the last twilight


This scene always has me crying from laughter because if you can catch it, Clarke falters for just a brief moment in her speech to literally look down at Bellamy’s chest and consider poking at it before doing so. And even then, Bellamy doesn’t even blink or flinch at her touch. 


Some people have felt pain and heartbreak and then go on to claim that love doesn’t exist. That’s wrong. Everything you felt — the resentment, the hurt, the depressionit all stemmed from love. The more passion, the more pain. That’s love. You felt it. And it k i l l e d you.”


“I left two men monitoring the radio. If there’s any word from Raven, they’ll call down immediately.”

On the set with dir. John Brahm // The Twilight Zone: 1x8 - “Time Enough at Last”

In honor of The Twilight Zone New Year’s Takeover on SyFy, I will be posting photographs from all four episodes starring my great-uncle, Burgess Meredith, throughout the weekend. Please join me as you spend your New Year’s weekend entering the farthest reaches of imagination in the Twilight Zone Takeover!

Being Archie’s Sister would include...

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-arguing about who’s more mature

-helping him with his music

-covering for him when he’s out

-silently hoping that he won’t mess up what he has this Archie

-catching Betty staring at him

-”you know you can talk to him right?”

-cheering for him at the football games

-Cheryl being aggressive towards you

-being friends with Betty and Kevin

-went Veronica shows up you aren’t entirely sure of her

-calling her out after the closet fiasco

-going to the last movie at the twilight drive in

-hanging out with jughead in the ‘movie booth’

-being the only one who knows about his home situation

-not finding out about grundy until mrs cooper let’s the information out

-being very disappointed in him

-though trying to talk to him while ms grundy leaves

-helping Betty and jughead with the murder board

-being his alibi for the 4th of July