the last watch of hero

My friends reaction to Tadashi:
  • (She has never watched Big Hero 6, at all)
  • Andrea: *Tadashi appears on the screen in his moped glory* Ooh! Mmn hmm hmmn~
  • Me: Tadashi is <b>smoking hot</b>, am I right, Andrea?
  • Andrea: Oh my god you're so right.
  • Me: Lets hope he doesn't <b>die</b> of his <b>hotness</b>
  • Andrea: I think I'll die of his hotness.
  • *later on*
  • Tadashi: *dies*
  • Andrea: *sitting there with a super shocked face, jaw open so wide I can see her throat, tears coming out of her eyes*
  • Me: Bruh, I told you he was smoking hot
  • Clarke: *awakes and see a sleeping Jasper and Monty* Really, boys? Boys!
  • Jasper and Monty: *jerk awake*
  • Clarke: What do you think you're doing?
  • Monty: Uh, we were watching over you.
  • Jasper: We wanted to make sure you weren't the third sacrifice.
  • Clarke: But both of you were asleep.
  • Monty: *to Jasper* You were on watch last.
  • Jasper: *to Monty* What are you talking about? You were on watch last.
  • Monty: *to Jasper* No, you were on watch last!
  • Jasper: *to Clarke* I might've been on watch last.
  • Clarke: My heroes.

Readers, as well as wizards, continuously underestimate the importance of Ponder Stibbons.

  • Allura: What do you think you're doing?
  • Lance: We were watching over you.
  • Keith: We wanted to make sure you weren't in danger.
  • Allura: But both of you were asleep.
  • Keith: ...You were on watch last.
  • Lance: What are you talking about? You were on watch last.
  • Keith: No, YOU were on watch last.
  • Lance: ...I might have been on watch last.
  • Allura: My heroes.

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LAST SONG I LISTENED TO.  Fall Out Boy - Just One Yesterday
TOP THREE TV SHOWS. Trollhunters, Race to the Edge, Miraculous Ladybug
TOP THREE SHIPS. Hiccstrid , Ladynoir, Jlaire

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Relationship status: forever alone
Favourite colour: cerulean blue
Lipstick or chapstick: chapstick
Last song I listened to: Desparity: A Hero’s Treatment
Last movie I watched: Elena and the Secret of Avalor
Top three TV shows: Yu-Gi-Oh, Puella Magi Madoka Magica, Voltron
Top three ships: currently?  Pendulum, Sparrow, and Moonblossom

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LIPSTICK OR CHAPSTICK. tbh i don’t know the difference so none????
LAST SONG I LISTENED TO. Green Light by Lorde
LAST MOVIE I WATCHED. i watched Big Hero 6 a few days ago
TOP THREE TV SHOWS. Gravity Falls, Trollhunters, The 100
TOP THREE SHIPS. Dipcifica, Hiccstrid, Korrasami 
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Relationship status: Single.

Favourite colour: Navy blue, black.

Lipstick or chapstick: Idk, I never wear things on my lips. Gonna go for chapstick tho.  

Last song I listened to: Heroes - Zayde Wolf

Last movie I watched: Logan. 

Top 3 TV shows: How to get away with murder; Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries; Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

Top 3 characters: I have so many, like…you’re asking a mother to pick from her children. But since this is a Marvel blog I gotta say Steve, Bucky and Namor. 

Top 3 ships: Bucky x Nat; Steve x Tony; Steve x Sharon, I guess I mostly go with canon when it comes to marvel. 

Books I’m currently reading: My sister got me the Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them book for my birthday so I’m starting that one! :) 

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Relationship status: single
Favorite color: Purple
Lipstick or chapstick: I don’t wear makeup I’m uglie
Last song I listened to: real hero
Last movie I watched: drive
Top 3 tv shows: Criminal minds
Top 3 characters: deacon, alistair theirin, hana song
Top 3 ships: sym/pharah, Mei/Zarya, Mei/Sym
Books I’m currently reading: None

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Nicknames: Noalé, No'ush, Nono
Star sign: gemini
Height: 5'3"
Time right now: 00:22
Last thing I googled: places allowed to light a fire (my friends and I wanted to sit by a fire I am no pyromaniac)
Favorite music artist: Fall Out Boy
Song stuck in my head: Hero by Chad Kroeger
Last movie I watched: Nerve
Last tv show I watched: Blackish
What am I wearing right now: a blue sweater over a blue sweater and black pants with 5 holes in them
When I created this blog: 2014
The kind of stuff I post: beautiful things, funny things, cute things, things we need to change and my things :)
Why I chose my url: my url is a mixture of 2 of the most iconic lines delivered by Jensen Ackles, aka Dean Winchester on Supernatural; “you fudging touch me again I’ll fudging kill you!” and “PUDDING!!!”
Gender: female / girl
Hogwarts house: Hufflepuff af
Pokemon team: Instinct! But I kinda stopped playing
Favorite color: purple!
Average hours of sleep: like 5
Lucky number: don’t have one
Favorite characters: get ready for a long ride my friends: Percy Jackson and Annabeth Chase, Dean Winchester, Stiles Stilinski and Lydia Martin, Claire and Jamie Fraser, Leia Organa, Sherlock Holmes, Peggy Carter and Steve Rogers also Tom Cruise in any role he ever played. That man always cures me.

Dream job: author
Number of blankets I sleep under: one
Dream fictional character I would want to be: Percy Jackson - cool superpowers, funny, good friend, and a good person. He has the best friends ever, he’s hot, and his girlfriend is better than him. Can you have more? No. No you can’t.
One interesting fact about me: my hair is purple and I love it

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