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When Mark isn’t in the manor: a concept

Damien: *plays the trombone cuz he’s a classy (but adorable and pure) piece of shit*

Wil: *headbands while shooting his gun in the air, saying “it’s just some light target practice” to the beat of the music*


Benjamin: *sweeps to the beat*

Chef: *chops spaghetti and meatballs to the beat*

Possesed!Celine/Dark?: *slams the door repeatedly*

George, from outside by the glass door wearing badass shades like everyone else: *…hits/digs things with his shovel*

Mark’s body, unnoticed and wearing shades too: *twitches to the beat*


Cat Grant Appreciation Week 1/7 
Obviously one of the big reasons I love Cat Grant is that she’s one half of my OTP and like 9 of the reasons that SuperCat is my OTP is Cat Grant but there is so much more to Cat than that. This Cat Grant Appreciation Week I will refrain entirely from using any supercat moments, in order to highlight how much I appreciate Cat Grant even without all the great shipping.

Favorite Scene: Cat x Kara scenes aside, Mrs. Grant, Queen of All Media, CEO of CatCo and spectacular journalist, is so amazing, in part for her ability to inspire others. Besides inspiring an unbelievable amount of fan art, she also inspires people. Thats why this is one of my favourite scenes because it’s one of the first times we see that side of her without the stone-cold boss persona she so easily hides behind. We see her brilliance in action, and the side of her that wants to do good and make the world a better place and inspire people to do better, which is one of the things that made me fall in love with her as a character in the first place.

this beautiful face she makes whatever she’s doing


69/ Yixing gifs: Guards were screaming at fans to leave, and a manager tries to hurry him, but he stops walking and stretches his hand out to accept fanletters. 暖男张艺兴, happy mid autumn festival! 

Pay Your Respects At Chef Boyardee’s Mausoleum, And 4 Other Plans For A Perfect Day In Rome

If you’ve only got 24 hours in Rome, here are the things you absolutely have to do!

1. Dress up like a lion and fight your dad to the death in the Colosseum: Relive the excitement of history’s most gripping gladiatorial battles by dressing up like a lion and fighting your dad to the death in Rome’s legendary Colosseum. Gruesomely killing your dad while donning a lion costume is one of the most authentic Roman experiences you can have, and you’ll get goosebumps seeing your old man bleed out on the same arena floor where great ancient warriors once valiantly fought before tens of thousands of roaring spectators. There’s really nothing else like it!

2. Let a local know the Colosseum is broken: If dressing up like a lion and killing your dad isn’t your thing, another worthwhile way to spend your time at the Colosseum is to wander around and inform locals that the famed landmark is broken. Seriously, like half of it is gone—it looks like an airplane crashed into it or something. Someone should really let the Italians know so they can find out what happened and fix the thing. Even if you don’t know the language, just grab the nearest local you can find and point at the Colosseum. They’ll have no problem seeing the huge chunks of wall that are missing, and they’ll thank you profusely for calling it to their attention.

3. Visit the beautiful Santa Maria della San Luigi dei Vittoria of Sant’Ignazio di San Clemente Basilica Papale of Our Lady in Trastevere del Popolo of the Holy Cross Baptist Church of the Basilica e Giuliano: Considered one of Rome’s 100 most beautiful churches, the Santa Maria della San Luigi dei Vittoria of Sant’Ignazio di San Clemente Basilica Papale of Our Lady in Trastevere del Popolo of the Holy Cross Baptist Church of the Basilica e Giuliano is known for its ornate stonework, beautiful paintings, and haunting acoustics. If you only visit 38 churches while you’re in Rome, be sure that one of them is the Santa Maria della San Luigi dei Vittoria of Sant’Ignazio di San Clemente Basilica Papale of Our Lady in Trastevere del Popolo of the Holy Cross Baptist Church of the Basilica e Giuliano.

4. Look for Waldo in the Sistine Chapel ceiling: Not one of the Sistine Chapel’s five million annual visitors has ever found Michelangelo’s Waldo yet, but somewhere deep within the Renaissance artist’s magnum opus is the red-and-white-striped man himself. So why not give it a shot? Even though you probably won’t find him, you’ll still have a ton of fun craning your neck among throngs of sweaty strangers.

