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After her stint as the detective’s assistant, Laurel is trying to relax at home. She tried painting more when she came back, but her art began to look frayed, hectic, and stressed. Which is pretty much how she feels right now.

It was all fun and games when she and Brook used to laugh about Sandra and her sketchy business deals. Honestly, they’ve always thought Sandra was kind of a mess as a person, someone who couldn’t do a halfway decent job as a legal guardian for a minor due to a crappy personality. They never thought she was someone who would willingly hurt a person for gain, only due to basic negligence, perhaps.

When Brook called her babbling about Sandra’s plan to off her, Laurel was bewildered. It was hard to combine the comical image of Sandra that existed in their minds for years with the image of someone who would go for murder, even if someone else was willing to do the dirty work. Of course, Laurel never doubted that Brook told her the truth - her friend was terrified enough that any doubt that could’ve appeared flew out the window. And Sandra’s failure to contact the police has further made her guilty.

But now, after seeing the man Sandra was with, suddenly Laurel was very scared for her friend.  He looked powerful. And the scar she spotted under his eye - she didn’t think he got that from an everyday accident. No, this man has been through situations that others have died it, that she had a very strong feeling about. 

If he was going to look for her friend, Brook will need more than just one young detective on her side.

She finally forces herself to stop thinking about the situation. There isn’t much she can do for any of these people at the moment. Unfortunately, a paintbrush has never been a very good weapon against crime.


Happy [belated] Birthday to the amazing @newyorkcitydreaming!!!

Canaryfire AU:

Laurel Lance aka ‘The Canary’ has always entranced crowds around the world. From London to New York to Japan. Her canary cry has people always up off their feet and riveted. However, a scare at her latest show and what is read as a threat on her life by a stalker has her seeking protection 24/7. 

Enter Mick Rory. Ex-con gone straight. He knows how criminals think and states that his past is the reason why he is the perfect man to hire. Despite the protest from her manager, Laurel agrees and hires him on the spot.

But once the encore is complete and the lights go out— The two of them start to really get to know one another. She starts visiting him in his adjoining room first for the company of a friend… Then of the company of a lover. Soon, however, the paparazzi start to notice the shift in their relationship and the tabloids release information of them officially being together—

And her stalker, despite being her #1 fan… Is NOT a fan of Mick Rory.

friendly reminder that wes gibbins and laurel castillo were in love with each other. they deserved to be happy, to move away from all of the terrible things that happened and start a new life somewhere else, somewhere peaceful. they deserved to be the best parents to their child, to have their own little family and create countless wonderful memories. they deserved camping, late night cuddles on the couch, lazy mornings of pancakes and love… 

they deserved so much more than they got, and i will never forgive the people who thought it was a good idea to ruin it. 

Laurel/Lisa/Cisco headcanons for losfpolyamweek, Day One: FFM 

  • Cisco gets the best gifts for the two. If it’s not upgrades to their costumes, it’s a personalized gift for their birthday/anniversary. 
    • Lisa’s favorite is the golden bracelet that he got for her; it’s a bit clunkier than what she usually wears but he added in three heart lockets for her (one has a picture of Cisco and Laurel, the other has a picture of Len and Mick, and the last one has just one picture, of her mother). 
    • Laurel’s is the black canary necklace he got her. 
  • Laurel and Lisa met because Laurel and Cisco stopped Lisa from robbing a bank. They had a huge fight and Lisa was very impressed with Laurel’s fighting skills. Cisco needed her help finding Len and the other Legends so he drove her all the way back to Star Labs and the entire time Lisa gushed about Laurel to him. 
  • Lisa is the absolute worst when it comes to asking for advice. According to her, every problem can be solved with murder or revenge. 
    • Laurel: “Anyone got any ideas?” 
    • Lisa: *raises hand* 
    • Laurel: “Anyone got any legal ideas?” 
    • Lisa: “You’re no fun.” 
  • They all went to see The Bye Bye Man and almost got kicked out because they were being really sarcastic and snarky and cracking jokes about the movie the entire time. 
    • Cisco took down a meta and Lisa whispered “Bye bye, man” under her breath and Laurel lost it and started giggling right then and there. 
  • Lisa invites the Rogues over all the time and Laurel and Cisco were very confused to see Mirror Master lounging on their couch enjoying tea, but they got used to it (and as long as the Rogues aren’t currently committing a crime, it’s fine enough). 
  • Speaking of their home, they moved to their own place and it’s empty most of the time because they’re out fighting but at the end of the day they’ll all come in and crawl onto the bed (Cisco’s always in the middle), sometimes in their costumes, and they’ll cuddle up. 
    • Laurel’s always freezing so it’s great that Cisco is always warm af; she’ll lean into him and he’ll always complain but he’ll lean into her as well. 
    • Cisco’s a big cuddler and Laurel is the big spoon (and she loves it) She’ll try to stretch out her arms to cover both of them and Lisa always snorts and says she can’t and Laurel will just go “watch me” and practically throw herself on Cisco to make her arms reach Lisa as well. 

