the law of beards


asoiaf meme (minor characters): 7/9 scenes ~ a dance with dragons, jon i

Jon took a knee. The king frowned at him, and rattled the parchment angrily. “Rise. Tell me, who is Lyanna Mormont?” 

“One of Lady Maege’s daughters, Sire. The youngest. She was named for my lord father’s sister.”

“To curry your lord father’s favor, I don’t doubt. I know how that game is played. How old is this wretched girl child?” 

Jon had to think a moment. “Ten. Or near enough to make no matter. Might I know how she has offended Your Grace?” 

Stannis read from the letter. “Bear Island knows no king but the King in the North, whose name is STARK. A girl of ten, you say, and she presumes to scold her lawful king.” His close-cropped beard lay like a shadow over his hollow cheeks.


Jellopy Proudly Present: One Piece Sketch Edition.

Selamat malam, gaes!!
Bagi kalian para penggemar berat One Piece, kini Jellopy menyediakan desain Mugiwara’s Pirate by Svenfromoz lengkap dengan Quote-Quote andalan dari karakternya masing-masing. 

Cocok untuk ditaruh beriringan 3-3 seperti pada foto pertama. 

Tapi jangan salah, desain karakter One Piece tidak hanya dibatasi 9 karakter saja, masih ada desain karakter-karakter One Piece lainnya yang tidak kalah menarik seperti Portgas D. Ace, Jimbei, Trafalgar Law, White Beard’s Pirate, atau bahkan desain Full Color wallpaper one piece yang sering dipakai sebagai cover Chapter (foto ke 3)

Kami juga menerima pesanan desain tema anime-anime tersendiri di luar dari teman One Piece seperti Full Metal Alchemist, Naruto, atau apapun yang kalian inginkan.

Jadi tunggu apalagi!
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whenever people pull out that shit about “””the bible saying that it’s our job to reproduce and have children, so all christians clearly hate asexuals and opress us and want us dead!!!!!” i want to pull my previously christian hair out.

like the bible also says we can’t talk to women when they’re on their period, that we can’t wear combinations of certain fabrics, that we can’t trim our beards, and a whole list of laws that to this day, a lot of modern day christians do not follow. as a whole, the community understands that these laws are not applicable in everyday life and that god still loves them no matter what. the bible preaches about loving everyone. that’s the core message.

if you want to use an entire religion’s faith as an example for the shit you’re spewing, you need to understand the context of what you’re saying. 

I gotta say that Call the Midwife handled homosexuality and conversion therapy in the 1950′s in a single episode than Downton Abbey did through the course of its run. The writers managed to show how much Mr. Amos suffered because of his “condition”, how much he hated himself for causing his family shame, how he didn’t want to go through therapy, and how members of the community were intolerant, but a handful managed to see past his “disease” or “affliction” but were still not fully allies. 

Trixie apparently acted as a soldier’s beard previously. And she realizes that the law is trying to rule who one “can or can’t love” yet she still hesitates to defend the Mrs. Amos when some lady decides to bring in a paper and shout for everyone to here that  Mr. Amos is a “homo”. Even Patsy, who has been hinted at being a lesbian hesitated to start clapping for Mrs. Amos, the outgoing Rose Queen, until after Mr. Amos started clapping.

Please, just watch Call the Midwife. It’s such a good show and it deserves more love.