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Harry Styles One-Shot

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Requested? nope
Warnings? smut!
Word Count: 1,340
Notes: this is quite old and was originally on another audio post but it bothered me that it was on there and i felt the need to update it to my new layout. i am not reposting this to get notes/followers/whatever, i simply just wanted to update the layout and i don’t even think the old audio worked anyway! but if you would like to listen to the music while reading this please do! i encourage it :) 

Break from tours meant parties and drinking and more parties. When Harry was home, we went out, making up for lost time both in the public and in the bedroom. Tonight was no different. We would be going to Funky Buddha, maybe meeting up with the lads there but probably not. When we went to the clubs, we went alone, sat in a secluded space. I couldn’t tell you why, maybe because Harry was protective over me, but then again maybe it was because of the lack of want for paps or fans to see him there. I wasn’t going to complain about it though, anytime I got to spend with Harry was special and I wouldn’t change it for the world.

I said before how every night was the same when we would go out—but tonight, something was different.  Before we left, while I was getting ready, I had bought a new dress, one the extenuated my curves and while I was sliding it over my body, I noticed Harry’s stare from the bathroom. I didn’t say anything but it was apparent that he had something different on his agenda tonight.

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