the layup


A quick Wayhaught AU ficlet inspired by that cheerleader clip from the S2 trailer (y’all know the one). Enjoy!

“Heads up!”

Nicole threw up her hands and managed to catch the basketball hurtling on a collision course with her face. If she had been even half a second late, her nose would have been broken… again… and for very much the same reason as the last time.

Her palms smarted from the impact, but she covered up a grimace as she took a jump shot from the top of the key and hit nothing but net.

“That all you got, Cap?” She asked Xavier Dolls with a cocky smile. “I swear my great granny could throw a pass sharper than you.”

The point guard’s eyes narrowed, lips forming into an unamused line as he fielded the ball and casually dribbled it toward Nicole.

“Just making sure you’ve got your eye on the prize, Haught,” Dolls said. “And not other… distractions.”

His gaze slid pointedly toward the sidelines where the cheerleaders were warming up. Some stretched their legs in an impressive showcase of nimble flexibility. Others rehearsed memorized chants, projecting their shouts well over the constant ricochet of basketballs off hardwood and the noisy crowd slowly filling the bleachers.

It took all of Nicole’s will power, every single last drop, to not turn her head back toward a particular set of cheerleaders rehearsing a dance routine, their hips sensually gyrating and snapping to the driving beat of a bass-heavy track.

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ziusudra42  asked:

Have you heard of an anime called Space Adventure Cobra? I think it would be right up your alley. It's about a cigar-smoking space pirate and his adventures in a universe full of gorgeous women.

It’s funny you should say that: I came on it in my timeline, and I reposted it because it looks like Magnus, Robot Fighter. 

I did see the Captain Future anime, based on the Captain Future pulp stories from the 1940s, about a space hero who was raised as a baby by two robots and a brain in a jar. What’s really shocking about that one is that, apart from layups like updating the technology and setting it on planets other than Mars and Venus, the anime used the plot of the Captain Future pulp stories almost word for word, making it maybe the most accurate adaptation of any of the 30s-40s pulp heroes ever made!

Whenever I play pickup basketball i wear my shorts really loose

That way when I charge in for a layup everybody steps back cuz they fall down the when I jump and nobody wants a face full of dick

Zach Dempsey Imagine: Basketball Girlfriend

Originally posted by knightlley

“Fuck.” Zach slammed the ball down as yet another shot bounced off the back of the rim.

“Snap your wrist. It’s not getting enough arc.” You passed the ball back towards him, your sneakers squeaking slightly as you rebounded your own ball and crossed over into a layup.

“I’m snapping my wrist as best as I can, Y/N!” You lifted an eyebrow and held the ball loosely under your arm as you turned your back on him and went to grab some water.

Zach took a breath, and crossed the half court line to the three point arc in two easy strides. He jumped, letting go of the ball….and watching as it helplessly air balled, just skimming the net.

“Snap your wrist.” Zach rolled his eyes, turning away from you as he went back to the ball rack. “You’re the one who asked me to come shoot with you, Zachary. I don’t know why you’re being such a douche.” 

“Yeah, well, I wasn’t expecting to get lectured by Little Miss Basketball Star. I was thinking we were going to shoot, then get dinner, and be a cute varsity athlete couple. But then you had to go and try and coach me, just like you always do.”

You raised one eyebrow, immediately feeling your muscles tighten. Zach’s eyes widened as he saw you tense up, knowing what was coming. He turned, shot another ball, and you couldn’t help but smirk and scoff a little bit as it bounced off the front of the rim. It rolled over, and hit your foot, so you picked it up and threw it back at him with a little more force than was necessary, smiling inside at the slight grunt he made as it hit his stomach.

