the last tough customer

Arthur Recap Season 16 (ugh) Episode 6 Part 2 The Last Tough Customer

Another season 16 episode *shudder*. As much as I hate the animation quality of season 16, I must say that the writing is infinitely better than what we had in season 15. 

In the opening, we see a little redheaded girl with her hair piled on the top of her head playing in a sandbox. Two bullies come along, insult her, and knock down her castle.When she asks them why they keep on teasing her, the female bully tells her, “I’m doing you a favor” but never really explains how.

A nearby boy asks the girl if she is okay but she tells him to get lost. She lets her hair down and it is here where we all discover that this little girl was…



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anonymous asked:

It kind of bugs me how the show can't decide whether Binky is a bully or a friend

yeah haha they do flip-flop on that a bit. i think by the later seasons, they settled on binky being an abrasive buddy - still a bit aggro but not overly so. plus, with the episode The Last Tough Customer, they seem to have done away with the bully archetypes entirely. the characters may not be nice-nice but they’re not like needlessly antagonistic, ya feel? 


Arthur as a Tough Customer from “Buster’s Second Chance.”

I like how in the third screenshot, Arthur does that anime nerd straightening his glasses.

However, there’s a continuity error in the fourth and fifth screenshots. Shouldn’t that boy with the beanie and that bear girl with very dark brown hair be older than Molly? They appeared in a flashback in “The Last Tough Customer” when Molly was 4-5 years old and they were about 9. Here in the present, they look the same!

And one more thing, what the hell did they do to the Sugar Bowl? That would have NEVER passed Health Inspection!

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pied-piper-pluto  asked:

do you have any character interactions you'd rly like to see? for me, i dont think weve seen molly and fern interact, and i think that would be neat. maybe they wouldnt get along at first bc their personalities are so different but i feel like molly would appreciate fern's skills at writing horror, and fern would think molly's drawings are cool. maybe theyd end up collaborating on a scary comic.

i totally agree!! haha you’ve basically described my ideal episode scenario. molly and fern are two of my favourite characters and i can absolutely see them collaborating on a comic or something like that. they’d really complement each other creatively!!

honestly, i’d just like to see more of molly interacting with anyone :0 especially since, as of The Last Tough Customer, she’s renounced her ~bullying ways~ and that opens her up to interacting with other characters in a more genuine and less kinda-antagonistic way, y’know what i mean? she’s a really neat character, it’d be cool to see her dynamics with others