the law of the normal

i love how, in queen’s classic song ‘dont stop me now’, there’s a line that goes ‘i’m a shooting star leaping through the sky like a tiger, defying the laws of gravity’ because it makes it sound like that something that tigers normally do


Lawful, implying honor and respect for society’s rules; Chaotic, implying rebelliousness and individualism; and Neutral, being the middle ground between the two extremes.

Good, implying altruism and respect for life; Evil, implying the absence of altruism and no respect for life; and Neutral, the middle ground between the two.

I, for one, think it’s hilarious that Reigen, a relatively normal guy who breaks some minor laws every day, has a friend group that consists of 3 psychic middle schoolers, an occasionally evil spirit, and an awkward but nice guy he met who worked for an evil cult trying to take over the world. Said guy attacked them with an umbrella. Reigen just rolls with all of this and is somehow in charge most of the time bc hes usually the most mature one in the room. He will protect all of them (except dimple when he’s being a jerk) even if most of his attacks consist of “distract the enemy with fake powers, then run away, throw salt in their eyes, or punch them in the face” his most effective attack strategy apparently is to yell at the bad guys until they feel so bad about themselves that they give up. How has his life become like this. His mom wants him to get a real job.

a cop admitted to how normal it is for law enforcement to “only kill black people”….. this is why I will never fuck with blue lives matter because these are the type of priorities they sustain to

How VICE media’s new platform Broadly STOLE my Caramel Curves project!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Broadly is supposed to be a station that VICE created to empower women. Broadly was allegedly created for women, by women and about women. They proudly boast about how they are feminists and are bringing women together. Don’t let this camouflage fool you like it fooled me. Broadly is a vulture. A soul sucking parasite that can only survive by leaching every ounce of original content from it’s host.
I am a victim that Broadly chose as a host and extracted it’s ideas and original content from. A few months ago I shared with a friend that I wanted to turn my photo project about the Caramel Curves into a doc. This friend started working for Broadly, pitched my idea and in May they asked me if I would make a short doc about the Caramel Curves for them. They explained that it would be a celebration of my photographs and that I would have creative control over almost everything. We discussed my role as the co director over and over again. At a meeting with some of the Caramel Curves, Broadly assured them that I was co directing this project. The leader of the Curves told Broadly that the only reason why she was going to let Broadly make a documentary about the group was because she trusted me. She also told them that If I was not directing the film her and the gang were out. VICE promised me and the Curves that we would be shown the footage that was shot, weigh in on the editing, and approve of the final cut before the piece was published.
I pushed for a crew from New Orleans but Broadly insisted on sending me a crew that was already VICE staff. After all they were facilitating the budget, so I agreed. After sending me a crew from New York City and a camera man from hell we spent a few days shooting this project. The conditions were incredibly stressful. It was a daunting task to get the dp to listen to anything that I told him. He refused all direction regarding his camera work, but was happy to have me direct the Curves.
I should have trusted my gut and been more assertive but since one of the people that I was working with was a friend that I’ve known for over 5 years I decided to just roll with the punches. At one point my lovely subjects - smart and amazing Caramel Curves became very suspicious of VICE and Broadly and wouldn’t sign release forms. They also wanted a guarantee that they could have copies of the footage for their personal use. The crew and I discussed this obstacle and the camera man from hell came up with an idea. He callously said, verbatim “I just got back from Ghana where we were shooting a doc about boxing. You should just do what I did when I was there - just lie to them and tell them they are going to get what ever it is that they want. I mean, we are never going to see these people again.” I was absolutely appalled. That pretty much set the mood of the entire shoot. I felt pitted between my subjects who I much respect and the dubious Broadly crew.
The Curves came out of the shoot unenthusiastic. They didn’t send their release forms to VICE. My “friend” at VICE put pressure on me to get them. I told her that we wanted to see the footage. She kept stalling… She would apologize and tell me it was coming. The pay check also never showed up, same story. I sent the releases, trusting my friend", and also VICE as a normal law abiding media outlet, to finish the project according to our contract. I was paid when they received the releases, but was never sent the dailies. No rough cuts, no outlines, no paper edits. Then, an email with a link to a rough cut, and a second email a day later saying sorry the piece is online! I was never able to show the Curves the edit, nor give my input. For this, and many other reasons, the piece is shallow. It kind of sucks compared to the real story of the Caramel Curves, which is beautiful. None of us in New Orleans are happy about the process at all. Vice doesn’t mind if we are deceived exploited and disposed then of.
Last week Broadly launched their awful site and kicked it off with my Caramel Curves project. This is a project that I have spent 2 years working on. That friend that I was telling you about earlier, well she took most of the credit, and her little minions that got sent down from New York with her got whatever credit was left over.
I complained to Hannah Gregg. She left me a voicemail and a text that apologised for what had been done and basically said that she knew they fucked up, but it was too late to do anything about it. I posted this story on my instagram and Tracie Morrissey, the creator of Broadly left me a few comments. She told me that I didn’t actually do anything for them and that I should be ashamed of myself for trying to claim this project as mine.
VICE didn’t know what to do with creative women so they made a ghetto for them called Broadly. Please spread the word that VICE and Broadly are vultures and will do anything they can to steal original content from independent artists. Don’t let them take advantage of you or anyone that you know.