5. Pay your respects at Chef Boyardee’s mausoleum: There’s no more iconic figure in all of Italian history than the late, great Chef Boyardee, who was tragically killed during the Allied bombing of Rome in 1943. You can honor his legacy by visiting his 30,000-square-foot marble mausoleum and leaving a can of ravioli behind in his memory. To simply be near the remains of such a great man is an experience that borders on the spiritual, and you won’t want to miss it.

Jumin’s birthday special: day 2



“Yes, miss Kang, please send the reports to me until tomorrow morning, I plan to go over them tonight. And tell them to fix that typo, I can’t sign any of those documents if they aren’t perfectly written. Yes… have a good night as well.” He hangs up.

Rubbing his temples, Jumin pours some wine as he decides which chef to call tonight. But more important than that… where is Elizabeth?

He calls for her, she doesn’t show up. Jumin rummages through every room, only to find the cat in the balcony, staring at… the moon? The building right in front? He tries to look at the same direction she’s looking, spotting a feline figure wagging its tail. Oh… another cat…

Jumin chuckles, he’s always blown away from how amazing cats’ vision can be. Well, the next building isn’t that far, but still, it takes quite the perception to spot the cat climbing up the emergency stairs and leaning on a window.

The thin curtains flow due to the wind, and Jumin spots a silhouette, if he squints his eyes, he gets to see it more properly, oh, it’s just a woman.

“Come on, Elizabeth, it’s dinner time.” He turns his back to the balcony, heading inside, Elizabeth stays still, looking at… the moon? The other cat? The woman?

Jumin comes back, trying to see what Elizabeth is seeing… apparently nothing out of the ordinary, she’s watching the other cat watching inside the apartment, where now there are two silhouettes instead of one.

Elizabeth twitches her ears, Jumin notices the second silhouette looks agitated, while the first one seems to be backing away… what is this?

He goes to his office, where was it? Those binnacles V gave him? Ah, here they are… placing a hand over Elizabeth’s head, Jumin leans a little to see what’s happening. Why? He doesn’t know, he’s just… curious on why Elizabeth would be so interested in this…

As he thought, the first silhouette belongs to a woman, she has her arms in front of her chest. The second one is a man, he’s… yelling at her, that’s why the movements with his arms… Jumin adjusts the binnacles, getting a chance of seeing the woman for real…

She looks scared…

Should he call the police? Jumin grabs his phone, already typing the numbers. Elizabeth’s ears twitch, she’s hearing something. If he gets really quiet, maybe he can hear it too…

“I never want to see you again!” the woman’s voice is audible and clear as she opens the window, Jumin immediately hides the binnacles, but she doesn’t seem to notice him. She’s too busy looking downwards. What happened? Did she make the man leave? “I won’t allow you to treat me like that ever again, so don’t come back! Get in, George…”

Who is George? Oh, it must be the cat that jumps inside her apartment. Using the binnacles again, Jumin gets to see her angry expression as she yells to the guy. It’s a young lady, her voice is breaking a little, probably because she was crying before, but she doesn’t look sad… she looks… very fierce.

What is he even doing? Watching this as a maniac? Jumin never notices his neighbors before, why would this drama catch his interest this much?

He shrugs, taking Elizabeth in his arms –as he should have done from the beginning -  and going inside. He still needed to have dinner, it isn’t that late to call the chef, right?

He had a nice pleasant meal that night. Wiping his lips with a napkin, he looked at Elizabeth, she had zero expression, just like she had some moments ago when staring at the unusual scene happening at the next building… what happened in the end? Did the man come back? The woman looked really mad and determined in not seeing him again…

He would give just one little look before heading to bed. Just to make sure everything was fine, maybe he would still need to call the police… or…

She takes her shirt off and places her hands on her hips, rotating her neck. Jumin twitches in surprise, his binnacles getting to catch the black bra she’s wearing. Well, the man apparently went away, she’s alone and safe now… is she? Getting changed in front of a window could be dangerous, there could be weird men… spying…

He’s acting really weird, so he sighs, taking the binnacles away from his eyes. The last thing he saw was her turning her back to the window and unclasping the bra… she didn’t look mad anymore, but there was still something fierce in her movements, and… he should stop thinking about that now…


You got out a little late that morning. Last night wasn’t easy, the break up was hard even you knowing it was the right thing and you should have done it a long time ago. You slept after taking a long shower, but… you didn’t rest for real… you were worried about the possibility of your now ex-boyfriend showing up… you were worried about taking him back…

But you didn’t have to, because the reason why you got late was having to take a call from the administrator of the building, assuring you that there were very strict orders on not letting the guy coming up to the building, you just had to give his name and a photo in the reception and nobody would let him enter.

