the last wilderness areas of europe

Very Specific APH Russia Headcanon Time

Spine: Ural Mountains. Dividing the nation in half, left and right, East and West, Europe and Asia.
Heart: Moscow. The center of many goings on in the country, a place of immense historical significance, has seen much hardship but remains standing to this day.
Veins and arteries: the major rivers running through Russia. In the days of its discovery, those rivers played a major role in travelling from place to place, keeping the nation connected.
Eyes: Sankt Petersburg. Eyes are the window to the soul, and Emperor Peter I fashioned his new capital as a Window onto the West. This status was granted with the city’s foundation and a new awareness of how to utilize the knowledge of others to become stronger. This could just be specific to the left eye, with the right eye being a city such as Vladivostok, which at one point was up for consideration if Russia were to change its capitol to be more in touch with Asia.
Lungs: Siberia. Indeed, Siberia itself has been referred to as The Lungs of Europe, being one of the last sprawling wilderness areas of the world, thus having significant levels of oxygen production.

I’m sure I have more, but here’s what comes immediately to mind. I probably think about this stuff too much.