“I do not regret being who I am, being as open as I’ve been. And I am proud of myself for not apologizing for it. I don’t fit into any of the boxes that so many petty-minded little motherfuckers love to put me in, and I don’t really care.”

The Anti-Myth Masterpost

Out of sheer boredom and frustration, I’ve compiled a list of dumb things antis say and some facts to contradict them. Though I don’t think antis actually pay attention, they just vomit nonsense and never stick around for a rebuttal, here goes nothing anyway. Because I am tired of seeing good, pure people being harassed and sent death threats by these crazies. So here we go.

Anti-Myth: Otayuri is pedophilia.

Fact: Pedophilia is legally defined as attraction to or sex with a minor under the age of 13

Anti-Myth: Yurio is still a minor.

Fact: Yurio is now 16, the legal age of consent in Russia. He and whatever partner he chooses, as long as his partner is over the age of 16, is within their legal right. 

Anti-Myth: 16 year olds brains are not developed enough to comprehend sex.

Fact: A 16 year old can understand sex. Hell, even a 15 year old can. Teens at 15 or 16 hop into bed with older teens all the time–even I did. It’s actually normal. Plus, 16 is a far more common legal age of consent in the developed world anyway, this is not some perverted law by Russia and Kazakhstan, it’s actually very very normal. Even in Canada, 16 is the legal age of consent. If you’re American, respect your own laws, but we’re talking about A. fiction, and B. another country.

Anti-Myth: Otabek is too old for Yurio.

Fact: Otabek is literally 2.5 years older than Yurio. They’d literally be a junior and senior in high school, which happens all the time. It did with me, it did with countless others, and none of us were being abused. Plus, Otabek is not technically an adult, he’s still a teen himself. Same with JJ, if that is your ship. 

Anti-Myth: Shippers are disgusting because they are forcing Yurio into a sexual relationship and don’t respect their friendship.

Fact: Dude, if you want to see them as platonic friends, go ahead, no one is stopping you. Secondly, I’ve never met a shipper who doesn’t enjoy their friendship as being the stable building block of their relationship. For you, the relationship stops there. For us, we go on to see them as starting a romance after they’re ready. It’s all about the friendship, we just add to it.

Anti-Myth: Shippers like to sexualize 15 year olds. 

Fact: Well, maybe a few do. I mean, that’s what happens in big fandoms, you get some bad apples, especially if they come from countries themselves where the consenting age is 14 or something. But many, many shippers do not. They usually ‘sexualize’ Yurio when he’s a little older, or like to imagine him a little older when he starts becoming intimate. Plus it’s not just us, the creators and animators of the show have been sexing up Yurio for months now in official art, and with WTTM flashing his nipples and abs–I mean, don’t blame us.

Anti-Myth: Otayuri conditions children to think pedophilia is normal.

