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Indepth analysis and solution of "Apple Bottom Jeans"

to this day this song remains a very heated topic of conversation  for many experts but I recently had an epiphany

so we know that shawty has at least some apple bottom jeans and em boots wit da fur (wit the fur!) and that the whole club is looking at her

but then further along we find out that shawty also had saggy sweatpants and the reeboks with the straps 

so either shawty is wearing pants over her head and shoes in her hands or she is some kind of quadruped centaur creature with a questionable fashion sense which could definitely explain why the whole club is looking at her to begin with

but then it came to me…  . .  it never says shawty has any hands or is even hUMAN.. and i was enlighten

it all makes sense now..

shawty is .. . 

a dog

as we all know dogs aren’t the best when it comes to the latest fashion trends 

and fmore snippets of the  lyrics also seem to support this theory

so FloRida spent a lot of money getting a purebred champ line dog (named shawty apparently) that he paid a lot of money for 

the club is probably the akc making sure she is legit(which is why they are all looking at her)

this world is full of enigmas but at least there is one less question plaguing our minds

you are welcome world

modern, muggle headcanons

[wolfstar and jily/jegulily, 1,5523]


  • oversized sweaters and button downs all day everyday
  • ink stained hands
  • collects old books - Most have torn pages and faded ink from constant rereading.
  • has too many half written stories all featuring the same characters he’s overly attached to (an: oh shit its actually me)
  • somehow always carries chocolate or knows the nearest place he can get some.
  • works in a book store (an: I just love this au too much ik its cliché as hell)
  • can and will fall asleep anywhere
  • all his clothes have rips in them or are extremely worn - not on purpose like Padfoot however (’MOONY ITS PUNK ROCK SHUT UP AND GIMME THE SCISSORS’)
  • enjoys the rain a lot - lucky they stay in Scotland then
  • Amber eyes and golden hair that lightly curls with his love of the rain (James gets jealous bc hes the ‘curly haired friend’)
  • always carries a notebook, of which he has wayyyyy too many
  • knows too many constellations which he doodles in all of his notebooks and always keeps track of the moon phases, hence the nickname
  • his sleep schedule is beyond screwed - probably caused by “ nope I cant sleep without reading Pads,” and then getting completely transfixed by a fictional world
  • always sketching people around him, he could happily sit in a café all day and draw everyone there, maybe he has an entire notebook of Padfoot sketches, maybe he does not, who knows
  • can’t function without coffee
  • very trustworthy of his friends almost too trusting, but can barely talk to a person outside of their group
  • almost too pale, couldn’t tan if he tried all that the sun does is give him a light dusting of freckles and chases away his beloved rain
  • loves living in the attic of their huge shared home (curtesy of James’ insanely large inheritance and Sirius’ uncle Alphaard) it has wooden walls and an obscene amount of plants, his favourite part is a large window on the ceiling that he enjoys climbing out especially when its drizzling when the others join him
  • usually the subject of Padfoot’s (favourite) polaroids
  • probably the only guy there that thinks of the consequences of a situation before they become a reality
  • the responsible one
  • can read & write music
  • pianist
  • Lily & Peter read all of his stories - annoyed they aren’t finished
  • loves animals, still pretends to be annoyed when James brings home stray dogs
  • gets sick constantly and secretly finds it hilarious when Sirius freaks out and acts like his nurse