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What are your thoughts on arrow's Dinah drake?

Thank God you are being specific (this is probably going to be a long post). I believe arrow’s Dinah Drake is a bad ass and a gorgeous woc. My only problem with her is that actually she is not Dinah Drake. I know arrow is not exactly keeping up with the comics but some things are just outrageous. Dinah Drake is the original black canary who passed the mantle to her daughter. Dinah Drake is the character that was already introduced in previous seasons as Qquentin’s ex wife and Laurel’s mother. She is not Juliana Harkavy’s character. I would very much preferred if they sticked to Tina Boland. But they didn’t cause the only reason they introduced her in the first place was to calm the rage after Laurel’s -disrespectful and unsesserary- death. Fans and critics alike were outraged with the desicion to kill Laurel. Ships and opinions aside Dinah Laurel Lance is essential to green arrow’s mythos, not necessarily as the love interest (I wasn’t a laurel/oliver fan anyway) but as an individual character. I know some ship-obsessed people were happy to see her go but most of the fandom disagreed with this “twist”. Black canary is my favorite superhero. In the comics she is one of the few founding female members of justice league, a powerful heroine and a member of birds of prey an all female superhero team. In the show she had a great depth, one that is rare to find in superheroes. She was a complex woman. Laurel was a badass from the beginning when she didn’t need black leather to fight for justice. She overcame her addiction which made her a very needed representation for people who struggle with drug or/and alcohol addition. She came out stronger, fought for her city in every way. Even when almost all the people she cared about (her father, oliver) turned her down, insulted her she didn’t care. She was doing it for her sister, for her city and ultimately for herself. She wanted to prove to herself that she could do it. And when after 4 seasons she truly embraced who she was, she was killed off for no reason. Arrow writers don’t really like(?) or know how to write women except if they are love interests. That is why Felicity wasn’t herself in the past seasons, why Moira was killed, why we don’t see Thea as much, why Huntress never made another appearance and why Black Siren who kicked Barry’s ass and her cry can kill a human, can’t hurt Oliver and always gets knocked out. I guess Laurel was the last straw that really angered fans and made writers try to make it right just by dropping a comic book name. So yes we have Dinah Drake in arrow and she is tough and gorgeous (I blame Juliana for this,she is a bomb) and has a canary cry (the same Laurel was denied because of arrow’s more realistic theme. Bullshit). But she is not Black Canary and she will never be.

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“Silly birdie,” Felicity says, twirling a dark lock of hair around her finger, realizing that her nail polish has chipped and she’d painted it for this and everything, no, focus- “Did you think I’d let you know my location that easily? That this wouldn’t be a trap?”

Black Canary struggles against the coil that holds her wrists, behind her back, her sneer kind of sort of doing things to Felicity’s insides, especially with how her expression is amplified by that mask. “So what do you want from me, Cipher?” She tugs again. “Why bother bringing me here?”

Felicity presses the tip of her tongue against the back of her teeth, and is absolutely certain that this looked so much easier in her head, back when she was freshly kicked out of MIT and supervillainy seemed like a hot meal ticket. Nobody had been like, gee Felicity, haven’t you thought about how whenever hot girls speak to you, you forget how to make words with your mouth hole?

No one had advised her on that one little thing. And she hadn’t expected a superheroine like Black Canary, a nemesis, really, so, that’s impressive-

But 90% of the time, it’s taunting her from behind a screen. And the other 10%-

“Maybe I just like making you hurt,” Felicity says. And honestly? Nailed it.

Black Canary scoffs at that, and she’s kind of so beautiful it makes Felicity hurt a little bit. “You couldn’t hurt me if you tried.”

Felicity curls and uncurls her fingers, swallowing and taking Black Canary’s chin between her thumb and index finger. “We’ll see, Birdie. You’re tied up pretty tight.”

“And the power dampeners,” Black Canary says. “So that I can’t use my powers.”

Felicity blinks. “Yes,” she says. “Those. Those are on.”

“So it would really be-” And her eyes flit to Felicity’s mouth. “Very hard for me to escape.” 

“You’ll find escape impossible,” she says.

“You’re mad, Cipher,” Canary says.

“Fuck,” Felicity offers, before nearly throwing herself into kissing Black Canary until her lungs hurt. 

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Hi!! I can't tell anyone I know this cause it seriously too gay for my straight friends to handle but I'm gonna tell my gf that I love her this week when I see her (were ldr)!! I made a little jar and filled it w little notes with the reasons why I love her on them plus songs that remind me of her. she gets really bad anxiety and on her bad days she thinks I don't actually like her which isn't true so theyll be reminders that she can look at!! sorry this is so rambly I had to tell someone !!

This is fantastic and if anybody did this to me I would melt tbh

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i just want a tall gf to cuddle and hold hands with but i feel like i'll never love anyone again after my ex and like no girl would ever like me ahahaha

Oh hon I’m sorry you feel that way. I feel the same way too sometimes tbh. Also tall gf is 👌👌😌