Fact: First of all, no it doesn’t. Yet again, pedophilia is any relationship where one is over the consenting age, and the other is under the age of 13. Which is not happening here. It may give them the impression that 16/18 is normal, and yeah it is, especially in many developed countries. If you have a problem with that, take it up with them, not us. This really should not be a hard concept. Also it’s FICTION. Do people jump into bed with their siblings after watching Game Of Thrones? No, because they’re not idiots. Not everything is based on American laws. This is an anime, written by a Japanese woman, made in Japan, and a lot of anime sexualizes young teens. No otaku I know of are hoping into bed with kids because of anime, unless they were already pedophiles. It doesn’t develop with a goddamn cartoon.

Anti-Myth: I’m uncomfortable with this ship because when I was younger I was abused by–

Fact: Okay, stop right there. I will try and explain this the best way I can. Whatever happened to you in your past is tragic and I do sympathize (one of my cousins was abused when she was younger so I know the horrors of dealing with that), but I’m sorry, it has nothing to do with shipping two teenagers. You’re imagining abuse, despite nothing canonically abusive happening. Otabek would never hurt Yurio. He’s no pervert. See, Americans who prey on 15 and 16 year olds do so because they KNOW it’s illegal. That’s why they do it. But if you’re from a country where, once again, the legal age of consent is 16, there is no abusive mindset. It’s normal behavior. There is no perversion or predatory behavior, because it’s not illegal. I do understand you being uncomfortable and it bringing up memories for you, but the reality of the situation is there is no actual abuse, and you really must try and understand that. This is literally like saying I can’t post pics of dogs because you were bit once, and that I’m condoning you being bit or something. It’s not true, nor is it fair to me, I just like dogs. But I do hope you find peace in your life.

All this being said, I will admit I use to be an anti myself. For about ten minutes, until I realized all this stuff and I knew I was being silly. And hey, there is a good chance Otayuri could become canon after everything we’ve seen, so it’s a good idea to be prepared for that by trying to understand these points I’ve made. It’s not too late to see things differently and to be a decent human being.

Tease Me, Please Me  by Niamisdaship x

Harry Styles was blessed, to say the least. He’s the son of a lawyer and a nurse, which meant that not only were his parents wealthy, but they were extremely smart. Much like his parents, Harry was incredibly intelligent, and one of the kindest people that you would ever meet. He never partied or broke the law. He was just a normal eighteen-year-old boy trying to finish up his senior year of high school.

Except, maybe, he wasn’t that normal. You see, Harry was at the top of his class. He was the soon to be Valedictorian and the first student to be admitted into Harvard from his school since his father. He was what his classmates considered a ‘nerd’. And yeah, maybe Harry was a bit of nerd. The strangest thing about it all was that no one dared to say even the slightest bit of an insult or negative comment to Harry about the way that he was.

In his mind though, Harry knew that this was all too good to be true. He had watched too much TV to know that high school was nothing but hell. There was no way that he could get through these four years of his life without getting ridiculed for the way he was, at least once.

And well, he was right.

(hope you like it baab <33 go read this !!)

Straw Hats: "Just Be Yourself"
  • Does be themselves but accidentally burns a house down: Luffy, Usopp, Chopper
  • Does be themselves and makes others regret even saying it because they do some weird shit: Sanji, Franky, Brook
  • Does be themselves and is nice, normal, and kind: Vivi, Law, Sabo
  • Does be themselves and turns to Satan: Zoro, Nami, Robin

Headcanon that although Diogee has saved Milo’s life multiple times, he can’t do any normal dog tricks. He won’t sit, speak, shake, lie down, or do any other standard tricks on command. Idk if he just doesn’t get it or doesn’t want to, but he won’t.

“Five” and “Punch”

This one is a fairly familiar example in linguistics textbooks, but one that is probably surprising to someone not familiar with Indo-European linguistics.

