mother stopped you at the door and told you to invite him in.
Sighing, you grabbed your phone and texted Diggs, letting him know of your situation.
Seconds later, you heard a door slam and a doorbell ringing.
You opened the door to reveal a pretty (you hated to say this) handsome looking Daveed Diggs standing on your doorstep with a bunch of roses.
You smirked and invited him in. He handed you the roses, and leaned down to whisper in your ear,
“For old times sake.”
You smiled, and felt the butterflies returning, but this time you didn’t squish them back down.
Instead, you let them fly around your body.
Your mother came out from the kitchen, and her eyes widened when she saw Diggs.
“Well, Y/N. You have some magic left in you after all.”
You smacked your forehead as Diggs laughed and shook your mother’s hand.
“I’m Daveed Diggs, nice to meet you ma'am.”
God dammit. It would be 10 times harder to break his heart now that you learned he had manners.
Your mother was impressed with your date.
“Don’t stay out too late. And no funny business you two!”
She waggled her finger, laughing.
You turned bright red as Diggs wrapped an arm around your waist.
“Don’t worry Mrs. Y/L/N. I’ll have her back soon.”
Your mother stood waving on the porch as you drove off. You put your head in your hands and groaned. Diggs laughed and patted your back.
“Sorry about her. Always looking to embarrass me.”
He stopped at a stoplight, and turned towards you.
“I think it’s cute, how flustered you get. How your mom cares about you a lot.”
He smiled, but there was a sad look in his eyes, something that was hidden away.
Something you didn’t know about.
In that moment, you knew there was more to Daveed Diggs than what met the eye. Sure, he was a heartbreaker and the school player but…
There was something more there.
And you felt bad for judging him.
Once you reached the restaurant, Diggs got out of the car and raced to the other side to open it for you.
You smiled at him.
“Such a gentleman.”
He flushed, and you let him lead you inside.
Once seated, you were faced with an array of menu items, all of them so fancy sounding and so French sounding that you pronounced yourself incompetent of being able to order, and you placed the menu down.
Diggs peeped at you from over the menu, and laughed at the sight of you struggling to pronounce the French names.
“This place is kind of snobby. You want to just get out of here and get coffee?”
You immediately perked up at the mention of coffee.
“I’ll tell you what, Diggs, I’ll get coffee with you only if you promise me doughnuts.”
You reached across the table and shook on it, and then sprang up and ran out of the restaurant, leaving Diggs to laugh and promptly follow you.
You laughed all the way to the Doughnut Shoppe, a local place that you absolutely adored.
After ordering 2 cappuccinos and a dozen doughnuts, you settled at a table in the corner of the restaurant, and laughed at how out-of-place you and Diggs looked in your fancy attire.
You bit into a chocolate doughnut with M&Ms and groaned.
“I love this so much.”
What you didn’t know was the Diggs wanted to say the same thing, but about you. He admired you from across the table, how cute you looked with your hair in your face and a bit of chocolate on your lipstick.
Instead, he laughed and swiped the chocolate off your lips, leaving you a bit dazed and slightly giddy.
He loved the sight of you, laughing and smiling.
And without you knowing it, Phase 7 was complete.
Phase 8: break his heart
You couldn’t do it.
You could hardly stay away from Diggs now, and he was your every thought when you weren’t together.
You had gone on several more dates with him, each of them leaving you as lovestruck as the last.
Word around the school was that this was the longest Diggs had kept a relationship going, and with this gossip, your friends were pressuring you to break his heart.
“I mean, that’s the only reason you’re doing this plan, Y/N.”
Your friends all began to seriously doubt your belief in the plan, and you were doubting yourself as well.
“I can’t do it.”
Not to him.
After all this planning, after all these phases, you had never expected to fall for the heartbreaker.
And yet, you had.
Phase 8 was not completed. Not yet.


Akatsuki no Yona - OP 2

Melisandre is a plot device

Real talk though, Game of Thrones has definitely been dumbed down in terms of writing and character development. You can see the drop in quality as far back as season 4 and it is absolutely at its climax now.

