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Swinging London
Beautician Lesley Jones adorns Jean Wood with the exciting new ‘happy flower kaleidescope eyes’. The latest trend in make-up to hit England,19th September 1967. Photo by Ian Tyas

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  • Name
    • Aimi (愛美)
  • Gender
    • Female
  • General Appearance
    • She likes to keep her hair pretty short and although it gets a little messy like Akaashi’s, it’s still a cute look. She even inherited Akaashi’s blue green eyes. Her style often comes from the latest fashion trends, yet mostly wears crop tops with a pair of skinny jeans. She likes to go for the chic kind of look despite being a ball of sunshine.
  • Personality
    • Literally like Bokuto’s carbon copy but without the mood swings. She’s happy-go-lucky most of the time and is quite confident in herself but not to the point where she brags about it. After spending so much time with Akaashi, she naturally developed the habit of calling people out on the stupid things they do and most of the time, Bokuto is the target.
  • Special Talents
    • She can sing and dance. Quite surprising considering that both her parents aren’t really the type for such things.
  • Who they like better
    • Both, she doesn’t really have a favorite.
  • Who they take after more
    • Bokuto
  • Personal Head canon
    • Being a dancer, Aimi needs a way to keep herself in shape when she isn’t busting any moves and had taken on volleyball as a hobby. She’d play with Akaashi and Bokuto along with their old teammates at the park.
  • Face Claim
    • Akaashi

So tired, going to bed right away. This is the look I wore, changed the trousers as they can get really hot really quick. So choose to wear a pair of black jeans. Btw, can’t wait for my other stuff I ordered from Topman to arrive. Note to myself, don’t order before going to bed. Ordered some t shirts and sweatshirts. Felt like I needed it.


A concept that many people mistake. Style and fashion are completely different things. Fashion is an art form, the latest trends to be followed and admired. Style, however is an expression of your own individuality.
Don’t lose yourself in following the copious amounts of rules set by the designers, follow your own path in finding yourself. Even if it is a simple tweak to the common skinny jean, add an accessory or even change the colour or dip dye, something that says “You”.
Don’t feel the need to sit down and develop your style, your style is constantly changing, being renewed. You grow as a person, through life, and your style reflects that. Be aware of it, and be proud of it.
The worst thing in life you can do is let someone take your individuality away from you.

All Wrapped Up

By Karissa Marie 

I’m not a fan of coats. They’re heavy, they’re bulky and they simply ruin my outfits. To stay warm and chic in chilly Colorado I have to get a little creative. I stay cozy by layering up, wearing my oversized blazers or rocking my leather jacket but sometimes those things get a little old and boring. My new favorite alternative to staying warm is getting all wrapped up in an oversized scarf. We might as well call this thing a fashion blanket. It’s very large in size but oh so comfortable to cuddle in all day. Who knew that walking around with a “blanket” attached to you would be socially acceptable. Don’t be intimidated by the oversized look. It’s the latest, and my personal favorite trend. You might was well embrace this relaxed look while it lasts. Who doesn’t love throwing something on, synching it with a belt and adding some boyfriend jeans. It’s like a dream come true to me. Exploring your city in a bright, statement scarf makes the taxi drives, crowds of people, and loud cars a little more enjoyable and do I dare to say…chic. I felt like such a city girl in this outfit and the backdrop took me back to strolls in Soho, Manhattan with my mom. We had the best time waking up unbelievably early to get the best seat at the local cafe and afterwards we did some major damage in DASH. Can I just pretend for a second that I live there? Ok, daydream over. But seriously, I so belong there. The city backdrop was made for me. Someday. Until then, the Denver scene will do.

With love,

©Karissa Marie

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Went to my cousins engagement here in Kerala and, sure enough, everyone was dresses up except for all the 20 something year old guys here who seriously thought that wearing faded baggy jeans and t-shirts is not only the “latest fashion trend” but also completely acceptable to wear for a formal event.