the lasting

when people ship u with someone who attacked and tortured u and ur friends

when people exclude u from the new trio and replace u with someone who attacked and tortured u and ur friends

when people take ur personality and backstory and give it to someone who attacked and tortured u and ur friends

when people act like ur only role in the trilogy is to “””redeem””’” someone who attacked and tortured u and ur friends


Context: The party is underground on a narrow, stone bridge, the end of which is blocked by a giant spider. It has been established that bridge is over a long, long fall. The order of the party is Yuan’ ti Warlock, Fishperson (I don’t remember his race’s name) Fighter, Tabaxi Monk, and Kenku Wizard (me). It is important to note that most of the party hates each other.

Warlock: I’m gonna flip under the bridge and hang there so that [Fighter] can go in front of me.

DM: Uh, okay, make an acrobatics check.

Warlock: *rolls a 2* …Shit.

Party: *shocked silence*

DM: You flip under the bridge, but you lose your grip and fall off the bridge.

Wizard, OOC: Let him fall!

Fighter, OOC: I grab his hand and try to save him.

DM, trying not to laugh: Roll strength.

Fighter: *rolls a three* FUCK!

DM: You grab him, but you lose your footing and fall off with him.

Monk: *looks at Wizard* If all your friends jumped off a bridge-

Monk, OOC: I jump off the bridge.

DM: Alright. You jump off the bridge.

Wizard: You idiot!

DM: What do you do, [Wizard]?

Wizard, OOC: I run to the other side of the bridge.

DM: Where the spider is?

Wizard, OOC: What? Oh, he’s blocking where we want to go. Well, then. I jump off the bridge, too.

Wizard: I always wanted to flyyyyyyy!

Nygmobblepot is Alive

I haven’t done one of these in a while, so I wanted to make a list of reasons Nygmobblepot is still surviving and thriving. Some good chicken soup (I prefer Tomato) for the soul!

  • Oswald Cobblepot is still love with Edward Nygma, even more so now than he knew (even if he is going to be pissed upon his return)
  • That mysteriously titled Gotham episode 3x18 “Meant to Be”
  • That “Love” commercial FOX  released that showed Nygmobblepot over an actual canon (and popular) couple Lucifer and Chloe from FOX
  • The show creators haven’t confirmed Nygmobblepot isn’t going to be canon, and the executive producer even referenced them as always being able to find each other and soul mates.
  • Edward Nygma hallucinating Oswald, because let’s be real he Hallucinates people he loves. Kristen, Oswald, and himself.
  • Still, the writers on twitter saying “the season has many episodes left” in reference to Nygmobblepot. 
  • There are still 7 WHOLE EPISODES to come from this season!
  • Cory deleting that tweet saying Edward wasn’t queer around the same time “Meant to Be” was/is being filmed. (I understand this could be for a multitude of other reasons, but the timing is oddly random and out of no where.)
  • Oswald has always fallen and come back 10x stronger to get what he wants and what he wants is Edward’s ass, in more ways than one.

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