Punch, in the sense of a fruit beverage, is a borrowing from the Hindi pāñć meaning “five”, from the fact that the original version of punch used five ingredients.  Numbers, of course, especially small numbers, tend not to be borrowed, and tend to be pretty stable in meaning as well.  They therefore provide a perfect class to look at when figuring out if groups of languages are related.  The Hindi pāñć descends from Sanskrit páñcan, in turn from Proto-Indo-European *pénkʷe.  In the course of evolving into Sanskrit, short /e/ /a/ and /o/ all merged as /e/, the labiovelars became plain velars (thus kʷ became k) and (before the /o/-/e/-/a/ merger), /k/ became palatized before front vowels, thus, *kʷe became *ke, became *ce, became *ca.

In an early stage of pre-Proto-Germanic, *pénkʷe became *pémpe, a sporadic form of assimilation.  Then, under the normal sound changes, particularly Grimm’s Law, *pémpe became Proto-Germanic *fimf.  In the Ingvaeonic languages, a small group of West Germanic languages (made up primarily of English, Frisian, and Low German), nasals before voiceless fricatives were lost, with compensatory lengthening, thus, *fimf became Old English fīf, which became Modern English five.

There were two PIE roots that appear to have been closely related to *penkʷe which have also left descendants in English. *pn̥kʷ-sti-s meaning “fist” and *penkʷ-ró-s meaning “finger”  The first is the origin of Modern English “fist” and the second is the origin of “finger”.  It is plausible that the original meaning of this root had something to do with “fist” or “hand”.  Compare, for example, the Proto-Austronesian *lima, which meant both “hand” and “five”.

The development of “fist” from *pn̥kʷ-sti-s was this way: the syllabic non-vocalic sonorants became -uC-, thus PIE *n̥ became Proto-Germanic *un.  /kʷ/ (and /kw/, which merged with /kʷ/ early on) lost its labialization (the /w/ sound) in certain contexts, one of which which was when preceded by /u/, including /uC/ sequences.  /k/ before an /s/ or /t/ subsequently became /x/, thus becoming Proto-Germanic *funhstiz, which was simplified to *funstiz.  This became Old English fȳst, the result of the /i/ in the last syllable fronting the /u/.  The vowel was shortened and unrounded to become Modern English fist.  There is, however, another possible etymology of Progo-Germanic *funstiz from the zero-grade of *pewǵ- “punch”, in which case the verbal -n- infix would appear along with the suffix *-sti-s

In *penkʷ-ró-s, Verner’s Law caused /kʷ/ to become /gʷ/.  Most cases of /gʷ/, whether derived originally from *gʷʰ via Grimm’s Law or *kʷ via Verner’s Law were subsequently lost, with various reflexes depending on environment.  Word-initialy, historic *gʷʰ became *b, most likely after Grimm’s Law happened (thus *gʷʰ → *gʷ → *b), but the opposite order is also possible (thus *gʷʰ → *bʰ → *b), while word-medially it generally became either *g or *w.  Unstressed /e/ became /i/, thus creating Proto-Germanic *fingraz.

Double post with day 4 because of reasons.

Day 5: Relationships

Law the actual princess. I’ll leave the interpretation of relationships to the viewer because there are certainly more than one in this pic.

I think I just noticed that...

Whenever the main characters of an anime

are two guys and two girls

and I first see all four of them in a poster

and after watching the first few episodes I’ve determined that

they are my favorite characters because I love them individually

and their interactions together as a team

I have this tendency

to ship them together.

Is it weird?

Sometimes these anime posters/promo images make these main characters look so damn good together and they trick me into thinking they’re romantic/canon I’m just saying.

Okay, so… Light swears, is disrespectful to his father, is cheating at school and he seems like a moody teenager with already sadistic tendencies at the beginning (I mean, in the manga, he’s supposed to be a normal, bright teenager, deeply devoted to the law, before the Death note’s power turns him into Kira). 

Ryuk is sadistic, pushes Light to use the Death Note and actually explains to him how to use it. He doesn’t seem playful and indifferent to humans’ destiny, but more like he’s just an evil being.

I haven’t seen L yet, but I’m not confident… Hoping that they let him keep his personality, we deserve our good, brilliant and autistic L.

Also, it’s pointlessly gore. Why does it need to be gore ? Death Note didn’t have to be gore to be a frightening story.

So far, I wouldn’t compare this movie to… let’s say… Dragon Ball Evolution. But it seems like an okay movie and an awful adaptation.

