the law of the jungle gym

some jake headcanons I thought of earlier:

  • Listens to 80s rock, Ed Sheeran, and whatever playlist Rich is stuck on. He and Michael end up making playlists for each other to show each other new music.
  • Always been big on first aid?? CPR certified, can use an AED, always has a first aid kit on him, knows how to do stitches, whole nine yards.
  • After the fire, takes like 4 fire safety classes; he never wants to feel as helpless as he did in that fire
  • Feels alone a lot and that’s why he’s so involved in clubs
  • Refuses to acknowledge the loneliness. He always laughs off his friends questions and changes the subject to them
  • Jeremy is like his little brother, he’d do anything to protect him
  • Has a small studio apartment after the fire!! once he graduates he gets a dog (a female golden retriever named Molly)
  • LOVES helping people??? He feels like since his parents broke the law, him helping others is his way of saying 'i wont be like them’
  • bottles everything up and only lets certain people know what he’s actually going through
  • ( @quirkofart came up with these with me and I love it) Volunteers at a retirement home
  • Is the adoptive grandchild of like 16 grandmothers. Goes to them for advice on everything, and they all sit in a circle and have tea on Friday afternoons.
  • Holds grandchildren day once a month!! There’s video games and board games and all the children come and play and spend time with their grandparents – they love him bc he’s like a jungle gym to them
  • They give him baked goods all the time, and he brings them to school. Everyone questions and he’s just like ‘oh yeah adoptive my grandparents gave them to me! want a cookie? nancy makes the best chocolate chip ones.’
  • They also teach him to cook. The squip squad loves it bc they never have to worry about not having food thanks to his multiple adoptive grandparents.

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Luffy, Law and Kid

hell YEEE the three captains i can get on this


Who’s the messiest one: Luffy most definitely. There are signs of his 24/7 feasting everywhere and he’s never cleaned in his life. Law is a close second with his medical books and papers scattered everywhere in his room. He’s rather particular about keeping his work area sanitary but occasionally he forgets to clean up after a particularly messy dissection and Kid has to prevent Luffy from devouring law’s experiments. 

Who feels the most uncomfortable about PDA:  KID. He’s so easily embarrassed when law or luffy are sweet on him in public he turns tomato red. Luffy has no sense of shame and is loud and obnoxious about his affections, always tackling kid with bear hugs and smothering him with puppy kisses. Law isn’t huge on PDA but he thoroughly enjoys making Kid uncomfortable so he likes to play the game called how far can i go until kid makes a run for the nearest public restroom if you know what i mean

Who’s the funniest drunk: Probably Law. He always so straight faced and serious with that poker face of his but he’s surprisingly a lightweight. He starts kissing everyone in sight and then half strips and he climbs on the nearest table and reveals his drunken adaptation of the Single Ladies dance. Luffy is a lightweight too and he never drinks because 1. he doesn’t like the taste, 2. it’s less funny but more hazardous when he’s drunk. The last time that happened he destroyed the bar and half the street.

Who texts the most: Luffy doesn’t have a phone because he keeps losing or breaking them and Kid prefers calling people. So Law texts the most out of the three and he’s rather gutsy about it as well. He’s that person that when they text you they never use emoticons so you’re not really sure if he’s irritated at you or just joking around. But actually they are fully aware of your discomfort and take great enjoyment in it. the little shit. 

Who has the most embarrassing taste in music: Luffy hands down. Somehow he always manages to find the most obnoxious, annoying, yet catchy songs and serenades the other two day and night until they know every word from pon pon pon 

Who reads the most: Law. 

Who’s better with kids: no one. none of them. please god never let them have kids they are horrible parents. 

jk well actually if they are in an AU then I’d probably say Kid. Taking care of luffy is like taking care of  50 kids so he’s learned a great  deal of patience. He acts like  he doesn’t like children but actually really cares about them and they in turn enjoy turning his huge body into a jungle gym. Luffy is good with kids too but after growing up with Garp he doesn’t have any common sense when it comes to how kids ‘play’ these days so he needs adult supervision *coughskidcoughs*. Law is alright with kids. He has to work with them as a doctor/surgeon after all. Though being left alone with kids too long makes him uncomfortable. 

Who’s the one that fixes things around the house: Kidddddd. He’s the mechanic after all and with Luffy running around destroying everything his work is never done. 

Who’s got the weirdest hobby: they are all pretty fucking weird yo…..

Who cooks and who cleans up: Kid. Luffy only knows how to eat and the only thing law knows how to make is coffee. Plus after being raised by Killer, Kid is your ideal A+ housewife. He even leaves chocolates on their pillows after he makes their beds. 

I Love Your Daughter, Mrs. Hopps

Holidays with the Hopps was chaotic at best. Bonnie Hopps was the defacto General commanding her army of kits, placing decorations, coordinating gift-getting and -wrapping, scheduling extended family visits, all according to the plan laid out by her master tactician Stu Hopps. No hand went idle.

This year especially bore a special spark of excitement in the cold, wintry air. The Hopps clan was expecting guests.

Not just any guests, either.

The Wildes were all coming to Bunnyburrow to spend the holidays.

Sure, the kits had met foxes. There was Gideon Grey, Mom & Dad’s portly pie-baking business partner. But this was different. They would get to socialize with them, and open presents with them, and see how they ate and slept and brushed their tails (how do their tails even work?) And ask all the burning questions they could think of.

As the rulers of this festive kingdom commanded on high in preparation of their celebrated guests, their wayward eldest daughter Judy was trying desperately to get their attention with a very important message.

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Spending the day with two toddlers for the first time teaches you things. Like today I learned that you can’t say “fuck” in their presence because they will repeat it to their mom. Did I mention that their mom is my former sister in law? I’m about to be shunned. ..I think it’s official that I’m only useful as a jungle gym and to corrupt tiny minds.