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Looking out for a Friend

Part of the 5 Years Later (x)

A/N: Characters from the potterverse belong to J.K. Rowling

Warnings: None

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The majority of your afternoon had been spent with your two friends, Fred and George, mixing and remixing proposed ingredients for a new type of firework they wanted to sell. Your previously blue shirt was now stained with a rainbow of powders which would certainly render this shirt unwearable had it not been for a very powerful stain remover the twins had ordered for you when they ruined your last shirt with their antics.

“I think we might have the wining batch here,” George surmised as he swirled the contents of a flask. “It’s changed to the expected colors, and it doesn’t appear it wants to solidify like the last twenty batches.”

“Thank merlin it’s over. I was beginning to wonder if the combination we were thinking of was impossible,” Fred sighed with relief. “I guess you were right when you told me to crush the boom berries rather than cut them.” You couldn’t help but smile smugly; Fred rarely admitted to being wrong, and you were going to revel in this. You were just about to ask him to repeat himself when you caught a glimpse of the clock. It was nearly four and you had a date set at five. The teasing would have to wait until later.

“Now if you boys will excuse me I have to go get ready for my date,” you confessed, brushing the remaining powder of your hands.

“Date, what date?” Fred asked raising his eyebrows. “You never mentioned anything about a date before.”

“What, you didn’t expect me to get asked out during my time at Hogwarts?” you sassed, placing your hands on your hips. “I’ll have you know Fred that I’ve had several dates during my time here.”

Fred’s appeared to be in absolute bewilderment by your news; you weren’t sure if he was feigning shock or he reaction was genuine. George’s eyes darted between the two of you and he decided to fill in the silence.

“I think Fred’s just upset you can’t see the prank be put into action tonight. We were all looking forward to it, but don’t worry we will fill you in on the details come tomorrow,” George smiled gesturing for you to leave. “Don’t keep that poor boy waiting because of us.”

You glanced at Fred one last time to see if he had one final remark to add before your early departure, but he appeared to be in deep thought. His eyes were set low to the floor, and it didn’t appear like he would return the favor of your gaze any time soon. You gave George a parting nod before you set off toward your common room.

It took longer than you predicted to make yourself presentable and you hoped that your date was still waiting for you when you arrived. When you walked into Madam Puddifoot’s Tea Shop you breathed a sigh of relief when you caught a sight of your date, but when you saw Fred sitting beside him you furrowed your brow in annoyance. What was that boy up to? Mischief no doubt. You kept your calm demeanor as you walked over to where the two boys sat, avoiding giving Fred any hint of your annoyance.

“Fred, what a surprise. What are you doing here in this teashop?” you asked through your forced smile.

“Me and this chap here were just having a lovely chat,” Fred answered coolly, not budging from his seat. “Would you care to join us?” Your had had enough of his games. This was your date, not his; you stared him down hoping your eyes would convince him to leave. After a few moments of uncomfortable silence, Fred started to budge. As soon as he left you apologized profusely to your date, hoping that Fred hadn’t scared him off. When he assured you all was well you felt confident enough to continue on your evening.

However, halfway through your appetizer you felt a set of eyes boring into your back. Sure enough seated at the opposite end of the room was Fred, glaring at you. Quickly you excused yourself and made your way to the other side of the room. Clearly, something was bothering him.

“What are you still doing here?” you asked, sitting across from him.

“I bummed into my old friend there, and decided to stay for dinner. Can’t a man have his dinner in peace?” Fred replied. This conversation was going to get no where if he lied to you, but you opted to let it fly.

“Fred, it’s not peaceful if you intend to glare at me the entire evening. I bet you don’t even know his name or that he existed until tonight,” you counted.

“Sure I do his name is…is…” Fred stammered. “Fine, I came to check up on you.”  You were skeptical about his answer, but when his eyes didn’t waver you realized he was genuine. He really did care about you however you weren’t going to let him get away with such a confession without a little teasing.

“Is Fred Weasley actually, dare I say it, showing emotion?”  you teased.

“Stop mocking me. I’m just doing what anyone would do in this situation,” Fred grumbled, looking down at his tea.

“Oh really, then pray tell where is your brother? He’s always doing good things for friends,” you questioned, holding back a laugh when you noticed Fred squirm in his chair.

“Umm he couldn’t make it; he said something about a massive essay that was due tomorrow,” Fred blurted. This boy was full of lies tonight. There was no way George would stay away if he thought you were at risk.

“Huh doesn’t seem like George to put homework over looking out for a friend,” you accused, raising your eyebrow.

“Y-yeah I guess I better let you get back to your evening,” Fred murmured standing up.
You couldn’t help but laugh as Fred left the room nearly tripping over several chairs on his way out. Could it be possible that Fred was starting to care for you? There were far too many mysteries surrounding Fred Weasley.

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