Tag yourself:

Classic Sonic
- Sonic from Sonic 1 - 3, Sonic Generations and Sonic Forces
- Doesn’t talk at all, but may make sounds to get peoples’ attention
- Lots of silly gestures and charades
- Light blue baby 💙

Adventure Sonic
- Sonic from Sonic Adventure and Sonic Adventure 2
- Loud and sassy
- Very animated when he moves and talks
- Quills stick up when startled or frightened
- Probably says “radical” and “tubular”
- 7.8/10 way too dark blue

Modern Sonic
- Sonic from… A lot of games. Sonic Unleashed, Sonic Colors, the Storybook games, Lost World, etc.
- Likes puns
- Sassy, but knows when to tone it down
- Ultramarine
- The default Sonic most people think about

2006 Sonic
- Sonic from Sonic the Hedgehog (2006)
- Oddly human shaped
- Has the goofiest laugh ever
- Really appreciates nature and small things no one else notices or cares about
- Clumsy and sometimes has a hard time doing simple tasks
- Very pure, trying his best

Smash Bros Sonic
- Sonic from Super Smash Bros Brawl and Smash Bros 4
- Doesn’t talk until he has an opportunity to be sassy
- Likes to fight even when it’s unnecessary

- Sonic from the Sonic Boom series
- Very tall
- Don’t touch his bandana without permission, he will literally kill you
- Doesn’t take anything seriously
- Pretty lazy
- He’s also kinda loud -

Archie Sonic
- Sonic from the Archie Comics
- Can go from serious to silly in no time at all
- Often makes assumptions that could cause trouble
- Remembers almost everything
- Somewhat cautious in unfamiliar situations
- Needs a hug

Fleetway Sonic
- Sonic from the Fleetway Comics
- Probably the grumpiest Sonic
- Sassy, but like in a mean way (oops)
- Looks like a cinnamon roll but would actually kill you
- Do not make him mad
- Do not let him go super

- Sonic from the manga
- Very shy
- Short and cute
- Needs glasses but doesn’t like wearing them
- Always cold
- Gets sudden spikes of determination at random times
- Looks like a cinnamon roll but swears a lot

OVA Sonic
- Sonic from Sonic CD and the OVA
- A lot like Classic Sonic, but with messier quills
- Always sounds like he has a stuffy nose
- Demands to be taken seriously
- Cannot be taken seriously
- Will do anything to help anyone, even if he’s skeptical
- Really scared of bugs for some reason
- “There is only one Sonic”

AoStH Sonic
- Sonic from the tv series The Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog
- The goofiest Sonic
- Falls in love with every girl he sees
- If weird shit happens he just rolls with it because it’s normal to him
- Casually breaks the laws of physics and warps reality on a daily basis
- Costumes and crossdressing
- Has allergies and spring is hell for him
- A walking PSA
- “That’s no good.”

SatAM Sonic
- Sonic from the tv series Sonic the Hedgehog (which aired on Saturdays in the 90s)
- Loves nature almost as much as 2006 Sonic
- A bit less goofy than AoStH Sonic, but not by much
- Would rather sit on the floor than in a chair
- Likes to sleep in trees
- Probably gets squeamish in those rotating doors or phone booths (reminds him of the roboticizer)
- Has an extreme fear of failure
- “I’m waiting…”

Underground Sonic
- Sonic from Sonic Underground
- Sings out loud when a song is stuck in his head
- Doesn’t feel comfortable in houses for some reason
- Very protective of his friends and family
- Has abandonment issues and hates being alone
- Always has that feeling of “something’s missing but I don’t know what”

Sonic X Sonic
- Sonic from Sonic X
- A little lazy
- Loves little kids
- Loves flowers and probably collects them to dry them
- Always ready to help
- Extremely competitive
- Always seems to be looking for things he just put down 5 seconds ago gOD WHERE IS IT
- Picky about what he eats
- “What day is it?”
- “Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…”

- You know what Scourge is like you fools
- Hail to the king, baby

- You also know what Zonic is like (and if you don’t, look at the wiki)