  • constantly painting, drawing and creating awesome art pieces
  • photography nerd - has a huge collection of polaroids & pinholes in his ‘dark room’ (a cupboard under the stairs that has a red light)
  • owns a motorbike that he is constantly repairing and is attempting to convince James to get one too “prongs we’ll look awesome c’mon do it or the aesthetic” James can’t ride a damn bicycle
  • always stealing Remus’ sweaters, even thought they are all about 10 sizes too big
  • has at least 15 leather jackets.(Wears one bc Moony got him patches for it years ago)
  • Long black hair that is always falling into tired grey eyes - Walburga has threatened to chop it off too many times
  • works in an art gallery, occasionally slips in his own work (the manager knows but she loves his work)
  • angsty as hell
  • always listening to music - preferably on vinyls  “I don’t care how expensive it is Wormtail, it sounds far better (also it’s not my credit card its my cousin Bellatrix’s so???)
  • Smoker (probably for the aesthetic tbh) “yeah right Moons it makes me punk rock as shit,”
  • wears his biker boots all day everyday
  • plays guitar (secretly acoustic is his favourite)
  • all his clothes are ripped as heck
  • very very protective of his friends, has given out and received his fair share of black eyes for this “its for a noble cause also it makes me look pun-”        “ Padfoot for god sake we get it you’re punk rock!”
  • terrible at showing negative emotions but has learned to when it comes to Prongs and Moony - he’s getting there with some of the others
  • obsessive in his love for dogs and is genuinely offended when Lily gets a cat, the day he found out  James bought it the word ‘betrayal’ is genuinely used, even more offended when Regulus began playing with the cats “ Sirius I’m named after a star in the LEO constellation???”
  • such a drama queen (speaking of Queen imagine him & Bohemian Rhapsody?)
  • tries to hide his aristocratic background, though his mannerisms show it off quite often
  • fluent in French he has a slight French accent
  • Lives on Tumblr (surprisingly this was never meant on this site) & Netflix
  • also memorises the moon phases ( just to impress Remus honestly)
  • makes awful puns constantly “I’m serious”       “nah I’m Sirius you’re James”         “ugh are you fucking serious”         “nah I’m fucking Moony” *atrocious wink*
  • ripped skinny jeans - Wormtail still calls him emo for it


  • super athletic
  • Loves photography claims to use the best equipment but still constantly invades Sirius’ excuse for a dark room
  • plays drums
  • somehow the only one who can cheer up Regulus instantly
  • only has 1 pair of glasses even though he is horrendously clumsy, Lily is assuming he is just seeing how much tape he can build up before they are entirely useless
  • obsessed over football - he manages a small team that he is way too enthusiastic about
  • still surprised Lily even talks to him “James we’ve been dating for 5 years stop being a prat”
  • plans out the biggest pranks and somehow manages to get everyone involved, if he doesn’t they turn to shit but that’s a ‘secret’ everybody knows
  • only shoes he actually ones are trainers & football boots “James you are not wearing Nikes to Alice and Franks bloody wedding!”
  • really copetitive
  • obsessively plays Xbox and has weekly gaming nights with everyone (Sirius always rage quits) Wormtail is the only one who is still playing with him after 30 minutes
  • goes on tones of unplanned road trips with Lily
  • tries a weird new diet practically every week, sort of a health freak
  • way too much house pride - his whole room is decorated red and gold
  • has an old pickup truck he prides too much even though he is almost needing to fix it as much as Sirius and his ancient motorbike
  • the ‘mom friend’ always looking after everyone


  • actually the only reason they don’t all eat fast food & take aways 24/7 - he’s a great cook
  • proof reads all of Remus’ stories for him before they get posted
  • works as a barista in a grunge as hell café across the road - the others always hang out there when he’s working
  • secretly enjoys the challenge of James’ strange dieting (gluten free+ vegan month was definitely a challenge though)
  • owns 2 pet rats - is scared shitless that Regulus’ pet snake is going to eat them at one point
  • really good at giving gifts because he’s great at listening to people
  • has a massive collection of hoodies for no apparent reason
  • always third wheeling because of Wolfstar and Jily, it’s better now that Regulus has move in though
  • really good at video games - occasionally lets James win because he gets too moody otherwise
  • bassist
  • only listens to indie & grunge music - secretly loves Sirius’ obsession with vinyls


  • not super feminine but always has the latest fashion trends - usually fairly alternative (known to sport the jeans + fishnets thing that looks bomb as hell)
  • reads almost as much as Remus and is always hanging out in the book shop he works at
  • really enjoys playing football with James - finds it hilarious when he gets competitive
  • super long ginger hair + green eyes
  • loves tattoos, has handpoked a few of her own (mainly gets them done professionally, her friend Marlene is a tattoo artist) & Sirius let her do a moon on his wrist
  • doesn’t know that James reads all the books she talks about until she finds 3 of them hidden on his side of them wardrobe and interrogates him
  • super spontaneous really enjoys the constant unplanned road trips 
  • does a lot of digital art, usually draws characters from books most often the characters Remus will never let go of in his stories
  • can ride a motorbike and occasionally takes Sirius’ for a spin
  • just a badass tbh
  • everyone takes their problems to her because she somehow has a solution for everything
  • wants to get into interior design and when they move in she helps everyone decorate their rooms, constantly adding to their home paints a different wall every week
  • literally friends with everyone - nobody dislikes her and probably couldn’t if they tried
  • has a weird skill for knitting, likely the source of 90% of Remus’ holy sweaters
  • obsessed with ‘retro’ things, favourite things tend to be from the 80s/90s
  • always helping Wormtail when he is baking, as long as she gets the first taste

an: this was just a random thing I wrote in a notebook at school, the next time we get a cover teacher I’ll probably add some secondary characters (Regulus, Alice, Frank etc)