How did she hear about the fight last night? She doesn’t even live here… did some neighbor filed a complaint or something? But… she wasn’t mad at you, she was making sure you were alright after last night. Not only you, you and George… how did she even know about George? Did… did somebody notice you could be in danger last night?

Whoever this was, you wished you could thank them someday… this day started a lot better than the last one thanks to this person…


I watch way… WAY too many cooking videos on YouTube (Tasty, Food Network, and beyond), but perhaps my favorite YouTube cooking channel is Babish. And in this video in particular, it shows how easily - and humorously - it is to cook. I honestly could watch every video in sequential order on repeat and would not get bored. In fact, by the second time it started, I’d be in the kitchen, starting to try and cook along.

Hollowness - Jung Soojung

Can you imagine Krystal having a Hades storyline? Where she’s been lonely in Underworld/Hell for so long; and then she sees a beautiful girl living her life and Krystal wants to get to know her, so Krystal kidnaps her to be her future wife …

Yes, I did. And I’m all in for this. I changed a bit the plot, but I really hope you like it!

Originally posted by teyuns

The room was deadly quiet as always, even the fire crackling in the fireplace was mute. Soojung liked that for some reason, just watching the muted sinuous flames move from her spot at the foot of the king size bed. Her back against the once old dark wooden headboard, she was used to spend her free time there in that anodyne silence, trying to catch a breath that she knew it was gone forever. If she looked over her shoulder, she could see a figure lying over the bed.

The whole bed was made of some material similar to ivory. A dark ivory layer which covered the whole furniture down to the floor. Wood turned into black ivory, simple objects too. Even the figure of the woman lying there, as if she was asleep, was covered with ivory.

Soojung got used to hang out there, in the silent that the immense magic power set long time ago.

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bangtans-squishy-mochi  asked:

Hi~ I love your writings! Could I request some Jumin headcanons about how he proposes? -Mia 🌸

Awww, thank you very much for liking my writing!! ^^ I love Jumin so much and this is such a cute idea! I kind of went a little overboard but I hope that you enjoy!!

- Even though Jumin appeared to be cool, calm, and collected on the outside, on the inside he was a nervous wreck

- Jumin had been planning for over a month on how he was going to propose to you since he wanted to make it special

- He eventually decided to propose to you on the day when he first met you at his penthouse, the day that you changed his life for the better

- Jumin originally planned to have an elaborate and luxurious day with you but the more he thought about it, the more he wanted to do what you wanted to do

- The day of your unofficial anniversary arrived and Jumin got up early to make you your favorite breakfast

- You woke up to the smell of breakfast cooking and became confused since it was too late for the chef to making breakfast

- Slowly walking into the kitchen, your eyes widened when you found Jumin cooking with his sweatpants and cat apron on

- “Oh, good morning MC. I hope that you slept well.” Jumin said as he walked over to you and gave you a kiss on your forehead

- So many questions ran through your mind but the first one you asked was “Jumin why aren’t you getting ready for work? You’re going to be late!”

- Jumin chuckled and wrapped his arms around your waist saying “I took the day off. It’s a special day today, it’s the day that I first got to see you here at the penthouse. So I want us to do whatever you want today but I have something special planned for the evening.”

- Very rarely did Jumin have days off so you agreed enthusiastically but couldn’t help but wonder what he had planned for later

- When the two of you were finished with breakfast, you decided that you just wanted to spend a relaxing day with Jumin at the penthouse

- Jumin was honestly so thankful for your request since work and the proposal had been making him stressed out

- So the two of you spent the day reading in each other’s arms, baking cat shaped cookies, and cuddling with Elizabeth 3rd

- Once dinner time came, Jumin had the chef prepare your favorite meal for you and got expensive wine for both of you to enjoy

- When dinner was over, Jumin made the two of you dress up, with him changing into a suit and you changing into a simply dress

- He then led you to his private roof top garden and the two of you took a leisurely walk, holding hands the entire time

- You noticed a new part of the garden, a section planted with your favorite type of flowers

- You hugged Jumin’s arm and nuzzled against him saying “These flowers are so beautiful Jumin, I love them! Today’s been so much fun! It’s so nice when you take days off like this. Thank you for everything!”

