the layout is pretty similar too

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I can't for the life of me remember if this was you or someone else: but do you perchance know any reference posts that showed off the lounge and dining area. I can't remember exactly who did it, but I know you do a lot of meta and info gathering so I figured I'd ask xD Thankies~

I actually don’t know of any reference posts like that - so I tried putting one together myself^^’ Let’s start with the lounge (if this is what you meant with ‘lounge’):

  • front view

I’m pretty sure that the thing behind Shiro is a screen and that’s why the bench is facing away from the “main door”. There are 2 more doors to the left and to the right from the screen, even if they don’t look like they open in this screenshot :P Also, the lighting in the room is whiter than in other parts of the castle. 

  • from the back

That’s the screenshot with the most “ceiling” I could find^^’ Notice that the dark part of the floor doesn’t go all the way through like the first screenshot might make you believe.

  • some random perspective

Just to give some ideas what the room looks like from a “persons” angle. On these two screenshots you can see that the doors next to the screen actually open - aaand they forgot the dark part of the stairs in the second cap hah :’D

[dining room under the cut]

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Did u ever get the knife recs? Can u post them if u did

i did in fact get several knife store recommendations! i’ll list them here.

online stores i have purchased a knife/knives from:

  1. bladehq. this is my number one knife store right now! they have great quality and variety, and nice prices as well. leans less towards aesthetics than a lot of other places (a good thing in my view; more focus on function). not all of their products have reviews due to sheer quantity, which can make judging quality before purchasing a little tough, but overall it’s solid! love it
  2. etsy. this is technically a marketplace, so you’re gonna have to do some sleuthing to find those Good Sweet Blades, but you can find some sweet vintage shit AND you support independent artists! but tread with caution a lot of the stuff on there is like. not meant for heavy-duty use/purely aesthetic in design/flimsy. if ur a knife casual/not intending to like, get a ton of Use of of your knives i’d rec etsy because they have THE most aesthetic shit
  3. amazon. another marketplace! i’m sure you could get some Sweet Weapons on there but the purchases i foolishly made so far were mediocre in quality. :-(. if anyone has good stores (which i’m sure are out there) then PLEASE lmk because on amazon they can be a little tough to find!

stores i haven’t bought from/am rating on sight:

  1. knife-depot. never bought from them, but i considered it highly? good organization, decent prices, solely knife-focused. seems fine to me tbh but i haven’t looked too much into reviews.
  2. megaknife. looks like a fun one? they have a lot of kind of masc4masc stuff that balances looking cool with looking Sharp. they also do mystery boxes and  tactical sets. personally i think i’m gonna hit them up next 
  3. coldsteel. looks pretty similar to bladehq in layout/array, but it’s not solely a knife site! they sell axes and swords and shit too? seems a little on the higher end in terms of price, but for some that’s worth it. again, haven’t purchased from them, but ! just from eyeballing it i’d say it’s worth a try? if you’ve bought from here hmu tbh
  4. cutleryusa. bit more aesthetic-focused but it seems fairly balanced with the selection! i’ve heard that the shipping time is decent and the quality is good for the money. again a wide variety but that doesn’t always speak to quality [shrug emoji]
  5. alienoutfitters. this is not a solely knife-focused store, & it literally says on the top of their knife section that everything is intended to be ornamental only, but if that’s what you want? their shit looks COOL. don’t try to throw their knives or stab anyone with ‘em but honestly they are pretty sexy and i might buy one eventually just for the Look™. can’t judge the quality having never bought from them but tbh if you just want decorative, quality isn’t a huge concern
  6. knifebox. you know those like…subscription sites where u get a variety pack of shit in the mail monthly? this is that, but for knives. i dug through some reviews and they’re pretty mixed :-/ plus it’s advertised as KNIVES FOR MEN which. hm. but this could be a good place for a beginner to start!
  7. trueswords. i honestly don’t know how i feel about this site? it’s kind of a [makes wobbly hand gesture]. a lot of the stuff looks more cosplay quality than anything, and i think that’s their intended purpose. if ur looking for something to wave around & look nice with then this site seems alright but otherwise i wouldn’t give it my money.
  8. aliexpress. this site is REALLY a gamble, but if you know your shit it’ll pay off. another marketplace site, they sell pretty much everything for super low prices, but the risks of scam/shit quality products is much higher than any of the other sites listed. it’s a bulk site so basically just? shop with caution? i’ve bought non-knife stuff from them before and it worked out fine, but idk what their blades are like. they do have some cool shit though ngl. tread w caution and you should be fine. also they don’t  accept paypal Unfortunately. :-(

yeah uh! if you’ve bought from any of the stores that i haven’t, please please please add input? or even stores i have bought from! and if you’re new to buying knives, here’s a post i made about how to safely & wisely purchase them online. uuuuuh yeah i think that’s it? OH and if you have stores that aren’t on here hmu!!! have fun kids

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Hi, may I ask you how do you make your last moodboard, please? do you have a tutorial or something like that? it's just really flawless god.

Sure thing! Just a warning, this really won’t be a tutorial per say, because really it just depends on the layouting and color scheme you choose. Asheathes answered a similar question HERE and sums it up pretty well, but I’ll point you in the direction of the resources I used for mine!


This part is mostly just playing around with the shape tool on Photoshop until you find a layout you like. The best advice I can give you is look at examples, that’s what I did. There are some good ones HERE: X ) ( X ) ( X ). 

I drew up some mini templates to reference if making your own is too hard to start off with!


Asheathes explains how she picks her color schemes pretty well in her ask, so I’ll just point you in the direction of some good color schemes for inspiration! HERE: X ) ( X ) ( X ).

After that it’s just a matter of finding patterns and photos that match well! (Or editing them to match, the color balance and selective color adjustments were my best friend when I made my moodboard!)

I made some transparent shapes for you to use for your colors section if the shape tool is too tricky at first:


  • Make sure to line up your pixels precisely, it’ll make a world of difference!
  • To make straight dividing lines between sections use the rectangle tool instead of the line tool, just set the width/height (whichever way you want the line to face) to 1px and make the opposite input the length you want your line to be.
  • WeHeartIt, & Flickr are good for ‘mood’ pictures and I use google to find decorative text vectors! Here are some good photoblogs X ) ( X ) ( X ) & ( X ). 
  • Typography is not my strongpoint, so I’ll just direct you HERE for that section.
  • For the Selfie section I put on my moodboard I used THIS template.