the laughing cow one


There is a french girl in my french class and she brought in a Galette des Rois that her dad made for the class which was really nice and I won the toy (there’s a toy hidden in it and if you find it you get good luck) which was cool but can anyone explain to me where one gets a tiny ceramic Laughing Cow t-shirt? Or why one would purchase a tiny laughing cow t-shirt?

will they ever leave the raft? or will jin skype in to perform? find out on this week’s law of the jungle (248)
  • this exchange happens
    • sol bi: you drank my water
    • sleepy: did not
    • *flashback to sleepy and jin drinking sol bi’s water*
    • sol bi: bitch u ain’t slick
  • byungman still looks super goth
  • “we built a fire on a wood floor why is the floor burning”
  • you know who’s the best law of the jungle person? kangnam. i would commit a misdemeanor for kangnam to be on this
  • the water bottle rolls away like one of those old cambell’s commercials
  • 13 fucking 47 “do you like dad jokes” NO JIN STOP RIGHT NOW
    • jin: *tells joke*
    • jin: *is the only one who laughs*
  • jin has not one, but multiple cow-based dad jokes
  • sleepy remains the most relatable dwarf in this misbegotten snow white
  • gong myung is jin’s defective laugh soulmate
  • “jin is largely ignored” - subtitles
  • jin feeds the family and i stop counting how many times they use BTS as background music after 6
  • gymnast and 50% of the we-can’t-dance line on a raft together i love it
  • diving contest: we change sleepy’s name to “slippy”
    • apparently in the game of diving off a raft, you win or you die
  • “I’m a rapper, but I want to be a singer” like father like son eh namjoonie
  • “*pants* I’m hungry” jin we know
  • is that the fucking moana soundtrack
  • i remain convinced that jin only knows two lines of bs&t
  • they escape the raft and it’s dark, tune in next week for jin screaming