“If only the world wasn’t so cruel” Pt. 2 - Loki x Reader

A/N: To my surprise, everyone’s been asking me to do a part two for If Only the World Wasn’t so Cruel and I was so shook. I wrote that fic late at night with pen and paper, I didn’t really think it would be good enough that you guys would start asking for a Part 2!? This probably isn’t going to be up to all of your expectations so sorry in advanced!! Well uh, here’s a crappy unedited part two!!

Title: “If Only The World Wasn’t So Cruel” - Part 2

Word Count: 3k

Warnings: hanahaki disease auswearing, a lil’ angst, blood, frigga feels, fluffy bits at near the end!!, thor and loki wearing midgardian clothes, the avengers are here too!! I also threw in a lil’ spideypool ;)

Hanahaki Disease: illness born from one-sided love, where the patient throws up and coughs of flower petals when they suffer from one-sided love.

Originally posted by gunpla

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Swinging London
Beautician Lesley Jones adorns Jean Wood with the exciting new ‘happy flower kaleidescope eyes’. The latest trend in make-up to hit England,19th September 1967. Photo by Ian Tyas

au where scott was like,, written in character in xma and like

  • instead of being an asshole to jean the first time they meet do the actual scott summers thing and be dazzled by her and like. speechless
  • maybe?? act like scott summers in the school scene in the beginning??? and not make dumbass comments in class??? scott loves school
  • perhaps instead of being mr. pop culture ‘welcome to america i know the latest trends’, just admitting he doesn’t keep up with anything current in the fashion/entertainment world and dresses like a dad
  • um. version where he wasnt like an asshole and more like he was in the old trilogy/the comics please

anonymous asked:

Ah, omg, I'm really sorry! I meant their civvie fashion styles and what kind of clothes they wear outside of vigilantism/day jobs. Omg I'm so sorry for the miscommunication! But that was a really good post too, so double thanks:)

  • Bruce Wayne - fancy suits all day everyday in various blacks, grays, navys, etc
  • Alfred Pennyworth - when he isn’t in his butler clothes he wears his pajamas around the house and if he is outside he wears nice pants and a polo
  • Dick Grayson - his style is always changing and he keeps up with the latest fashion trends so it is never the same thing for too long. looks effortlessly cool even though it takes a lot of effort
  • Barbara Gordon - messy hair that is pulled back, t-shirt, jeans, converse. she is just trying to blend in and get where she needs to go
  • Jason Todd - leather jacket, v necks, skinny jeans, combat boots. classic “tough/bad” boy clothes
  • Cassandra Cain - wears all black clothing and pulls it off. it always looks really good and cool on her but on anyone else it would look like they are trying too hard
  • Carrie Kelley - t shirt with something on it (probably the bat symbol), jeans, flats. it’s casual and helps them not stick out in a crowd plus the outfit is comfortable
  • Tim Drake - sweatpants and a t shirt that he picked up off the floor and did the smell test with. probably has a stain on it that he didn’t notice
  • Stephanie Brown - always looks really good and is keeps up with the latest trends. lots of colors and always looks 12/10
  • Kate Kane - if she doesn’t think she is going to be notice it is probably god awful like cargo shorts bad. if she thinks she is going to be noticed it’s beanies, flannels, ripped skinny jeans, and doc martens. she describes it as trendy lesbian
  • Luke Fox - nice shirt, nice pants, some form of converse. it’s not too fancy but it’s not casual it is in the middle somewhere
  • Tiffany Fox - silly tshirt with some saying on it and and colorful jeans. probably some fun sneakers too, typical 10 year old clothing
  • Harper Row - cropped top, some form of jacket (i feel she is really into jackets for some reason, black skinny jeans, riding boots. lots of jewelry properly 
  • Damian Wayne - sweatshirt, jeans, converse. it’s all really good quality stuff but it makes him just blend into the background 
  • Duke Thomas - likes to stay on trend for the most part but does have his days where it is just sweatpants and a shirt with some old shoes
  • Helena Wayne - fancy casual (is that a clothing category?) like the clothing is fancy for casual wear but casual for fancy wear
  • Onyx Adams - ripped jeans, combat boots, cropped top. no jewelry or anything just simple
  • Jean-Paul Valley - button down but no tie, jeans with a belt, a kind of shoe that dresses up the outfit but doesn’t look out of place

besides the obv sexism the biggest reason i hate those “fashion trends men hate but women love” articles is because where do cishet men get off thinking they know things about fashion? like oh I’m sorry I didn’t realize that wearing an obey snapback and cum stained jeans your mom bought you from jc penny back in 2008 made you a style expert tell me more about your criticisms of the latest trends

The Sweetest Medicine

Summary: Modern AU Katniss Everdeen was just expecting to meet her roommate’s new boyfriend – not the person who completely ruined her life.