Melisandre’s whole storyline might just be the laziest of them all. After being banished, she went all the way back to Dragonstone to… what? Tell Daenerys to send a raven for the King in the North, like she wasn’t inevitably going to do that anyway? And then she’s like, “I totally set up this meeting, so yeah, I did a thing and now I’m leaving Westeros”. What even? What was with that SHOCKING reveal last season if she’s just gonna bounce? They clearly don’t know what to do with her at this point - apparently anyone can see visions in fires now, so what the hell do they need her for, right? Nevermind that she resurrected a very dead man by clipping his hair and muttering some enchantments. Like, this old-as-hell woman (200 years at least) brought a dude back to life and now she’s just… done? 

She’s not even a character, she’s a plot device. 

ruby-the-wolf  asked:

So.. this ask is a little bit personal for me. Not TOO personal! Just.. I need protective/supportive skells in my life. ~_~ Kay. Soooo. Red, Edge, Sans, and Stretch have an s/o who's super nice green soul, and they don't like asking about getting paid for anything they help with, because it'd make them feel bad. How would these guys help their s/o out?

Mm. I have the same problem. I feel ya. Enjoy these protective and murderous skellies!

     ~ Underfell
Sans (Red)

Red doesn’t understand how you can be so nice. Underground, everyone made sure they got paid, even if it meant dusting someone. You’re too kind for you own good, though that’s one of the things Red loves the most about you. Red makes an effort to learn about all of the things you do for others, under the guise of wanting to know how much work you’ve done and how much pampering he’s gonna need to give you.

Shortly after you got together with Red, things started appearing on the front porch with thank-you letters. Nothing ever seems to indicate why they suddenly want to thank you for the things they’ve done with gifts and/or money. Nothing ever tells you, either.

Oh, well.

Papyrus (Edge)


True to his words, Edge begins to join you whenever you agree to help someone out. If it’s a spur of the moment thing, surprise, Edge has appeared. You get the feeling that he’s glaring down whoever you’re helping, but whenever you turn to him, he’s merely staring off into the distance and tapping his foot impatiently. From then on, people insist that you let them thank you in some way. If you don’t accept it, letters appear in the mail. Even when Edge isn’t there, they still insist on rewarding you.

rumors about him have spread. please don’t let him terrify your friends

Undertale Sans (Classic/Sans)

Classic sort of understands. He doesn’t want to force you into trying to get payments. Your SOUL shines brightest when you’re helping others - even if you don’t notice it yourself - so he would hate to do something to dull that brilliant shine. Instead, he gets off his lazy tush to comfort you whenever you’ve helped someone. The more work you did, the more pampering you’re gonna get. And, if neither of you are in the mood for super active pampering, he’s cuddling you extra hard and telling you all of things he loves about you, including the beautiful green of your soul.

Underswap Papyrus (Stretch)

Stretch takes the most active approach of the skellies, especially surprising considering his title as the laziest of them all. No, he sees how emotionally and physically exhausted you are after helping a lot of people, and he hates seeing you so tired. plus it cuts into your cuddling time So, he decides to do something about it. Making it so you couldn’t help anyone would be the worst fate for you SOUL, and he knows that. Feeling like he only has one option left, he helps! In order to lessen any and all exhaustion you might feel, he appears whenever you’re helping someone. Prepare to have all of your stress lift away with his well-timed jokes and light touches. All the reward he needs is getting to cuddle you longer at night. Seeing your smile directed at him makes is own SOUL soar.

Superhero life is cool and all, but not everyone can save a city especially after being a college graduate and struggling to pay the bills while also avoiding their personal advisor about not working. After a large attack on the city, all other superheroes are injured or dead, leaving it to you, the Laziest Superhero of them all.

Lucid Dream

w. Rielin

To control his own dream to create his desired past, only to wake up from the nightmare.

In midst of blackened abyss, an amethyst colored orbs slowly reveals itself. Slowly, the orbs disappear then appear within matter of mere seconds. Faint light illuminates through the void, unveiling an expressionless male as he walks out of the darkness. His silver locks sways in the air along with his movement, and his gaze is cold and emotionless. As soon as he steps out of the void, a sudden flash of light swallows the male whole, taking him into the unknown.

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the power and promise of gamergate has ignited a social revolution that has shook the foundations of society to its core and will soon begin demanding real answers from video game makers about the issues affecting us true gamers. why, for example, do all monkey-related video games rely upon the laziest plot device of them all: theft of the monkey’s bananas