“I know you’re stressed because your shots are shitty. I know you’re nervous for sectionals tomorrow. So, this is why, and this is the only time, I will let this slide. Quit being an asshole and I will see you tomorrow….snap your mother fucking wrist.” You turned on your heel and walked to the bleachers, hearing him mutter something quietly behind you as you pulled your sweatshirt on. With one sharp glance, he immediately silenced, and as you walked away, you heard the steady thump of the basketball on the floor. You looked over your shoulder just in time to see him snap his wrist, and the ball swish cleanly through the net. He turned, with an apologetic look on his face, and you raised one eyebrow, pursed your lips, and walked out the gym door.


“Y/N! Over here!” Vanessa called from the stands, her face painted blue.

You trudged up to her, clad in a sweatshirt, sweatpants and Uggs, which you wore over your uniform.

“How’d you guys do?” Vanessa turned to you, her eyes gleaming as the ref blew his whistle, and pointed to your team, signaling that Coach Johnson had called a time out.

“Great. We won by twenty.” You looked down to the huddle, where Johnson was furiously scribbling on his whiteboard. Zach noticed the rest of the girls basketball team wandering in through the double doors, and his head immediately snapped up, scanning the crowd for you. He broke into a wide grin when he saw you, until Johnson snapped in front of his face.

‘Dempsey! C’mon. We’re down by two. Focus!” Johnson’s voice carried up to you.  Zach immediately snapped to attention, his brown eyes scanning the diagram as he nodded, sweat dripping off his head. The ref blew his whistle again, and Zach gathered all the boys into a huddle, their hands meeting in the middle before yelling, “Warriors” and breaking. Zach sauntered out to half court to defend, lifting up his legs to wipe the bottom of his shoes on his hands.

“Ah shit,” you murmured to Vanessa, “the court’s dusty.” Zach glanced back up at you, winking just as the ref blew the whistle. It was amazing how quickly he snapped into “athlete mode,” as he lowered his lanky frame into an athletic position. It was truly astounding to watch. Zach was basically an extension of the opposing player; wherever the player went, Zach was there, even anticipating half a step ahead. Your heart raced as the clock counted down “10…9….8…” Zach glanced up, and with one quick swipe, stole the ball from the opponent.

He thundered down the court, pausing only to crossover past a defender.


Your palms were sweaty as you grabbed Vanessa’s arm. “Shit. Is he gonna pull the jumper three or go for a layup?”

She clutched you right back, watching her boyfriend Jason race down the court, only just behind Zach. “I don’t know. I don’t think they can take another quarter. But Zach’s three pointers haven’t been what they were last year.” You watched, breathless, as Zach stopped just  behind the three point line.

“3…2…1…” Zach released the ball, snapping his wrist neatly forward, just as the buzzer sounded, and the crowd fell silent as it hit the rim and bounced up to the backboard.

You felt your heart leap up to your throat as you dug your nails into Vanessa’s arm, watching the ball roll lazily around the rim, once…twice…three times… until it fell in.

With a scream, you grabbed Vanessa and hug jumped, watching proudly as the team stormed the court and mobbed Zach. He was loving every minute of it, jumping with them, smiling broadly as they all cheered around him. He was still high off of the win as they shook hands with the other team, and, as the team tried to congratulate him, he ignored them, jogging over to you.


“Hi yourself.”

“I’m sorry. I…I’m not going to make excuses because even though you made excuses for me yesterday I was a dick and I’m sorry. How’d you do in your game?”

“We won. Wasn’t anywhere near as exciting as yours, though. And it’s okay. This time. If you don’t want my help, then don’t ask me for it. But if you do and you don’t like the advice I give you, suck it up and ignore it later.”

“Well, we were losing until you got here. And you may have sort have been right about the whole snapping your wrist thing. I think you’re my good luck charm. Love you.” With that, he bent over and captured your lips with his, smiling into the kiss.

I also would like to say that I in no way, shape, or form condone the actions of most of these characters as portrayed on the show (except for Jeff that boy did nothing wrong at all whatsoever) and I simply am writing these because I enjoy the show. If anyone is upset by this, please let me know!