Rated: E

Author: @peetaspikelets

A/N: Sending my gratitude to the talented and kind @sponsormusings and @papofglencoe for pre-reading and beta-ing this piece. Also a shout out to @maxwellandlovelace for her support and taking the leap with me for our first PIP.

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The Roommate

Chapter 1;

 I zipped the last bag of luggage, put it on the top of the rest of the bags and sighed loudly.
 “Finally everything‘s ready.“ I said while smiling slightly but it wasn‘t convincing enough for my best friend Gabby.
 “Hey, cheer up, okay?“ she exclaimed, jumped out of bed and took my hand into hers.
 “I don‘t know what you‘re talking about, “ I protested, jokingly pretending to be hurt by her words, “I‘m pretty sure what I just did was a very big smile.“
 “You can‘t lie to me, Anna. We‘ve been best friends for more than 10 years now, don‘t you think I know you well enough to know how you really feel?“
 Damn. I hated it when she could tell how I was feeling just by looking into my eyes. Gabby and I have been friends since kintergarden. It all happened when she offered me a cookie and basically won my heart. And up till now we‘ve always been together, always have supported each other and always had each other‘s backs.
 However, we were about to start going to college now and of course, my parents insisted that I went to Korea to continue my education instead of just staying here. Their arguments were that the colleges there were so much better than the ones we had here. From some point of view this was true but it also meant that I’d leave Gabby and basically everyone I’ve ever known behind. When I found out that I got accepted into the college I had applied to, which also happened to be one of the most elit schools there, I couldn‘t be happier about. It wasn’t until later when I started realing that I was actually leaving home and staring to live on my own. Not something I certainly was ready about.
 “Did you already talk to your roommate?“ she changed the subject when she realised I was on the verge of crying. Again. For the sixth time today
 “Not yet. Mom said he‘s going to pick me up at the airport and drop me off in the apartment.“
 “He?????“ Gabby‘s eyes suddenly widened and I laughed at her silliness.
 “Yeah, don‘t you remember what I told you? A family‘s friend‘s son lives in Korea so being the caring mom she is, my mom settled things so that I‘d live with him for the first couple of months. I know this sounds strange but it‘s only for a little while until I‘m able to afford living on my own.“
 “I hope he‘s sexy as hell. I really do.” Gabby teased me even though she was completely aware of the fact that I wasn’t the “dating” kind of girl “Don‘t you know anything about him? Not even his name“
 “It‘s J-something….. James, Jane…… Jay! It‘s Jay. The only thing I know about him is that he‘s somewhat famous in Korea…. so honestly I‘m expecting a really cocky Mr-Getting-All-The-Bitches kind of guy.“ I laughed but I felt my insides turned upside down just thinking about it.
 “Hey, if he really is a celebrity you can take sneaky photos of him and then blackmail him for money… or just leak them online if he pisses you off. But always make sure to keep me updated on that. Also hey!! You‘re gonna be his roommate which gives you lots of privileges - to see him naked and make out, simple things like that“ Gabby started laughing too.
 “HEY!!!“ I yelled which only made her laugh more.
 “Just letting you know that I DO NOT want photos of that“ she teased.
 “Annie, darling, the cab is here!“ my mom shamelessly interrupted our little moment here by showing at the doorstep and saying the words I was most afraid of.
 “Feel free to spam me on facebook as much as you want. Also on snapchat. You better remember what we talked about the photos. I love you, Anna and I promise I‘ll come to visit you soon.“ and with that, I hugged Gabby tightly for goodbye and kissed her cheek.
 “I love you too and I‘ll miss you.“
 “Everything‘s settled, your flight lands at 19:00 and Jay will pick you up at the airport and drive you home… I mean to the apatment you’re sharing.. Call me the moment you land and if I don‘t pick up it‘s because of the time difference but I don‘t care, call me anyway. And don‘t forget to call regularly… I love you Annie, my sweet girl.. You‘ll be fine. “ mom actually started tearing up and I giggled at how childish she was behaving.
 “I love you too, mom. I’m a big girl now so I can take care of myself. I will also check up on you daily. Tell dad I love him even though it would have been nice if he could get out of work to send me off today but whatever. I’ll go now or I’ll miss the plane. Bye now! Love you.“
And with that, I grabbed my suitcase handle and started pulling the luggage while heading to the plane. When I got on, I started looking for my seat and it didn’t took me long until I found it but sadly for me,it wasn‘t the window one. There were only few minutes left until the plane set off and nobody seemed to have booked the seat next to the window so I shamelessly moved and sit there.
And of course, by the laws of nature, the moment I sat comfortably, a very tall and handsome boy stooted in the aisle next to the sits and smiled at me.
 “Let me guess, you have the window seat“ I smiled shyly and my cheeks turned into the redest shade of red.
 “You guessed right but it‘s okay, I‘ll just take yours instead then.” He laughed and sat next to me. “I never really understood why girls like the window seat better. I‘m Gray by the way.“
He was noticeably amused by my confused expression but he added.
 “My real name is Lee Sunghwa but I work as a producer and singer and use Gray as a public name. And what‘s your name, beautiful?“
 “Annie… no Anna. It‘s Anna.“ I stuttered and by then I swear I could fry eggs using my cheeks. “Nice to meet you.“
 “You‘re cute Annie. Anna. And pleasure is all mine.“
 “Hit me up some time, I‘d love to take you around the city.“ Gray told me and I smiled the wildest I could as a response.
 “I‘d love to.“ I said and waved him goodbye.
 I looked around to see if I could spot my roommate, Jay, anywhere in the crowd. There were so many people that I couldn‘t even……Shit.
 Then I saw him.
 Holding up a piece of papper with “Anna“ written on it and dressed up in the latest fashion trends - nothing too glamorous but so incredibly stylish at the same time - tight, so fucking tight black V-neck shirt, casual denim jeans, Seattle snapback, Nikes in matching color and of course, sunglasses which only emphased more on the cocky character he probably had. So after all I was right.
 And Gabby was right too.
 He was so freaking hot. Fuck.

