the law of beards

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Djwifi 2c, if you don't mind <D

This is how they usually say hello to each other.

Soft fluff meme

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Dude I'm marathoning law & order svu on netflox and I see none other than tom pelphry wearing a fake mustache, a cheap leather jacket and a snapback hat like lmao what is my life. (It's season 17 ep 20 you gotta check it out)

That is HILARIOUS and I need to check it out. Thanks for the heads up!

He looks like such a dickbag lmao

Weekly Reading List 22

Weekly Recommendations get posted every Thursday. All stories are character x reader unless otherwise stated. Graphic by the awesome@wonders-of-the-enterprise May is Tony Stark’s Birthday. 

Steve Rogers
My Hero by @kaunis-sielu
The Thing by @timeforsmut NSFW
Social Justice Avenger by @writers-square
No Sleep Til Brooklyn by @imamotherfuckingstar-lord
Everything’s Better with a Beard by @4theluvofall
Steve Rogers and the Father-in-Law of Doom by @marvelandassociates
Knowledge is Power by @goodnightwife
Brown-Eyed Girl by @marrvelle-fics
To Many Secrets by @itsanerdlife 

Tony Stark
Falling in Love in a Coffee Shop by @volkluna
Making a Sculpture for Tony by @imamotherfuckingstar-lord
So Old by @kaunis-sielu

Law and Order: SVU
Rafael Barba
The Bar by @imagines-for-the-fangirls-soul
Hush Part Three Part Four, Part 5, Part 6 by @8cetera
You Were Always on My Mind by @thatgirlwhosalwayssinging
Babymoon on the CapPart 4 by @seekret-fanfic
The Intern by @thatgirlwhosalwayssinging
The Little Things by @vintagemichelle91

Star Trek
Jim Kirk
Dreams Come True by @trade-baby-blues
Here Comes Your Man by @star-trekkin-across-theuniverse
Not Scared of Anything by @not-your-tardis
A Little Comfort by @girl-next-door-writes
Jim Talking to You About Depression by @imaginestartrek
Tear Your Apart by @imaginestartrek
Ten Ways to Say I Love You by @enterprisewriting
Starfleet Matchmaking by @janeykath318
Mornings With Him by @goodnightwife
Just Fun by @the-nerdier-the-dirtier

Leonard McCoy
Having a Uniform Malfunction by @imaginestartrek
Plan: Avoid McCoy by @flirtswithdanger
Hell on Earth by @blueoftheenterprise
Better Hands by @writingwithadinosaur
What’s Up Doc by @auduna-druitt
Remedy by @wonders-of-the-enterprise
Sleepy Bones by @goodnightwife
Object of Desire by @goodnightwife
Hands Off by @goodnightwife
Cake or Dessert by @goodnightwife
Morning Bliss by @makemyownwonderland
Wrong Drink by @lt-pokeharvest

With Shaking Hands by @trade-baby-blues
The Gift by @thesoundofnat
In Darkness Part 6 by @mccoymostly
Only You by @thevalesofanduin

Jim x Reader X Bones

Tony DiNozzo
Very Special Agent: Papa Dinozzo by @itswitchcraft-not-googlemaps
Vests Should Have Sleeves by @spaceemonkeyyxd
Nah Honey I’m Good by @irishavengersassemble
I’m Right Here Sweetheart by @irishavengersassemble

Criminal Minds
Aaron Hotchner
Unexpected Visitor by @crimindsaspe
Spilled Coffee by @kaunis-sielu

Soulmate AU

Two Against One by @itsanerdlife Steve Rogers
When Things Go Sideways by @itsanerdlife Steve Rogers
The Honorable Barba by @xemopeachx Rafael Barba
Taking a Chance by @themusicplayedherlife Steve Rogers
Baby Blues by @sebbys-girl Steve Rogers
A Little Lesson in Time, Part 2 by @vintagemichelle91 and @rauliskafan
My Bucky by @promarvelfangirl

A/B/O Dynamics
Tony is Your Alpha and is Trying to Cheer You Up by @of-badges-and-guns
The Scent, Part 2 by @chris-evans-imagines

Modern AU
Presidential 9-11, Part 12, part 13, Part 14 by @kaunis-sielu
Wolf Creek by @beccaanne814-blog

Misc Fandoms
Meeting the Parents by @blackgirloneshots T’Challa
For My Family by @thevalesofanduin Jim Kirk 
Dinner with Your Brother by @imagines-for-the-fangirls-soul Spock
Sweet Disaster Part 2 by @miamorbarba Rafael Barba 
For Mike by @itsanerdlife Avengers
Tio Nevada’s Tea Party by @ohbelieveyoume

Karl Urban

Chris Evans
Don’t Forget Me by @chrisevans-imagines
Little Ways Away Part 3/Part 4/Part 5A/5B/Epilogue by @ohevansmycaptain
She Said Yes: Part 1/Part 2 by @ohevansmycaptain
Stormy Snuggles by @painfullythickimagines


asoiaf meme (minor characters): 7/9 scenes ~ a dance with dragons, jon i

Jon took a knee. The king frowned at him, and rattled the parchment angrily. “Rise. Tell me, who is Lyanna Mormont?” 

“One of Lady Maege’s daughters, Sire. The youngest. She was named for my lord father’s sister.”

“To curry your lord father’s favor, I don’t doubt. I know how that game is played. How old is this wretched girl child?” 

Jon had to think a moment. “Ten. Or near enough to make no matter. Might I know how she has offended Your Grace?” 

Stannis read from the letter. “Bear Island knows no king but the King in the North, whose name is STARK. A girl of ten, you say, and she presumes to scold her lawful king.” His close-cropped beard lay like a shadow over his hollow cheeks.

836pm replied to your post: “I stg I never talk to my family about U2 intentionally, but somehow my…”:

cough drops!

My brother-in-law: “Yes, it was really The Edge. Beanie, little beard. Little short guy, right? It was one of those delis with the sandwich counter and the salad bar and everything, but they also have that section where they sell candy and aspirin and things like that. Yeah, he was just there by himself, buying cough drops. It’s New York, no one bothered him.” No word on whether they were Smith Brothers, Halls, or Riccola though. Or why he didn’t just go to the Duane Reade, which is like an NYC CVS. :P

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Do you have any thoughts on Hijabs

The West Wing episode that aired right after 9/11 was called “Isaac and Ishmael.” 

At one point in the episode, after a discussion of Islamic Extremism, a high school student tells the White House Communications Director “Nice beard.”

Now, if you’ve never seen West Wing, the White House Communications Director is named Toby Ziegler and looks like this:

One guess as to his religion.

So anyway, Toby responds with this:

“My choice, sister. And by the way, there’s nothing wrong with a religion whose laws say a man’s got to wear a beard or cover his head or wear a collar. It’s when violation of these laws become a crime against the State and not your parents that we’re talking about a lack of choice.”

Those are my thoughts about Hijabs.