the law of noise


Swiss Fact Check #2

  1. I don’t have any statistics that back, but I can assure you that Switzerland isn’t “The most misunderstood country”.
  2. Swiss German isn’t a language
  3. Latin isn’t an official language of Switzerland
  4. English isn’t either, and most people do not speak English that well.
  5. There is no two percent drop in punctuality at the SBB, they actually increased their punctuality in the last few years
  6. It’s about guinea pigs and not house cats. House cats can be held alone as cats tend to be loners and not super social animals.
  7. People are allowed to pee however they want, as long as they don’t make a mess and don’t do it in public… That’s just basic decency.
  8. How do you pee and make so much noise that it is considered rude? seriously, I want answers
  9. There are also no national/cantonal laws about noise after 10pm. There is however, a national noise protection regulation. It mainly focuses on civil airports, military training fields, industry and traffic.
  10. Appenzell Innerrhoden technically never “allowed” women to vote. The canton was forced to do by the Federal Supreme Court of Switzerland.
  11. “efficient government”
  12. You cannot decide to live in Switzerland from one day to the other.
  13. Switzerland is technically not part of the EU market either, at least not more than other countries that trade with the EU are.
  14. There are 22 countries still using the Franc (Mainly the West African and Central African CFA Franc)
  15. While Switzerland does have mandatory military service for all men over the age of 18, there are plenty of ways to get around it.
  16. If you decide to do military service, you will do 18 or 21 weeks of service (if you do not want to continue to do it (semi) professionally). Military obligations end much later tho and can rage from 30 years to 50 years of age.
  17. You normally keep your gun during, but not after serving in the military. Ammunition has to be returned, arms can be kept, but do not have to.
  18. There are 29 guns per 100 people according to statistics. Do you really think that this would be equally distributed?
  19. Eastern European countries do not have a “bizarre” weapon-situation.
  20. A referendum isn’t an initiative. There is a pretty big difference
  21. Votes on initiatives and referendums are held 4 times a year, this is not the total number initiatives or referendum. That one would be much higher, normally around 3 or 4 topics are voted upon each time (so at least 12 a year)
  22. I’m not even commenting on the WW2 “”fact””
  23. You do not need to learn 6 languages. One is perfectly fine, as long as it is a language actually spoken in Switzerland…

23/10:11 = 2.26 lies/minute

youtube song uploads and their visuals

album cover: lawful good

plain lyrics: neutral good

lyrics with tons of effects: chaotic good

slideshow of inoffensive pictures/pictures of the artists: lawful neutral

vinyl spinning: true neutral

live version: chaotic neutral

official music video with extraneous noises/unnecessary intros and outros: lawful evil

a still of the artists: neutral evil

fandom slideshow/dancing gifs: chaotic evil


So I’ve been really busy theses days but I wanted to updated you guys on my study life.
I study civil law really hard and labour law too. And for this study session I use the “white noise” playlist on Spotify and it’s amazing, keeps me really focused and I love it.

twilight zone episode: you have law & order svu playing on the tv as your usual background noise and the episode suddenly has a different outcome than the other 40000 times youve watched it


How I miss intimacy. When it’s just you and her; talking; laying, or sitting, side by side; the eye contact; being so close you can catch her scent; the body language as she moves ever so slightly toward you, yet trying to remain where she is; when you sense how near she wants to be.

Then all of a sudden, a pause, a break. A glaze comes over her eyes as she decides right then how close she needs to be. Everything stops; time stops, the world, the noise, the universe, the laws that govern it; all stops momentarily; and all that’s left is you, and her; and the pleasing, deadening silence.

Her head slightly tilts, eyelids slowly closing, as she brings herself closer to you; her scent gradually rising; it’s intoxicating. Everything happens so fast; you feel the window closing. Quickly, you rush to meet her advances; don’t leave her out in the cold; your momentary desperation is shared, your feelings are shared; she needs you, and you need her to know you feel the same way. She’s vulnerable; open, willing, bare, and hopeful; don’t abandon her.

Swiftly your mouth meets hers; so fast that you collide, softly and tenderly. Her lips flatten, then swell as you find the rhythm and fullness of her lips; like two morphing jigsaw puzzle pieces, dancing. Everything continues to pause, even your lungs. Soon a sacrifice must be made: oxygen, for the moment; one decreases as the other extends, but no matter.

You push your lung capacity to the fullest; you exhaust them; just to prolong the moment. It’s a fair trade. Your lips part, yet you remain near; heads still in orbit.

The silence is cut by the quick gasps of air; the only time shortness of breath could be called blissful. Everything picks up again; or rather, you resume and try to catch up, to everything: time, the world, the universe and the laws that govern it, the noise. And all that’s left is her eyes.


He’s still there. Him. Strawhat.

His presence by the door of the Sunny’s library tugs at Law’s attention from the book he’s reading, but he makes no mention of it. Luffy doesn’t need to be regarded. Not anymore since he’s learned not to intrude on Law’s space when he wants to be alone, which is impressive because staying in one spot has never been one of Strawhat’s strong points. He’s restless, but he tries. Law appreciates that more than he usually cares to show.

And so the boy has been standing there, making small, tolerable humming noises that Law has learned to welcome like a calm buzz as the small rubber body leans from one door post to another. From the corner of his eye, Law sees the younger captain shoot enemies outside with his pretend-pistol fingers and blow imaginary smoke away like some cool gunner. Law chuckles before he can help it. It doesn’t go unnoticed. Luffy perks at the small noise with big, round hopeful eyes drifting towards Law as he purses his lips in that adorable way only he is capable of. His eyes glimmer. His cheeks puff. His hands squeeze one another in an obvious attempt to hold himself back. Now if that isn’t so fucking cute then—Ah, god.