A/N: Sooo, this is the first chapter of the fic… I‘m sooo nervous to be honest so please give me honest opinions;;; Did you guys enjoy it?

i-sold-my-soul-for-cocoa  asked:

Hi! Hope all is well! Could you headcanon the Karasuno boys' type of fashion on their freetime?

Fashion headcanons are my favorite types of headcanons

Daichi: He wears a lot of black.  Dark wash jeans, dark t-shirts.  He isn’t very fashionable.  He sticks to the basics, occasionally whipping out a funky pair of shoes.

Suga:  Koushi is the fashion god of Karasuno high school.  He shops every where from local clothing stores to underground Icelandic websites.  He has shelves of scarves, every color pants, and a collection of graphic sweaters.  (I bet you he follow a bunch of lolita blogs and reads up on the latest Japanese street fashion trends.)

Asahi:  He has a lot of scarves and loose fitting jeans.  His style is very indie hipster.  Baggy sweaters, flannel, flower crowns, and head bands.

Tanaka: He had an emo phase.  He wears t-shirts and ripped jeans.  He and Noya have complementary styles. 

Nishinoya:  Punk as fuck.  He has a lot of cool bracelets.  He wears ripped jeans, studded belts, dark colored shirts and sweaters.

Hinata: He gets a lot of fashion advice from Suga.  He has a cute style with light colors and sweatshirts.

Kageyama:  His entire existence is a fashion faux pas.  He can’t pick out clothes for the life of him, so he sticks to work out clothes and basic shirts and jeans.

Yamaguchi:  He has a flexible style.  One day he’s alternative hipster, the next day he’s a little soft grunge.  He dabbles in a lot of different styles.

Tsukki:  He’s a mixture of Asahi and Nishinoya.  (He gets a lot of his advice from Yamaguchi.)