- Jumin smiled and turned to face you saying “Well today is a very special day so I’m glad that you enjoyed it. But there is one more thing that I need to say MC.”

- Jumin a took a deep breath and went on one knee saying “MC, I’ve been thinking about how I wanted to tell you this for so long and I’ve finally found the right words. I’ve never been good at showing my emotions but ever since I met you, I want to show you everything. I always thought that I could never love anyone but you showed me how to express myself and I’ve learned to accept myself thanks to you. Every moment that I’ve spent with you feels like a wonderful dream that I never want to wake up from. I never thought that I could find true happiness, but you’ve become my everything. I want us to be together forever so my love, my MC, will you marry me?”

- Tears were flowing down your cheeks but you smiled and nodded your head happily saying “Yes, yes of course I’ll marry you Jumin!”

- A single tear fell down from Jumin’s eye but he quickly wiped it away as he put the elegant ring on your finger

- He stood up and you wrapped your arms around him as he held you tightly in his embrace

- Once the two of you finally separated, Jumin wiped your remaining tears away and smiled saying “I cannot wait to spend eternity together with you as husband and wife. I love you so much MC.”

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koreatown: a cookbook - february 2016

really stoked to see this book that i’ve been working on for a couple of years finally come out - shot on location in nyc, la, chicago, atlanta and south korea between 2014-2015. 

This is not your average soft-focus “journey to Asia” kind of cookbook. Koreatown is a spicy, funky, flavor-packed love affair with the grit and charm of Korean cooking in America. Koreatowns around the country are synonymous with mealtime feasts and late-night chef hangouts, and Deuki Hong and Matt Rodbard show us why with stories, interviews, and over 100 delicious, super-approachable recipes. 

more information // 


It’s late, you’re hungry … very hungry. Damn healthy, you just want something mouth-wateringly delicious. There’s a cookbook for that–Munchies: Late-Night Meals from the World’s Best Chefs by JJ Goode & Helen Hollyman, from recipes featured on Vice’s Chef’s Night Out. Because sometimes you need a grilled cheese sandwich followed by a chocolate chip and mint ice cream sandwich chaser.

Culinary Artsy

I’ve been asked on numerous occasions why I chose to pursue a career as a chef. I have spent a lot of time thinking about it and the short answer is, I thrive on chaos; or I’m just stupid.

Nobody looks good after cooking as a profession for 20 years. This field is physically and emotionally draining. You will be regularly riddled with burns and cuts. Your bones will ache. Your back and head will hurt. Your skin will start to break out like a 13 year old due to all the salt built up (due to sweat and the actually handling of salt every 30 seconds for your entire shift).

Your friendships will be strained, on Friday night when your friends are out at a show you will be covered in degreaser, scrubbing a flat top. Any romantic partner you have will also be joining a relationship with your career, they will marry your career. By the time I get off work my only options are bars, it’s no wonder this career breeds functioning alcoholics. Plating six dishes while five others are cooking and also retaining the next ten that are being yelled at you is stressful and exhausting. I am about to turn 26, I am constantly tired, I already have a bad back and knee (albeit that could be also due to the motorcycle wreck); yet here I am, spending my days off planning my own pop up that I will probably lose money on.

Yet there is no other life I would choose.

There are exceptions to this, corporate restaurants, culinary schools, etc. There are also plenty of people who cook just as a job, not a career; I am in no was discrediting these careers, however I am referring to a very particular sect of the culinary world. The people that thrive of this chaos. Who love the insanity. Adrenaline junkies looking for there next fix in the form of a perfectly emulsified hollandaise. The people who breathe food, dream of food and constantly think of food. The ones who constantly reasearch every new technique and dish they discover. It’s not a career choice, it’s an addiction, a disease, a madness.

For better or worse, this is the path I chose, until death do us part.

The following quotes sums it all up so well…

“I was attracted to cooking because it’s so beautiful; When you look at it from afar. What I didn’t understand when looking at the beauty is just how torturous it is, and that’s a lesson learned late.”

- Chef Dan Barber