Law leans back in defeat as he closes his book, which Luffy takes as a silent permission for him to walk over to the desk. Strawhat strides quickly across the room—bouncing with every step—crawling onto the man’s lap as if making up for lost time. The younger captain takes the book out of Law’s hands like “that’s enough of that” and puts it on the table.

“I wish you could’ve met Ace.” He says a bit hurriedly and out of the blue. Where he’s gotten the idea of talking about Ace, Law isn’t really sure, but he doesn’t mind. Luffy isn’t the kind of person Law would have to play mind games with. He’s spontaneous and honest, too honest for his own good sometimes, and sometimes Law muses it’s his job to think for this boy although this alliance doesn’t permit that much planning anyway. And maybe that’s what makes Law feel at ease, the apparent lack of trickery. Unless it’s about stealing food off people’s plate then Strawhat’s all for cheating and trickery.

“You’d be friends. And he would have loved to meet you. I know. I really know.” Luffy talks like he’s been holding his breath the entire time, each word a gush of air through his lungs. He pushes the book further away for good measure as if competing with it for attention.

“Yeah?” Law darts his head back to avoid being elbowed in the nose as Luffy shifts to find a comfortable position on his lap. The small space between Law and the desk doesn’t give him much to work with, but a tattooed hand steadies him quietly until he does.

“Ace is nice.” Luffy says as-a-matter-of-fact-ly before cupping Law’s face between his rubber hands and squeezing his cheeks together, “He’d thank you. He would.”

“For what?” Law manages to say, not even bothering to remove his ally’s fingers because resistance to Strawhat’s antics, he’s learned, is futile.

The boy laughs. Law doesn’t really know about what, but he’s radiant like that. Charming and cheerful and warm and curious and just… bits and pieces of Law’s favorite things put together. Except for being reckless and loud and… Well, everyone has his flaws.

“For taking care of me.” Luffy chuckles, squeezing Law’s cheeks harder so that his lips are squished to resemble a fish, “For being Torao.”

“Fuh—” Law realizes he can’t talk so he pries Luffy’s fingers off his face, sighing in relief before saying, “For being me?”

“I love you!” Strawhat declares instead like this is the first time he’s said it, as if that answers the question and Law decides that it does.

“I love you, too.” Law kisses his nose gently, “Would’ve been nice if I had met your broth—Ace, I guess.”

And just like that, Luffy glows, his eyes widening again, shining. His happiness beams like a delightful wave that sends lighthearted tingles across Law’s skin and he likes that. Loves that. Loves him.

Him. Luffy.

Belated happy birthday, Ace. I wish you could’ve met Law. As protective as you were (are?) of the people you love, I’m pretty sure you’d thank Law for saving Luffy at Marineford.

The Touch of Tulips: Chapter 1/?

Title: The Touch of Tulips

Author: noise-sama

Pairings: Eustass Kid x Trafalgar Law, Killer x Penguin

Rating: Overall 16+

Word Count: 754

Summary: Kid works as a tattooist and he takes an interest on one of his clients, Law, who is a florist.


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Card Project

I made the announcement a while ago that I’d be working on a “secret project,” and since I’ve been very open about the whole project on my twitter I thought it was about time that I made a formal announcement about it on here too!

I’m drawing my own poker card deck, each card with different One Piece characters. Here’s a few of them that I’ve posted on my twitter:

all of the cards are drawn in the style shown above.

When the deck is fully drawn, I’ll be printing them out on actual playing cards and selling them over the internet and mailing them out (and possibly selling some at cons). I’m really excited, wish me luck! ‘v’

For further updates about the project, you can follow my twitter. That’s the only place I’ve really been talking about this on :’>

Astro As Things Said In Admin M’s Group Chat Part 2

MJ: We all simultaneously break our limbs and cause a HUGE distraction

Jinjin: They’re a nugget

Eunwoo: *law and order noise*

Moonbin: Someone be nice and order food for me

Rocky: Everyone shout out their underwear color in 3.. 2.. 1…

Sanha: I’m bigger than most of u guys kms

Part 1

*Arrives in Zou*

Law: Ah, well, there’s my crew..imma just…go now…

*clicking noise of handcuffs*

Law: Luffy, why did you link us together with these handcuffs?

Luffy: you’re not going anywhere ( ᐛ )و

Usopp: luffy nO

*On the thousand sunny*

Luffy: ok we beat up that pink birb good everybody

Law: Yes

Luffy: now lets go directly after Kaido & biG mom next, right now, right this second ( ᐛ )و

Usopp: luffy nO

*On Zou*

Luffy: Imma eat this elephant

Law: you’re not going to eat this elephant

Luffy: *mouth pressed to the ground, tongue out* MhwoengfMMmmmmeatmmmmepalsgnwe ( ᐛ )و

Usopp: luffy nO

*after the Zou arc*

Luffy: this elephant is really kool & strong

Robin: Yes, yes it is :)

Luffy: *to the elephant* do u poop?


Elephant:..*elephant noise*

Luffy: jOin my crew elephant that does indeed poop ( ᐛ )و

Usopp: luffy nO

Luffy: Oh look it’s Lucci! >:O

Lucci: It’s a me, Lucci!!!

Luffy: Looks like I gotta pound that ass again

Law:…you mean beat him up?

Luffy: Yeah, pound that ass

Law: just say beat him up

Luffy: imma beat that ass up hard and good ( ᐛ )و



Usopp: luffy nO

The Zou arc gonna be wild, I tell you what.