“The hypocrisy is all I can see
White cop acquitted for murder, black cop cop a plea
That type of shit make me stop and think
We in chronic need of a second look of the law books
And the whole race dichotomy
Too many rappers athletes and actors
But not enough niggas in NASA
Who give you the latest dances trends and fashion?
But when it comes to residuals they look past us
Woven into the fabric they can’t stand us
Even in white tee’s blue jeans and red bandannas”


Kick-Ass Chicks: Alyssa Coscarelli

We’ve been lusting over Alyssa Coscarelli’s closet with each photo she posts on Instagram. Not only does she have a wardrobe that we totally envy, but she’s the Fashion Market Writer at Refinery29. Talk about dream job– We’re only a little bit jealous (okay, maybe a lot). We met up with Alyssa in her Brooklyn neighborhood, Williamsburg to talk about her style and snag an inside peek of her current favorite outfits!

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Into The Dark ;; Chapter Nineteen ;; Confidence

Click here to read on AO3

“I can’t remember the last time I shopped with my own money,” Loqi admitted as they walked through one of the clothing boutiques in Lestallum.

They weren’t nearly as nice as the ones in Altissia were, and the selection wasn’t even as close to as expansive, but it also wasn’t even as close to as expensive either. Loqi and Prompto walked through the racks, while Noctis and Ravus went to get them lunch, and Prompto couldn’t help but be a little surprised by exactly how good his brother was at picking out clothing. It made sense. Loqi was really fashionable. He had always been right on top of the latest trends, while Prompto usually just stuck to baseball t-shirts and jeans with hoodies. He’d insisted that they buy Prompto a whole new wardrobe all over again, during which time Loqi would teach him what matched and what didn’t.

Prompto watched as Loqi filed through a rack, different items of clothing on each arm. On one arm, he had several different pairs of jeans of all different colors, in Prompto’s size. On the other arm, he had just as many pairs of jeans in his own size. Prompto wasn’t sure, really, if this was a shopping trip for him or for Loqi. It didn’t matter. He was having a good time. That was what was important.

Shrugging a shoulder and smiling at the face Loqi made when he took a pair of dark green pants from the rack and looked them over, Prompto took a couple of steps down the rack on the other side and started looking at patterned pants. “You’ve always had your own money, though, haven’t you? Like… why didn’t you do it for yourself? It always feels kinda better, doesn’t it?”

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hazy - a post-bloom story

(gorgeous banner by Tea!!!) 

this is a story/ficlet/extra (i don’t really know what word to use) about harry and imogen a few years down the road. i think it’s a good way to close their story, and i hope you do as well! i’m interested to hear your thoughts, and happy to answer any other questions about what else happens to these two. 

here is a playlist for you to listen to while you read :)

rated MA for sexual content 

April 2016

It’s a sad moment when you get into one of the top universities in the world for your program and the person you really want to share it with isn’t in your life anymore.

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Knee High Socks & Skirts

A trend that we’ve seen taking over tumblr and instagram these last few months is definitely the knee high socks and skirt trend, something that used to be reserved for manga and anime. Like always when a new trend comes about we all have our doubts on how to wear it and adopt it into our personal style. Being such a fun and versatile trend this should come easily but to make it even simpler I took the liberty of putting together a guide on how to style this trend for all occasions.

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All Wrapped Up

By Karissa Marie 

I’m not a fan of coats. They’re heavy, they’re bulky and they simply ruin my outfits. To stay warm and chic in chilly Colorado I have to get a little creative. I stay cozy by layering up, wearing my oversized blazers or rocking my leather jacket but sometimes those things get a little old and boring. My new favorite alternative to staying warm is getting all wrapped up in an oversized scarf. We might as well call this thing a fashion blanket. It’s very large in size but oh so comfortable to cuddle in all day. Who knew that walking around with a “blanket” attached to you would be socially acceptable. Don’t be intimidated by the oversized look. It’s the latest, and my personal favorite trend. You might was well embrace this relaxed look while it lasts. Who doesn’t love throwing something on, synching it with a belt and adding some boyfriend jeans. It’s like a dream come true to me. Exploring your city in a bright, statement scarf makes the taxi drives, crowds of people, and loud cars a little more enjoyable and do I dare to say…chic. I felt like such a city girl in this outfit and the backdrop took me back to strolls in Soho, Manhattan with my mom. We had the best time waking up unbelievably early to get the best seat at the local cafe and afterwards we did some major damage in DASH. Can I just pretend for a second that I live there? Ok, daydream over. But seriously, I so belong there. The city backdrop was made for me. Someday. Until then, the Denver scene will do.

With love,

©Karissa Marie

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Went to my cousins engagement here in Kerala and, sure enough, everyone was dresses up except for all the 20 something year old guys here who seriously thought that wearing faded baggy jeans and t-shirts is not only the “latest fashion trend” but also completely acceptable to wear for a formal event.